Build Rocket Cheat For TS4: How to Build Rockets At The Speed of Light

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Would you like to speed up rocket constructions in Sims 4? If so, you can do so with the right build rocket cheat! Read on to learn how to activate and use them to launch your spaceship as quickly as possible!

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Building spaceships in Sims 4: This is How it’s done!

Has your Sim ever dreamed of flying into space? Would they like to become a Space Ranger or an Interstellar Smuggler? Either way, they will need a decent rocket ship! Every rocket is built from the ground up and requires a pricey launchpad, a few free building squares on a lot, and some knowledge.

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Building rockets in Sims 4 is a rewarding task. Sims who work hard and learn rocket science skills can constantly upgrade and tinker with their spaceship to perfect it. Building it requires time, skill, and simoleons, but luckily, you can always use a build rocket cheat. Let’s see how you can speed up the process!

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Build Rocket cheats: Three types of helpful cheats

There are a few useful cheats you can use to get and assemble the rocket faster:

  1. You can use money cheats to purchase the expensive launching pad,
  2. You can help your Sim learn the rocket science skill with skill cheat so that they can get better at building rockets and upgrading them,
  3. You can use a build rocket cheat to help them assemble the rocket immediately on the launch pad. You can also use a special cheat to unlock all rockets in the Build/Buy!

Now, let’s see how to use all these cheats and what makes each useful!

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How to Enable Cheats IN sIMS 4?

Let’s prepare, first! To use the build rocket cheat (and any other Sims 4 cheats), you’ll need to activate them first. Launch your game and start playing your household. Then, open the cheat bar by pressing the following buttons simultaneously:

  • PC – Ctrl + Shift + C
  • Mac – Command + Shift + C
  • Console (PlayStation and Xbox) – all bumpers

The bar will pop up in the upper left corner. Type testingcheats true or testingcheats on and hit Enter. Your cheats are not activated, and you can start using the build rocket cheat!

1. Purchase a rocket launchpad with cheats

To use a build rocket cheat, you will need to do some preparation. To be precise, you will need a launchpad to assemble a rocket on, which means you will need some simoleons to make that purchase. The launchpad costs 5000 simoleons, which is expensive for some Sims. If that’s the case for your Sim, cheats can help you with that!

  • Type motherlode to get 50,000 simoleons.
  • If you don’t need all that money just type money X (replace ”X” with 5000, so type money 5000),
  • Type kaching or rosebud for 1000 simoleons.

Now you are ready to purchase the launchpad. Search for it in Outdoor Activities, or look for it in the search bar in the Build/Buy by type Rocket (Rocket in Knowledge). Purchase the Steampunk Flyamajig for $5,000, and place it on your lot. This will give you a building space for your future rocket! Building a rocket will require some more simoleons later on, as well. So, it doesn’t hurt to add an extra thousand to your family’s account, especially if you only wanted to use cheats to buy the launch pad.

2. Help your Sim learn the Rocket Science Skill with Cheats


Rocket science skill is a necessity for building rocket ships for two reasons. One, the more advanced their skill is, the better they will be at assembling and upgrading rockets. And two, they will need to max it out to actually use their rocket or fly to a faraway planet of Sixam. Luckily, cheats can help you with this, too. 

Once you have your cheats activated, all you need is a rocket science skill cheat. Just open the dialogue bar and type stats.set_skill_level major_rocketscience x. Replace ”x” at the end of the cheat with any number from 1-10, depending on what skill level you want them to reach. For example, to max it out (which is advisable if you want them to be able to operate their starship like pros), type stats.set_skill_level major_rocketscience 10, hit Enter, and their rocket skill will be instantly maxed out and all rocket options unlocked. You will have all rocket improvements at the palm of your hand!

3. Help Your Sim assemble a rocket with a build rocket cheat

The fastest way to assemble a spaceship on your lot is to use a build rocket cheat directly on the launch pad. You will only need to have cheats enabled for this to work. To build, just go to your launch pad, Shift + right-click on it, and choose Build Rocket (DEBUG). This will instantly build the rocket in your Sim’s yard, and they’ll be ready to fly into space in no time!

There are three rockets in the Build/Buy in total, but you’ll have access to Steampunk Flyamajig only. The remaining two rocket ships can be unlocked only if your Sim reaches level 10 in the Astronaut career. These are the Apollo Rocketship (Space Ranger branch), and the Retro Rocketship (Interstellar Smuggler branch). To unlock these two spaceships from the build menu, you can use a bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement cheat to access them.


So, that’s how you build a rocket and fly into space with a snap of your fingers! Using any build rocket cheat will help your Sim assemble a spaceship they are proud of. Use one, or use them all! Happy simming!


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