Sims 4 Toddler Milestones List (and Exactly How to Reach Them)

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Give your young sims the best start in life by helping them reach those Toddler milestones!

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Last year EA brought Infants to The Sims 4 and they’ve been hogging the spotlight ever since. Toddlers got their time in the sun previously with the Toddler Stuff pack, but that focused more on “stuff” and not on the kids themselves.

When Growing Together launched it brought along with it the concept of Milestones, which are important moments that occur throughout a sim’s lifetime. A lot of Milestones are age-specific so if your sim misses them during the appropriate Life State, they don’t get the chance to earn it later.

Toddler Milestones – Let’s Hit Them All!

If your sim wants a shot at Parent of the Year, they’ll want to reach as many positive Toddler Milestones with their kids as possible. There are 24 milestones to unlock in one of five categories: Life, Firsts, Motor Skills, Cognitive Skills, and Social Milestones. Here’s a list of them all, and how to reach them.

MilestoneCategoryHow to Achieve?
Studied LettersCognitiveReach Thinking level 5
Studied NumbersCognitiveReach Thinking level 3
Studied ShapesCognitiveReach Thinking level 2
Asked ‘Why?’ For The First TimeCognitiveReach Thinking level 4
Art AppreciationCognitiveReach Imagination level 5
Maxed Imagination SkillCognitiveReach Imagination level 5
Maxed Thinking SkillCognitiveReach Thinking level 5
First Time At DaycareFirstsHave a Toddler sent to Daycare when caretaker sims leave the home
Read First BookFirstsHave Toddler reach Imagination level 4 and read a book by themselves
Mastered Potty TrainingFirstsReach Potty level 3
First NightmareFirstsWait for Toddler to have a nightmare; chances are higher if they go to sleep with a Scared moodlet and chances are lower if they have the Independent Trait or higher Thinking skill
Threw A TantrumFirstsWait for Toddler to have low needs and throw a fit; sims with Angelic trait will need to be Very Angry in order to be pushed to throwing a tantrum
Adopted A Pet
(Requires Cats & Dogs)
Life (not Toddler exclusive)Have a Cat or Dog join the family
Celebrated A BirthdayLife (not Toddler exclusive)Have Toddler present when celebrating a household member’s birthday
Got Evicted
(Requires For Rent)
Life (not Toddler exclusive)Be evicted by Landlord
Learned To WalkMotorReach Movement level 1
Learned To Climb StairsMotorReach Movement level 2
Learned To DanceMotorReach Movement level 3
Learned To RunMotorReach Movement level 4
Maxed Movement SkillMotorReach Movement level 5
Learned To TalkSocialReach Communication level 3
Played With OthersSocialHave Toddler play with other sims
First Childhood FriendSocialHave Toddler become friends with a sim outside of their household/family
Maxed Communication SkillSocialReach Communication level 5

What If Toddler Milestones Don’t Pop?

There have been lots of reports from players that certain Milestones don’t pop, which seems to be a bug within the game. It sometimes gets confused if your sim has certain traits, reverses the skill level needs for specific Milestones, etc. If you experience this there are a few things you can try to fix it and get the Milestone to trigger.

Reset Toddler Skills

Some Milestones are tied to reaching a specific level in a Skill, and if your Toddler has surpassed that level already you can be left stuck. The easiest fix to try is resetting your Toddler’s level for the Skill in question so they can level up again, hopefully triggering the Milestone. Reset their skills to level 1 with the following cheats:

SkillLevel 1 Reset Cheat
Communicationstats.set_skill_level Skill_Toddler_Communication 1
Imaginationstats.set_skill_level Skill_Toddler_Imagination 1
Movementstats.set_skill_level Skill_Toddler_Movement 1
Pottystats.set_skill_level Skill_Toddler_Potty 1
Thinkingstats.set_skill_level Skill_Toddler_Thinking 1

Tip: You can also use these cheats to max your Toddler’s skill level if you want by changing the “1” to whatever the max level is for the skill in question.

Use Mods To Add Toddler Milestones

There are a few mods out there that will allow you to add Milestones to your sims without the rigmarole of earning them the old-fashioned way, which is especially helpful if the game won’t pop them for you naturally.

  • UI Cheats Extension allows you to activate any Milestone by simply right-clicking its spot in the Simology panel.
  • MC Command Center can be used for activating Milestones by going to MC Cheats→Cheat Sim Info→Expansion Cheats→Growing Together
  • Milestone Cheats is a mod specifically designed to make Milestones unlockable

More on SNOOTYSIMS: Everything you need to know about Toddler Traits!

Toddler Traits Featured Image

In Conclusion

Though they don’t have as many of them as Infants do, there are still plenty of Toddler Milestones for your sims to unlock. Milestones mark significant points in your sims’ lives which help inform who they become as they grow, and with this list you can be sure to unlock every one of them that’s important to you.

Have you managed to pop all Toddler Achievements? Which one was the most difficult for you? Let us know in the comments, and happy simming!

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