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Do you prefer traditional picket fences or grand stone enclosures for your Sims’ homes? Or maybe you want something distinct like a Tomarang-inspired custom fence? You can browse through our handpicked collection and choose the best fence CC for your game!

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Incorporate These Fence CCs into Your Game

In The Sims 4, fences are essential to your Sims’ households because they help define your Sims’ property boundaries, add a certain style or branding to their homes, and most of all, create much-needed protection and privacy from trespassers (such as from crazed fans and stalkers in case you have a celebrity Sim). Thus, it is great to choose a durable and stylish fence that will serve all of these purposes. With these fence CCs that we handpicked for you, you’ll surely find the best one for your Sims’ homes!

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Pavillion Collection Stone Fence

Fence CC 10

This stone fence set is crafted to provide your Sims’ homes with a classy 18th-century house or a French chateau feel. Your Sims will definitely feel elated to be protected from the outside with such a luxurious-looking fence!

Click here to download!

Thai Temple Fence Version 1

Fence CC 9

If you prefer a Thai temple-inspired picket fence, this fence CC is for you! With this one, you can enclose your beautiful Tomarang temple builds in the game. You can find this CC in the Fence Category of Build Mode.

Click here to download!

Sunni Wooden Village Fences Hood Deco Version

Fence CC 8

If you’re building cozy lodges in the game, you have to download these high wooden fences, which is a conversion from The Sims 2! The set comes with a functional fence, and a decorative one in 4 pieces, short, long, short-rounded, and long-rounded.

Click here to download!

Mediterranean Memories

Fence CC 6

This one is a splendid fence/railing set for your Sims! Called the Mediterranean Memories, this set features 8 swatches of stone and cobblestone fence and railings, available for 35 to 38 simoleons each.

Click here to download!

Suburbiana Privacy Set

Fence CC 5

This set from Simblr Nova called the Suburbiana Privacy Set, is a simple wooden fence that is available in 6 swatches. The set comes with a matching gate as well!

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Versailles Part IV – The Golden Gates

Fence CC 4

Take a look at this grand CC from Anna Quinn Stories! Called the Golden Gates, this ornate gate and fence pack has a lustrous gold finish that looks super elegant to the eyes. The creator claimed that the golden set looks authentic especially when the sun shines on it!

Click here to download!

Deco Fence CC

Fence CC 3

If you want some high-walled wooden fences for your Sims’ homes, get this Deco Fence CC from creator Scodee Yodee! The fences come in 12 realistic wooden swatches, which look suitable for rustic builds.

Click here to download!

Chain Link Fence

Fence CC 2

Creator Mikrosimos created these fences through a conversion from The Sims 2, after realizing that there are no chain link fences in the game. The said CC comes in a single swatch and includes a gate, too.

Click here to download!

Winter Holiday Fence Trim Set

Fence CC 1

These winter-themed fence trimmings are from creators Ravasheen and Syboulette. They made fences that are functional and non-overriding. All in all the pack includes 9 new decor trims that are all low-poly.

Click here to download!

Tomarang Huts Build Set Part 5: Stone Fences, Trims and Deco

Fence CC

This pack by Simverses matches the Tomarang Deco Set. It includes 4 stone fences, 1 stone trim, a Roof deco, and a stone foundation. This would go perfectly for your Tomarang builds!

Click here to download!

Horse Stable Set (Stable/ Firewood/ Cages/ Hays/ Fence) [MM]

Stable Set (Stable/ Firewood/ Cages/ Hays/ Fence) [MM]

Of course, fences are also very useful when it comes to building the stables for our horses in The Sims 4. With this Stable Set, you would get not only wooden fences, but also stacks of hay, firewood, cages, and more decorative items!

Click here to download!

A La Ferme Cottage Fences

download a la ferme part 1 fences syboulette

Cottagecore builds in The Sims 4 can get more realistic if you use these cottage fences CC which includes 14 useful items, like the arch gate, ranch fence, cottage double gate, rustic fence, tall wire fence, and many more!

Click here to download!

Matching Swatches for Stairs, Railing, and Fence

matching swatches for stairs railing and fence madameria

This Matching Swatches set by creator MadameRia is a base game recolor for stairs, railings, and fences in The Sims 4. It comes in four packages and has varying prices in the game. Make sure to read the important notes included in the post.

Click here to download!

Fency Set

Fence CC 7

You’ll definitely love this 14-item Fency Set! It introduces 2 tall fences, 1 low-border walkable fence, 2 gates, a porch, a decorative intercom and camera, a functional mailbox, 4 statues, and 1 stone tile floor! The set will go perfectly with different styles of homes.

Click here to download!

Pride Fence Decor

Pride Preview 2

More than just fences, why don’t you also try some cool pride fence decors for your Sims’ homes? This set includes 7 flag varieties that will help you embellish the lawns of your Sims.  For this CC, all you need is The Sims 4: Seasons expansion pack and a little creativity.

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Closing Thoughts: Cover Your Lots With These Cool Fence CCs!

Well, we hope that you liked these fence CCs! One powerful tip in choosing fences is to consider the style of your Sim’s home. If they have a traditional farmhouse, a picket fence might be perfect for them. If they have a modern mansion, then a glass enclosure might be a better choice. But in the end, it’s still all up to you!

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