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We asked you, our fellow Simmers, about the most tragic way your Sims have died in The Sims 4, and well—you replied with the most interesting answers! Please take a look at these tragic deaths below!

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We Asked About Your Sims’ Tragic Deaths!

In The Sims 4, our beloved Sims can meet their demise in multiple ways, often tragic. Apart from common reasons for death like drowning, old age, starvation, or electrocution, Sims can also die in other interesting ways. These include getting sick from Rabid Rodent Fever, getting mauled by a Murphy Bed, or even through an Urban Myth! All are scary, yet pretty interesting. Thus, on our X account, we posted the following question: “What’s the most tragic way your Sims have ever died?” The post has since received 3.5 million views as of this writing!

How Did Tragedy Strike Your Sims?

Below, check out the various ways that Sims have met their tragic deaths in the game! We gathered a couple of really interesting ones. If you want to check out the full thread, click here!

1. The Classic Fireplace And Rug Combo

If there’s a surefire way to get any house instantly sizzling and crackling in The Sims, it’s the combination of fireplaces and rugs!

2. Laughter Is Not The Best Medicine

Laughter is probably the most unfortunate yet funniest way for Sims to meet their death in The Sims 4. It happened to the members of the household of @parissimmer_s4!

3. A Tragedy To Triplets

This one is really sad. We can’t help but feel poor for the little trio left behind by the Sim who passed away right after birth. Hopefully, the bereaved parent feels better now!

4. The Mysterious Choking Death

Back in the days of The Sims 2, there was a so-called “mysterious choking death,” an incident where Sims would just drop dead after having choked on some food. This was not an official death and was apparently caused by a glitch in the game. It was later on fixed through game patches.

5. A Meteor Moment

This family incident hits right through the heart! Imagine just taking a nice and fun family photo and suddenly, a meteor hits one of your Sims. Such a tragic death!

6. Beware Of The BBQ

Sims are known to overheat during the summer season, thus, it is important to always keep them cool! If they are not wearing the right clothing during hot events outside, they have a high chance of dying.

7. Double Death

Sims can sometimes get too angry and die, which you could say, is a really emotional way to go. Take this dad for example, who died twice and gave his entire family the PTSD Trait (it’s a mod, btw!) after witnessing the whole tragedy.

8. A shower, Then Starvation

Starvation is not to be taken lightly when it comes to The Sims games! Take this Sims incident from @DaphniaA for example, wherein the hungry pregnant Sim died just before being served some food! A tragic death indeed.

9. A Lonely Teenage Vampire

It was a swift game over for Simmer @jess_caz, after losing her vampire Sim (only one in the household), through the curse of the sun. Oops!

10. Winter Woes

Just like dying from overheating during the summer season, our Sims can also get another temperature-related death—through freezing. This usually happens during the winter time, when they’re underdressed or doing inappropriate stuff with regard to the temperature. So don’t let Sims go bathing in pools during this period, or they’ll definitely meet their tragic deaths!

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Conclusion: Death Moves In Mysterious Ways!

Since The Sims 4 is a life simulation game, we spend countless hours letting our Sims perform their everyday life stuff, such as preparing meals, working, having fun, sleeping, and so on. Thus, when they meet their deaths, especially through a tragic circumstance, it’s quite a hard pill to swallow! However, deaths are inevitably a meaningful part of the game, just like how it is in real life. It makes us value the little mundane moments that we spend with our Sims. Hopefully, all your Sims live great and epic lives and never face tragic deaths again! Please follow us on our social media pages below, for more great Sims content. Happy simming, our dear Simmers!

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