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Are you one of those people who love to try new gadgets and experiment in the Sims? If you are, then celestial crystals crown might be just the type of object you’d like to try. This crown is special in many different ways and has some special perks associated with it, that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. This is all that you need to know about the Sims 4 celestial crystal crown, its properties, and magic.

sims 4 celestial crystal crown

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What is a Celestial Crystal Crown in The Sims 4?

Crystal Celestial Crown, with a yellow color, is a fun object featured in The Sims 4: Get Famous expansion pack. Although it’s named a crown, it is a helmet-like headwear that takes the power of crystals which are found as collectibles in the Sims world. It can interact with all of the power of collectible crystals crystals you can find in Sims 4 worlds, take on, and magnify their natural abilities, including those you can find in Sixam.

how to get celestial crystal crown sims 4?

Crystal Celestial Crown, although it can perform plenty of interesting actions can be bought for only $100. Considering all the fun you can have with it, it is a good purchase. To get yours, go to the Build Mode, and then Objects By Room. You will find it under Study > Indoor Activities. While the crown itself is not expensive, be prepared to invest some money in crystals that you’d like to play with.

Where to get Crystals for the crown?

To get the most out of a Sims 4 celestial crystal crown you’ll need some crystals. You’ll find crystals by digging rocks and exploring the wilderness. You will find them in rocks that have crystal pieces sticking out but do be aware that not every rock excavation will grant you a crystal. If digging for crystals is too time-consuming, you can also purchase them online using your Sims’ home computer.

However, if you want to experiment with rare gemstones, you’ll have to find them the natural way – by digging. If your Sims is an alien, you can also try to Transmute metal and elements to get a crystal. This is not a guarantee that you will get the type of crystal you hope for, but it is worth a try.

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How to Wear a Celestial Crystal Crown?

The best part about Crystal Celestial Crown is that Sims of any age can use it, except babies and toddlers. Once you have purchased the crown, place it in your Sims inventory. Since it needs to be connected to crystals to show all of its magnificence, you’ll also need to have some crystals in the inventory.

To preview each crystal’s properties, simply hover over a crystal. Select your crystal of choice and slot it into the crown. Once the crown is in the inventory, select Mount Crystal… This will show a list of crystals you have in the inventory that you can put in the crown’s slot. You can connect only one crystal with a crown at a time.

how to use celestial crown sims 4?

sims 4 celestial crystal crown

Once you have mounted a crystal, click on the crown once again and select Wear Crown, which will place it on your Sims’ head. To use its properties, click on your Sims, choose Celestial Crystal Crown… and select the activity you want to perform with the crown.

Although quite handy, wearing the crown will put your Sims in a Fashion Faux Pas mood. So, make sure that they are in the best possible mood when they are wearing their Sims 4 celestial crystal crown. Alternatively, purchase Shameless from the rewards traits list.

battery life

Be aware that the crown has its ”battery life”. When it’s on your Sims’ head, you will see a green light on the side, which indicates that its battery is high. If shines yellow be prepared to take a break from wearing it soon. You will see on the screen how long you can continue to use the crystal before it breaks or wears down. If the helmet shows red light, it is time to take it off, unless you want your Sims to be in a bad mood for a couple of hours.

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Crystal Effects for Sims 4 Celestial crystal crown

The best part of wearing a Celestial Crystal Crown is the diversity of options you get. The effects you will get from wearing one will depend on the crystal that’s connected to the Crown. Some keep your Sims moods at all-time highs, while others can improve their moods. For the majority of crystals, the rule goes that the rarer the crystal, the better benefits your Sims will get from it! Thanks to the crown, your Sims will have more time to learn skills and learn them faster, socialize and do what they like.

Common Crystals

  • Alabaster – Eliminates tense moodlets.
  • Citrine – Eliminates bored moodlets.
  • Emerald – Eliminates embarrassed moodlet.
  • Orange Topaz – Eliminates sad moodlets.
  • Peach – Fulfills bladder needs for Sims, water needs for plants, and thirst for Vampires.
  • Quartz – Eliminates uncomfortable moodlets.
  • Rose – This Sims 4 celestial crystal crown gemstone eliminates angry moodlets.
  • Ruby – Fulfills Hygiene needs.
  • Saphire – Fulfills social needs.
  • Turquoise – Eliminates uncomfortable moodlets.
  • Nitelite – Boosts skill gains at nighttime temporarily and fulfills all needs but energy.
  • Crandestine – Improves skill gain for Painting, Creativity, and Writing by 50%. It fulfills all moods but energy.

Uncommon Crystals

  • Amazonite – Eliminates bored moodlets and fulfills all needs, except for hunger. It also improves archaeology skill gain for adults and mental skill gain for kids by 20%.
  • Amethyst – Fulfills hunger needs. It improves Logic skill gain for adults and Mental skill gain for children
  • Diamond – Boosts fame gains by 50% and fills the social needs meter.
  • Fire-Opal – Guarantees success of Friendly social interactions and fulfills hygiene needs.
  • Hematite – Doubles career performance for some time during shifts. It also fulfills fun needs.
  • Shinolite – Finding quality crystals when digging for them is two times easier. Additionally, it fulfills the bladder for Sims, water for plants, and thirst for Vampires.
  • Simanite – This sims 4 celestial crystal crown gemstone can fulfill social needs. It also sporadically makes other Sims like your Sims better.

Rare Crystals

  • Jet – Triples satisfaction from Whims and fulfills all needs, but energy.
  • Jonquilyst – Improves Charisma skill gain for adults and Social skill gain for children by 50%. It also fulfills all needs but energy.
  • Plumbite – Improves Atheltic skill gains for adults and Motor skill gains for children by 50%. It fulfills all needs but energy.
  • Rainborz – Sporadically puts nearby Sims in a happy mood and fulfills all needs but energy.
  • Alexandrite – Gives your Sims Mystical Sense trait for some time and fulfills hunger needs.

A TIP: With rare crystals, if your Sims is a celebrity, you will be able to eliminate a quirk of theirs if it bothers you. However, note that quirks are inevitable, and they will likely earn a new one soon. This will make you lose the crystal so think twice.

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