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Learn Everything There is to Know About The Sims 4 Explore Mod!

Without the Explore Mod, The Sims 4 would be a pretty limited experience. The base game has done very little in satisfying us on the traveling point. Yes, our Sims can have a lovely home and do all kinds of crazy stuff inside and outside of their houses. But, nothing more, right? Well, we’re about to change that!

The Sims 4 Explore Mod is a mod by kawaii or kawaistacie. When it comes to Mods and CC, she is one of the best creators to follow. This mod, however, introduces such a great feature that we consider it a necessary part of the game. 

What does the mod actually do? Basically, it removes the silly rule that you can’t travel between neighborhoods! With it, your Sims can visit new places, interact with other Sims, and have a completely normal life! This way, they can have more exciting lives and you a much more fun time in the game!

To get yourself The Sims 4 Explore Mod, click here to download the latest version. The mod has been kept updated for a long time and has been working perfectly for us. However, if you don’t know how to use the Explore Mod for The Sims 4, read further!

The Sims 4 Explore Mod: an Overview

How to Download and Install?

If you click on the download link we provided here, you’ll be redirected to kawaiistacie’s official page for the mod. There, you can check a couple of pictures, all showcasing the mod in-game. And if you scroll past them, you can spot the “Download here…” option. And that’s how you download it!

Now, to know how to install the Explore Mod for The Sims 4, you’ll have to understand how mods are added generally. That’s because the same rules apply here.

First, when you have the downloaded file ready on your PC, you must extract it into a new folder. Then, you must copy the extracted folder (or file/s) into your Mods folder. That’s located in your Sims 4 directory or wherever you have your game installed. Lastly, you should check the “Mods and CC” option inside The Sims 4 settings. And you’re all set!

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When we said that The Sims 4 Explore Mod is one of the best additions to the game, we really meant it. Not only does it add new features and stuff, but it also opens up a whole different gameplay option. It lets our Sims leave their lots through rabbit holes and discover whole new worlds for them! There are over 60 new places that they can visit, and you can go with them too!

The Sims 4 Explore Mod lets you go to the DMV, get your nails done, or develop a gambling addiction! When you participate in something, your skills will also increase too. All of this is done extremely well, and the gameplay is very engaging! 

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If you want some entertainment, you can send your Sim to the Arcade, Comedy Club, Fishing, Gym, Karaoke, Movies, Zoo, and the Playground.

For services, you can have Couples therapy, Hospital visiting, Masssages, Grooming, and Various types of surgeries. Actually, The Sims 4 Explore mod offers plastic surgery too!

And if you want to go on a one-day-vacation, you can visit Disney World, Jurassic Park, Cruise or the Beach.

Additionally, you’ll also get different events every day. These will present to you more fun options, so you can always find new things to do. Give them a shot as well!


The Sims 4 Explore Mod has numerous fantastic features that we like. We especially enjoyed the DMV visit for the car license and the part where the gambling addiction becomes too serious. In the case of the latter, know that you don’t have to have it at all. You can simply check whether you want to gamble or not and whether to only do it at home or other places. The other features like the dancing and the yoga class are super fun as well, and we recommend you to try them all!

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