The Child Protection Services Mod For The Sims 4

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With the Child Protection Services mod, our Sims can now report to the authorities the households that don’t provide proper treatment to little Sims. Curious about this entire process? Read more below!

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There Is A New Child Protection Services Mod

Little Sims are a precious part of all Sims games. In every household, adult Sims, whether parents or guardians, must take care of them from their infant stages up to their teenage years. In 2017, when The Sims 4: Parenthood was launched, this responsibility was reinforced a little deeper, as parents and guardians can now influence children as they grow, teach them better manners, and let them help with chores. But what happens when a household mistreats children in the game? What if they are not well taken care of? Well, it might be time to call the CPS (Child Protection Services)!

What Are The Features Of The Child Protection Services Mod?

The Child Protection Services, also known as the Call CPS, is a mini-mod launched by creator Danitysimmer. Here are all its features!

1. Children Can Be Rescued.

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Sometimes, we encounter households in The Sims 4, that have a lot of babies, children, and even teenage Sims, yet there seem to be not enough beds in the home! This situation is enough to cause physical and mental stress to these little Sims. Now, it’s up to our Sims to rescue these children!

2. Sims Can Call The CPS!

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To rescue the children, click on the Phone, and go to Household. Then, select “Call CPS.” The babies, children, and teens that can be rescued will appear on a popup. Up to 7 of them can be rescued. When they are rescued, they will be removed from the households that they currently belong to. Be warned though! Once our Sims rescue any little Sim, they will get a negative relationship with the members of the little Sim’s household.

3. Parents/Guardians Will React.

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When our Sims call the Child Protection Services to report the children to be rescued, the children will then be removed from their particular households automatically. Our Sims will then receive resentful or threatening messages from the parents or guardians of the little Sims. The messages will run along the lines of our Sims being meddling busybodies, chaos-causers, not minding their business, etc. They will also possibly receive threats.

4. Our Sims Will Feel Good Upon Calling CPS.

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Despite the negative reactions from the guardians or parents of the children, our Sims will feel great about calling the Child Protection Services. They will get happy and inspired moodlets. Then, a few days after their report, HavenCare Child Welfare will call our Sims to let them know that the children are in a safe place.

How to Install The Child Protection Services Mod?

Protect all little Sims in the game from experiencing unhappy households! To incorporate the Child Protection Services mod into our game, follow the steps we have detailed below.

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  1. Install the required mod: XML Injector.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of this post, and download the mod.
  3. Unzip the downloaded file, and place it in the mods folder of The Sims 4.
  4. Fill out the Form Report if there are any issues encountered while using the mod.
  5. Have fun playing!

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Conclusion: Call The CPS If Needed!

It’s not a secret that The Sims 4 gives value to the welfare of our little Sims! The game even lets them develop their life skills early on. Thus, it is important to take care of these youngsters as they slowly find their paths into the world. And when our Sims see that they are being mistreated in any way, a mod like the Child Protection Services is a godsend! It can let these children find a safer place. If you’ve ever tried this mod, let us know your thoughts in the comments below! Happy simming, our dear Simmers!

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