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The pressure to raise your sims properly can be overwhelming! Even with the best of intentions, there are so many things to balance in The Sims 4 that it’s easy to miss a key aspect of your sim’s development until it’s too late. Not to fear though, we can help you guide your sims in the right direction with Character Values cheats.

Character Values Cheat

Our Sims, like people, are dynamic beings. As they age and grow in The Sims 4, different experiences will mold and shape who they are, eventually cementing their nature into adulthood. If you have the Parenthood Game Pack, your sims have several Character Values that will shift throughout their lives. It’s important to pay attention to these values especially at the Teen life stage, because they can unlock bonus traits when your sim ages to Young Adulthood with a Character Value far enough into one extreme or the other. This will follow your sim for the remainder of their life.

Not every Character Value is a good one, though, and you can help your sims grow into decent people or total jerks by cultivating specific values. There are heaps of ways to do this in the game from giving your sim specific traits, to encouraging or discouraging certain behaviors, to answering questions or facing chance cards that will pop up from time to time. Or you can skip all that work and use a Character Values cheat instead!

Cheating: A Reflection Of Character

Cheating is often looked down upon in the gaming community, to the point that your own character may be called into question for doing it! Not to worry though. Single player games are a great environment to use cheats in because they don’t negatively affect other players, and you should be able to enjoy your single-player games however you want. So, use these Character Values cheats freely and liberally if they improve your gaming experience.

An Overview of Values

Unlike a lot of other systems in The Sims 4 that have a single threshold to meet in order to unlock the consequences, Character Values are a spectrum with different results sitting at either end. Before using Character Values cheats, it’s important to know what exactly each value does and how it will affect your sim long-term.

The Character Value Spectrum

Character values

If you look at your young sims’ info panel you will see the Character Values presented as 5 different “horseshoes” with a red/bad side and a green/good side. Depending on where your sim lands on the spectrum, it can greatly affect who they are as a person and how they live their lives.

Manners affect how your sim treats other sims and the world around them. Sims with good manners clean up after themselves, are polite to other sims, and don’t perform gross behaviors in front of others. They also gain an extra 50% relationship boost when performing friendly socials. Sims with bad manners on the other hand tend to be inconsiderate and gross, and often fail at friendly interactions because they’re so bad at them. In fact, sims with bad manners are so disliked that if they visit another sim, the host will get Tense just from their presence!

Emotional Control determines how well a sim can regulate their feelings. Sims with good emotional control are capable of dispelling negative feelings much faster than others by doing things such as jogging, journaling, and even listening to music to calm down. Negative feelings dissipate much faster for them so they tend to stay pretty even-keeled. Conversely, sims with poor emotional control are more likely to lash out, have emotional breakdowns, and make sims around them Tense when they throw a tantrum. They may randomly end up in a bad mood and negative feelings are more intense and take longer to go away.

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Responsibility is a measure of how reliable a sim is when it comes to their obligations outside of home, such as their behavior at school and their job performance. Responsible sims are hard workers by default and are less likely to come home feeling Tense. They also get occasional boosts to their Job Performance as they prove to their bosses and colleagues how reliable they really are. Irresponsible sims who skip work/school, slack on their grades, and ignore chores will be unhappy working as adults. They ignore obligations like paying their bills and have a higher chance of having a negative experience at work because they dislike it so much.

Empathy is how well your sims can relate to and sympathize with others. Empathetic sims help others by sharing their emotional burdens and supporting them through it, and they hate being mean to others because it makes them feel bad. On the other end of the spectrum are sims who are insensitive and oblivious to the tribulations of others, to the point that they can patronize others and even cast doubt on the bad feelings of those around them. If they try to interact with sims who are experiencing bad feelings, they’re more likely to fail those socials.

Conflict Resolution looks at how well sims handle clashing with others and their ability (or lack thereof) to mend disagreements. With good conflict resolution skills, sims are more likely to successfully solve conflicts with others and can even be a mediator for other sims online or in person. They can help mend relationships between other sims and and easily rekindle relationships they haven’t tended to in a while. A sim who’s bad at conflict resolution is more likely to fumble interactions towards those they dislike, and they’re more concerned with being right than they are at being nice. Unsurprisingly, they’re terrible at apologizing.

In order for a sim to unlock the traits associated with Character Values, they need to be at 90% or more on either end of the value spectrum when they age into a Young Adult. You can use Character Values cheats to set your sims exactly where you want them on the spectrum, down to the digit.

Character ValueCheat
(Good Manners/Bad Manners)
stats.set_stat lifeSkillStatistic_Manners 100
Emotional Control
(Emotional Control/Uncontrolled Emotions)
stats.set_stat lifeSkillStatistic_EmotionalControl 100
stats.set_stat lifeSkillStatistic_Responsibility 100
stats.set_stat lifeSkillStatistic_Empathy 100
Conflict Resolution
stats.set_stat lifeSkillStatistic_ConflictResolution 100

As written above, these cheats will set your sim to the maximum for the “good” side of each Character Value. You can decrease how much of an effect these cheats have by changing the number 100 in the cheat code to whatever value you want, and you can swing it to the opposite side of the spectrum by making the value a negative number instead.

Using these cheats will not set a value in stone unless you do it shortly before your sim ages from Teen to Young adult, and will continue to shift as your young sim lives their life.

Skipping the Spectrum Shift

If you don’t want to deal with the ever-changing Character Values system and just want to give your sim the desired outcome, you can skip the whole process by using cheats to immediately grant your sims those relevant traits.

Character Values Cheats: Good Traits

Generally, you want to encourage positive Character Values in people or sims, so that’s where we’re going to start.

Good TraitCheat
Good Mannerstraits.equip_trait GoodManners
Emotional Controltraits.equip_trait EmotionalControl
Responsibletraits.equip_trait LifeSkills_Responsible
Compassionatetraits.equip_trait Compassionate
Mediatortraits.equip_trait Mediator

Character Values Cheats: Bad Traits

Looking to make a real jerk of a sim? Use Character Values cheats to make them as nasty as you want!

Bad TraitCheat
Bad Mannerstraits.equip_trait BadManners
Uncontrolled Emotionstraits.equip_trait Uncontrolled
Irresponsibletraits.equip_trait Irresponsible
Insensitivetraits.equip_trait LifeSkills_Unfeeling
Argumentativetraits.equip_trait Argumentative

Final Thoughts

The Sims 4 has many hidden traits in the game your sims can unlock through regular gameplay, and Character Values are just one example. Depending on which cheats you use, you can guide a sim’s development through every Life Stage and mold them into exactly who you want them to be. Create the most saintly sim around, or the nastiest neighbor you’ve ever seen. They say that variety is the spice of life, and with these Character Values cheats you can really spice up your gameplay with an even bigger myriad of personalities! What kind of shenanigans will your sims get up to? Try these cheats and find out!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Let us know if you ever encounter any issues while using these cheats, because we want to make sure that cheats in The Sims 4 work seamlessly for our Simmers. If you find any issues, like cheats not working, you can check out this article about cheats (which includes a fix) to help you. If everything is still the same, please let us know in the comments below, because your feedback can help us fix problems and improve your gaming experience in The Sims 4. Thank you! 😉

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