Candy Rope Hoop Earrings

Earrings 80s

Mix Tape Earrings

Simone Earrings

8 Bit Pac Man Geek Earrings

Retro Lightning Earrings

80s – Inspired Earrings

Bridgerton Dress and Jewelry Accessory Set for Female (Pearl Necklace/ Pearl Earrings/ Long Ball Dress) [ALPHA]

Vampire Themed Collection Set for Male and Female (Blazer/ Pants/ Eyeglasses/ Necklace/ Rings/ Long Gloves/ Earrings/ Choker/Vest with Long Sleeves/ Dress/ Tuxedo/ Heels/ Shoes) [MM]

Illusion Clothes Set for Female (Crop Top/ Pants/ Versace Earrings) [ALPHA]

Fancy Accessories Set for Female (Crown/ Earrings/ Choker) [ALPHA]

Earring and Underwear Outfit with Heart Pendant for Female [Alpha]

Yes, And? Set (Hairstyle, Dress, Lip Gloss, Earrings, Tights ) [MM]

Frostique Flair: Snow Drop Earrings & Chic Accessory Sets (Clothing & Jewelry)

FayeTheGray’s Serpentine Splendor (Rings & Earrings Extravaganza) #AlphaCC Jewels

Glamour Gleam by SmallSimmer: PralineSims’ Ultimate Accessory Set (Rings, Necklaces, Earrings)

Tiny Twinkle Tots: Chic Small Hoop Earrings for Infants (Jewelry & Accessories)

Alphacc Adornments: Chic Small Feather Earrings & Elegant Rings (#JewelryTrends)

Divine Adornments: Simitheia’s Mythology-Inspired Goddess Earrings Collection

Alphacc Elegance: Chic Simple Steel (Rings & Earrings Collection)

SilverStar-Sims’ Elegance Unveiled: Chic Simple Drop Earrings (Alpha CC Jewelry Collection)

Feralpoodles’ Simblreen Treasures (Rings, Necklaces, Earrings & More)

Glitterberry’s Glamour Galore (Simblreen Gifts: Rings & Earrings Set – Alpha CC Jewels)

GiggleCoffin’s Simblreen Surprise (Elegant Rings, Necklaces & Earrings Set) #1

Softpine’s Simblreen Sparkles (Pt. 2): Chic Earrings & Rings Ensemble

Vampirepill’s Enchanted Adornments (Simblreen 2022: Rings, Bracelets, Necklaces & More)

BatsFromWesteros’ Enchanted Adornments (Simblreen 2020: Rings, Sets, Jewelry)

Viiavi’s Vogue: Simblreen 2018 Day Three (Dresses & Earrings Extravaganza)

Nemesym’s Sparkle: Chic Plug Recolors (Rings & Earrings Extravaganza)

Siempre Sparkle: Dazzling Earrings & Rings for Every Occasion (#AlphaCC Jewels)

Chic Charm Collection (Sims 4): Girls’ Headwear & Earrings by MsSims4

FayeTheGray’s Celestial Sparkle: Shooting Star Earrings (Elegant Jewelry Accents)

Glitterberry Sims’ Radiance: Exquisite Pearl Earrings (Alpha CC Jewels)

Neon Bubble Bliss: Shining Nikki’s Ultimate Fashion Ensemble (#AlphaCC & Accessories)

Bunny Moon Elegance: Shining Nikki’s Ultimate Fashion Ensemble (Simsonico)

Shendori & Minzza’s Noel Ensemble (Clothing Sets & Jewelry Galore)

Mach’s Marvels: Chic Shell Accessory Set (Rings, Necklaces, Earrings)

Seulgi’s Spark: Psycho-Inspired Earrings (#JewelryTrendsetter)

Pixelette’s Serene Collection: Elegant Rings & Earrings for Every Occasion

Vintage Vogue: Unveiling the 1949 Haute Couture Collection (Fashion & Accessories)

Selene’s Splendor: Turquoisee’s Enchanting Earrings Collection (#JewelryTrends)

FayeTheGray’s Finery: Exquisite Seahorse-Inspired Jewelry (#Accessories #Earrings #Rings)

Lilli’s Luxe Touch: Scratched Gold Earring Cuffs by FKA (Elegant Accessories & Jewelry)

SeraphinaBelle’s Scherzando Earrings: A Symphony of Style (#JewelryTrends)

Sasha’s Style Suite: Trendsetting Outfits & Chic Accessories for Every Occasion

Saray’s Sparkle: Dazzling Hoops & Rings (Earrings & Jewelry Essentials)

Glitterberryfly’s Elegance: Sapphire & Gold Earrings (Chic Jewelry Collection)

Glitterberry Sims’ Regal Adornments (Sapphire Earrings & Tiara Set)

GlitterberryFly’s Enchantment (Sapphire & Diamond Earrings V2 – Exquisite Jewelry Collection)

Glitterberryfly’s Elegance: Sapphire & Diamond Earrings (Chic Accessory Collection)