CurseForge for the Sims 4: The Best Things About This Official Mod Hub!

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The Sims 4 has launched an official mod and CC repository in collaboration with Overwold’s CurseForge. Read below to find out more!

sims 4 official mod hub
The Official Mod Hub for the Sims 4!

The Official Team-Up of The Sims 4 with Overworld’s CurseForge

Last November 14, 2022, The Sims 4 announced the launch of its official content hub in collaboration with CurseForge. CurseForge offers the largest gaming repository of mods and custom content, and it is powered by Overwolf, a software platform designed for video game developers and creators around the world.

We listed below all the things you need to know about this official content hub!

1. You can easily download mods and custom content from various creators.


CurseForge offers thousands of TS4 content on the website, which are all virus-free and safe to download. Plus, everything is free, and you won’t even need to sign up to download the available content.

The repository will also come with a Mod Manager feature soon, which will help users seamlessly manage and organize their downloads in one, convenient space. CurseForge ensures that you’d no longer have hassles, as all content in the hub will constantly be updated! Now, start downloading here!

2. As a modder or CC creator, you can upload content that can be monetized!


Yes, you heard it right. Through CurseForge, creators can upload their mods and custom content in the official hub and get paid for it! Through the endless content offerings that are and will be made available on the site, CurseForge promises that they will “support modders before, during, and after their work and make sure they can earn a living by creating content they love making.”

Plus, CusreForge also announced that there will be events, meetings, and brainstorming gatherings that are exclusive for creators! Join the official Discord for creators to learn more.

3. You can also participate and win prizes at The Sims 4 CC Festival.


With the launch of CurseForge, comes the unveiling of The Sims 4 CC Festival! The website encourages creators all over the world to participate in this remarkable event, wherein they could enter their excellent creations and have the opportunity to win huge cash prizes.

The event started last November 14, 2022, and will last until January 17, 2023. It is divided into three phases— Phase 1 for CC and Sims, Phase 2 for Lots and Rooms, and Phase 3 for the Grand Finals. Official judges will take part in the game and over 100,000 dollars will be given out as prizes. If you are interested, check out all the details about The Sims 4 CC Festival here.

4. The collection in the Official Mod hub are curated, so there are some prohibitions.

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You might be thinking that all kinds of mods and custom content are readily available on CurseForge, but, before you plunge into this awesome repository of TS4 goodies, we should inform you that not all kinds of content are permitted on the site. Custom content and mods that pertain to or are related to nudity, drugs, violence, and other unsafe matters are prohibited on CurseForge. The website adheres to the strict standard of curating all the downloadable materials available on the site.

5. You can still download from other CC and mod sites


Okay, so this might be your most crucial worry as you read about CurseForge! You might be wondering if the launch of this official content hub signifies the gatekeeping of all other mods and custom content for The Sims 4. Well, the good news is that you can still download from your favorite TS4 mods and CC sites! As always, it is upon your personal discretion to select the right mods and CC and identify the ones that seem safe for your game.

As for the best mods and CC outside CurseForge, SnootySims is still your reliable site!

In Conclusion

The Sims 4 took a big leap in providing the best service for its gamers by choosing to partner with Overworld’s CurseForge. Just as we thought that the Sims 4 is coming to an end because of the news and talks regarding Project Rene/The Sims 5, we are suddenly surprised by the launch of the official, dedicated hub for incredible mods and content we could utilize for the game. Now, we can look forward to more hours of gameplay fun with all the content we can get from CurseForge!