It’s All Relative! New Sims 4 Teaser is Here! This is What We Can Expect From the Sims in 2023

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Brace yourselves, the new Sims 4 teaser has just been released! Let’s take a look at what the Sims has in store for us for 2023.

sims 4 teaser

Taking a peek at a new teaser

The Sims creators have been seriously keeping us on our toes since the Project Rene teaser and Sims 5 speculations, and they seem dedicated to sparking more enthusiasm for what’s to come for the Sims 4. This time, we got the teaser for the Sims 4 roadmap for 2023 and the changes we are about to welcome in the upcoming gaming season. 

This is what The Sims posted on Twitter on January 10th (original post is found below). 

‘’Get familiar with The Sims this season!’’ ‘’Whether you’re expecting an update or waiting for a new expansion pack to arrive, it’s all relative’’
Sims 4 Teaser!

So, what could all of this mean for us? One thing is certain, we are being prepared for updates, and new packs. Based on the teaser, it seems like these will have something to do with family relationships, generations, infants, and stuff kits. Let’s dig into it. 

What is cooking for us in the Sims 4 kitchen?

One thing seems certain: we are getting two kits, an update, and one expansion pack. Based on the latest news and ‘’cues’’ the Sims gave us, we will be introduced to one game update soon. It seems like it will be a big one and likely has something to do with infants, which is hinted by a nappy illustration.

As for the kits, the trailer shows panties and toothpaste, so we can give a wild guess that kits are likely going to be linked to underwear, hygiene & bathrooms, or self-care routines. We definitely could use some new bathroom clutter and new wearables, but nevertheless, we are yet to see what these hints truly mean once packs are released.

This is what Simmers are Speculating about the Upcoming Expansion Pack…

The expansion pack hint is probably the biggest mystery. The teaser shows an illustration of a bear that resembles a tooth and has a crown above its head. Is this a toothbearie? Are we getting more interactions for youngsters? There are many speculations about what this could mean. While some simmers suggest kids are getting back their imaginary friends, tooth fairies (toothbearies), and teething troubles, others feel like this might hint at royal family trees more than dentistry.

It’s hard to brush off the fact that there are a lot of puns and illustrations pointing at familial relations. For instance, the teaser says ‘’It’s all relative’’ and ‘’The Michaelson Reunion ‘’, and it shows a tree that looks like a family tree with portraits. After all, although we did get features similar to those in the Sims 3: Generations in some of the previous packs, we never really got a full Sims 4 version of Generations. It would be a delight to get family reunions and Generations-inspired features.

The teaser gave us one textual hint as well: San Sequoia 2023. Could San Sequoia be a new world in the making? Sims fans are speculating it will be inspired by San Francisco, and the teaser seems to support this idea, with a bridge illustration that looks like the Golden Gate.

It also looks like we will be getting new stuff for the CAS panel, as it seems the teaser presents a child with a brand-new braided hairdo and clothing.

Community Stream scheduled for January 31st!

Although the release dates for these still remain uncertain, we now know what to look forward to, as it seems like The Sims will have some fun stuff for us in the upcoming months.

The Sims has announced a Community Stream on January 31st, and we expect we will get more details and fun info about this fabulous 2023 roadmap. Don’t forget to tune in to find out the latest info!

Final Words

The teaser is a puzzle, and we are yet to see what all these hints mean. We are excited to see what is ahead. Stay tuned to get updates, as we will be sharing the latest news on this topic!