Crazy For Crystals: Learn All About Their Powers Here!

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If you’re curious about the properties that crystals posses, we’ve got your guide here!

All About Crystals

Crystal Creations Stuff is finally available and with it, crystals now have lots of new & unique abilities! Your sims can use these crystals to harness the power of the moon, enchanting them with extra properties. Let’s go through all the crystals available, how they can help your sims, and how to make the most of their new characteristics.

Crystals: What They Are And Where To Find Them

There are a total of 27 different crystals available across multiple The Sims 4 packs, and each crystal has its own unique properties. Crystals can be obtained in a few different ways:

  • Sims can find crystals by digging specific rocks that are scattered throughout the different worlds.
  • With Get To Work, sims in the Scientist career can ask their coworkers for crystals.
  • If you have Realm of Magic sims can purchase crystals from the shop in Casters Alley.
  • Crystals can be ordered via the computer.
  • Sims can purchase crystals directly from The All-In-One Gemology Table By Humphrey Inc. when crafting.
  • Rare crystals can be harvested from the Crystal Tree.
    • Crystal Tree seeds can be created once your sim reaches Gemology level 3 by cutting a “Seed-Shaped Gemstone” at The All-In-One Gemology Table By Humphrey Inc.

Crystals have varying levels of rarity, and the most rare crystals cannot be purchased—they will need to be harvested from specific sources.

The Crystal Types

Crystal NameRequired PackValueRarityEffect(s) When Charged
AlabasterBase Game§25CommomAngry, Embarassed, Sad, & Scared moodlets fade away much faster
AlexandriteJungle Adventures§186RareWants will refresh more frequently
AmazoniteJungle Adventures§102UncommomIncreased chances of finding rare artifacts in Selvadorada
AmberCrystal Creations§145RareSims will not start fires when cooking
Guaranteed success at a range of interactions
Weather stays sunny
AmethystBase Game§55UncommomSleeping brings faster energy gains & the chance to wake up feeling inspired
CitrineBase Game§25CommomSims will luck upon money while doing stuff at home
CrandestineGet To Work (Sixam)§40CommomSims attempting to borrow money will have more success & receive higher amounts
Sim is more likely to succeed when trying to convince others
DiamondBase Game§90UncommomSims are less likely to experience relationship fears
Romantic relationship decay decreases
Apologizing in bed is always successful
EmeraldBase Game§20CommomCareer & School chance cards have a higher likelihood of success
Fire OpalBase Game§70UncommomSim is more successful at romantic interactions & completing dates
HematiteBase Game§60UncommomSim is immune to all deaths except for old age
JadeCrystal Creations§25CommonSims will luck upon crystals while doing stuff at home
JetBase Game§140RareSummon the Grim Reaper at will & always succeed at pleading for another sim’s life
JonquilystBase Game§145RareFun need doesn’t decay & tense moodlets fade faster
MoonstoneCrystal Creations§75UncommonBored moodlets fade faster
Spellcasters are more successful at casting spells & brewing potions
Vampires will experience slower thirst decay
Werewolves grow fury slower and their rampages end faster
NiteliteGet To Work (Sixam)§50CommonEnergy need decays slower
Aliens’ powers will recharge faster when depleted
Orange TopazBase Game§15CommomSims gain creative skills faster and are more likely to create masterpieces
Sims will not experience writer’s block and will take longer to experience creative burn out
PeachBase Game§15CommonRelationships with family grow faster while Angry moodlets will fade faster
PlumbiteBase Game§160RareNeeds will increase passively
Other sims will feel happy when near your sim
QuartzBase Game§30CommomSims gain 2x satisfaction when completing aspirations & wants
RainborzBase Game§150RareSims are less likely to develop fears and stay confident longer
Sims aren’t uncomfortable in the presence of supernatural being
RoseBase Game§20CommomSocial need doesn’t decay & sims get over breakups faster
RubyBase Game§30CommomRomantic socials never fail
Woohoo is never awkward
Embarrassed moodlets fade much faster
SapphireBase Game§15CommomSims gain mental skills faster
Sims take longer to burn out on mental activities
ShinoliteBase Game§60UncommomBirthing sims are more likely to have twins or triplets
SimaniteBase Game§60UncommomYoung sims gain school performance & complete homework faster
Sims gain job performance faster
TurquoiseBase Game§20CommomSims build charisma faster
Sims are more likely to succeed with friendly socials

Harnessing A Crystal’s Benefits

Before charging your crystals your sim should decide what form they want to create with them. Turning a crystal into a piece of jewelry will give their benefits to a sim directly as long as the jewelry is worn, while cutting a decorative gemstone will instead apply benefits to all sims in the vicinity. Cut gemstones lose their powers faster since they affect multiple sims at once.

To charge your crystals and gain their powers your sim needs to leave them on the Mystical Moonlight Crystal Grid during night time (7pm – 7am). Depending on the phase of the moon items can take anywhere from a few hours to a few nights to fully charge, with fuller moon phases making it happen more quickly. Sims also have the option of traveling to the Forgotten Grotto or Sylvan Glade, where crystals will charge no matter the time of day or moon phase.

Crystals will lose their charge after a certain amount of time and/or using their abilities, at which point they’ll need to be recharged.

Learn more about what the moon can do by reading about the Werewolves Game pack!

Making Jewelry


If you decide to make jewelry with your sim’s crystals, you have a myriad of choices. There are 25 different metals your sims can work with to make earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Sims can wear the jewelry they craft, gift it to others, sell it, or display it. To wear a piece of jewelry your sim has made, click it in and select “Wear…” and you can choose whether to apply it to every outfit or just the one they’re currently wearing.

Cutting Gemstones

Gem Cuts

If you’d rather spread the wealth of your crystals’ abilities, you can cut them into gemstones instead. There are 11 different cuts your sim can do with more being available as they level up in Gemology: Spire-Shaped, Cabochon-Shaped, Emerald-Cut, Seed-Shaped, Pear-Shaped, Brilliant-Cut, Star-Shaped, Skull-Shaped, Heart-Shaped, Plumbob-Shaped, & Gnome-Shaped. As mentioned previously, the Seed-Shaped gemstone can be planted to grow a Crystal Tree.

Final Thoughts

With the Crystal Creations Stuff pack sims have even more options for what they can do with crystals. This new kit allows your sim to create gorgeous jewelry and carve striking gemstones, and they can imbue their crafted pieces with unique powers thanks to the light of the moon. Did you buy Crystal Creations? What’s your favorite thing to craft? Let us know in the comments below. Have fun playing with your crystals, and happy simming!

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