Fall in Love with Waterfalls in The Sims 4

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Ah, waterfalls. They can be beautiful and serene or tumultuous and powerful. A wise trio once advised us not to chase them, but they can be hard to resist!

sims 4 waterfall
Learn all there is to know about waterfalls!

Believe it or not, waterfalls have some function in the Sims 4 beyond just looking pretty. Whether you’re playing an unmodded game or you love CC you’re bound to learn something useful about waterfalls today, and maybe even get inspired to use them in a fun new way!

Sims 4 Vanilla Waterfalls

There are multiple worlds in the Sims 4 that have waterfalls with varying degrees of functionality.

IL 1

If you have the Island Living EP and travel to the island of Mua Pel’am you will find a small waterfall where sims can play, shower, catch frogs, and even Woohoo!

JA 1

In Jungle Adventure there is a massive waterfall hidden in the untamed jungles of Selvadorada that can be observed for a “Feeling the Falls” Flirty +2 buff.

BT 1

If you’re a Star Wars fan and have Journey to Batuu you can find a huge waterfall in the Resistance Encampment area although unfortunately this one is purely decorative. But keep reading, we have a mod for that!

DIY Waterfalls

While there are no specific build objects for us to use in order to create our own waterfalls, many clever players have figured out how to make it work with some build tips and tricks. There are a number of how-to videos out there for you to check out, but here are a few to get you started!

Try Cleverly Placed Water Emitters like The Sim Stream

This amazing waterfall was made with swimming pools and lots of smartly-placed water emitters, giving the water a much more chaotic, flowing feel. It looks so alive!

The build takes place in Selvadorada, but with water emitters being a base game item you can replicate the effect no matter which packs you have!

Take advantage of debug/live edit items like Kate Emerald

A tutorial that utilizes hidden animated water effects already in the game if you have Island Living, with some clever set dressing and build talent you can make multi-level water features thanks to this handy how-to.

See another similar waterfall tutorial by Kate Emerald using Discovery University assets here!

Use old items in new ways like Fab Flubs

While not a tutorial, this Tropical Spa build has a unique waterfall made out of diving platforms from Get Together! Starting at 3:10 in the video, she used the “Mr. Jumpy Jump” pool object (which has a small water trickling effect off the back of it) to make a wall of streaming water. Just add a few objects to the front side to hide the ladder rungs and you’ve got yourself a tiny waterfall!

The waterfall even seems to have a splashing effect once it hits the pool!

Waterfall Custom Content by BakieGaming

If the above tricks just don’t hack it for you and you’re ready to go the CC route, look no further than the incredible CC creator Bakie. He is known for his awesome animated CC which he usually rips right from the game and makes placable; he’s revered for his animated animals and has been mentioned in CC lists we’ve shared before. If you’re looking to make your lots builds feel truly alive, you’ll want to download his entire CC catalog!

Wall Light Waterfall

image 60
Every item has a handy tutorial on how to use it as well.

This first piece of CC from Bakie is a pretty simple object, but that makes it very versatile. This small wall light was cloned from a Get Together (required) object and still functions as a light even though water is pouring out of it! You can use this to make waterfall effects inside of bathrooms or fancy restaurants, place it outside for a nice yard decoration, or put it on your basement walls to simulate the cellar flooding! Learn all about this object, where to find it, how to use it, and important quirks to know on the download page here.

Animated Waterfalls (and more)

image 61
Be sure to watch the tutorials to get the most out of these mods!

This collection of freed/unlocked waterfalls (from Island Living and Journey to Batuu) comes in 2 versions with one being a “terrain only” option. The difference between the two is that the non-terrain versions don’t have any interactions so they can be used over deep water or other locations where your sims wouldn’t be expected to go. The “terrain only” versions will have the same interactions you’ll find in the vanilla game (if you have the necessary packs), such as showering and playing, and some even offer the option of collecting water.

Because Bakie has put all of his water mods into one master update post we’re linking to that instead of the individual item pages; the other objects included are also useful in adding more kinetic energy to water features and builds. Each item has its own small video tutorial so you can learn how to really utilize everything it has to offer!

Closing Thoughts

Now that you know everything about waterfalls in the Sims 4, you can use it to your advantage! Give your Off-the-Grid dwellers in Sulani a place to shower and maybe find a rare frog while you’re there, or take your date on a jungle hike to help set the tone. Go digging into the depths of the game catalog and get creative with your own falls & rapids, or download CC to simplify things. No matter how you play, you’re sure to appreciate waterfalls in a new way. Have fun and happy simming!

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