It’s Time To Shine: Crystal Creations Stuff Is Here!

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Get your sims’ sparkle on with The Sims 4‘s newest DLC, Crystal Creations Stuff. Let’s dig into this new pack!

Crystal Creations Stuff

Get Crafty With New Crystal Creations

Crystal Creations Stuff has launched and brought with it a new crafting system, extra elements, and ethereal CAS and Buy/Build content to have your sims feeling truly mystical! Let’s crack open this new stuff pack and explore everything it has to offer.

Crystalline CAS Content

Crystal Creations CAS

Crystal Creations Stuff introduces new CAS items with an esoteric style that marries a variety of themes, such as hippie, Spellcaster, fortune teller, and more. Clothing is adorned with details like buckles, buttons, and charms, and the hairstyles are casual and stylish with funky accessories thrown in.

Altogether there are 15 new clothing/shoe items, 9 new hairstyles, and 60 new CAS accessories. Items are available for Children and older in all genders. Do note that some of these jewelry items will need to be unlocked via crafting.

Mysitcal Buy/Build Items

Crystal Creations BuyBuild

The theming of the new Buy-Build objects that comes with Crystal Creations Stuff focuses on the luxe ethereal vibes of the Pack, with furniture and decor adorned in deep jewel tones, rich velvets, and antiqued silhouettes.

New Gameplay Items

Crystal Creations Items
Image Credit: Peacemacker

In addition to the usual fare we’ve come to expect with The Sims 4 DLC, there are a host of cool new items to enhance gameplay:

  • The All-In-One Gemology Table By Humphrey Inc. – This table is used to refine Crystals into Gemstones and prepare them for use in crafted pieces such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, & more.
  • Mystical Moonlight Crystal Grid – Use this pad to charge your crystals under the moonlight, which will enchant them with characteristics that can help or hinder gameplay.
  • Crystal Tree – Grow this tree to have easy access to the rarest of crystals, and add a magical element to your garden or greenhouse.
  • New Displays – Several new display items allow your sims to show off their crystal collections with style.

New Elements & Accessories To Create With Them

Crystal Creations Stuff brings us 3 new crystals, Jade, Moonstone, & Amber, which raises the total to 27 different crystal types across the various Sims 4 offerings. Combined with 22 different metal types and 10 different gemstone cuts, there are over 1,000 combinations for your sims to craft & create!


Jewelry Creations By ArethaBee

ArethaBee Jewelry

EA has teamed up with CC creator ArethaBee to design 3 jewelry pieces for the Pack. There’s a layered gold necklace with colorful beads, gold hoop earrings with lots of accents, and a ring stack that sims can wear as regular jewelry or as an engagement/wedding ring combo. The pieces all coordinate very nicely but can stand on their own as well.

You can see more of ArethaBee’s jewelry and other CAS creations on her website.

Other New Gameplay Elements

Crystal Crafter

Sims can choose the new Crystal Crafter Aspiration, which gives your sims the Collector bonus trait. You sim will want to collect crystals & metals with this Aspiration and eventually gift one of their creations to another sim, or even propose to them!

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The Stuff Pack comes with a new styled room, Crystal Clear Workshop, which comes in 3 colorways and costs §12,936. It has everything you need to get started on your crystal crafting ventures.

Match Your Sims With The Plumbob Jewelry Collection

Plumbob Jewelry Collection

Alongside the launch of Crystal Creations Stuff, EA is releasing an exclusive Plumbob Jewelry Collection that matches some of the jewelry options your sims can make with the new pack. The collection has 3 pieces:

  • The Plumbob Drop Earrings are a pair of 18k gold-plated geometric plumbobs with a green agate accent bead. Cost $45USD
  • The Plumbob Layered Necklace is a 2-layered necklace with a gold chain holding an 18k gold-plated geometric plumbob charm and a shorter gold chain with round agate beads. Cost $48USD
  • The Plumbob Statement Ring features a large 18k gold-plated geometric plumbob surrounding a green zircon gemstone. Cost $50USD
Plumbob Jewelry Collection Pieces

These exclusive pieces are available from 29 February while supplies last, and can be purchased at The Sims Official Merch Shop!

Concluding Crystal Creations Stuff

You can purchase Crystal Creations Stuff here! Get your sims started down the path of jewelry crafting to make unique accessories for themselves or loved ones, or sell their creations on Plopsy or in a retail store. We can’t wait to see what your sims create with this new Stuff Pack!

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