The Best Ghost Mod for the Sims 4

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Welcome to our post on the best ghost mod for the Sims 4!

We all know that the Sims 4 is very different from the Sims 3. And the part where that is most obvious is ghosts. Ghosts in the Sims 4 are very boring and do little to remind you they’re there. They also don’t really interact with their surroundings a lot. But don’t worry, there is a way to make them feel a bit more “alive”. Better Ghosts is a ghost mod made for the Sims 4 and it aims to do exactly what it says. It has a lot of changes when it comes to ghosts, making them more emotional and spiteful. Now, you’ll think twice before you decide to make your sim’s lot a graveyard!

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How is this the best ghost mod for the Sims 4?

There are not many mods around regarding ghosts for the Sims 4. But this one has everything you can ask for. Plus, it constantly gets plenty of updates that keep up with the game’s DLC. Let’s see what this mod will change in your game!


This mod is called Better Ghosts so there’s definitely going to be some fixes in it. The most important fix is the “Move Grave” interaction. In the past, when you moved a grave, the ghost sim would lose their type of death. Now, this is thankfully fixed! Plus, now Sloppy ghosts will make a mess, while Neat ones will randomly clean objects. For those of you who don’t remember, this used to be vice versa!


Everything needs some changes once in a while, and that includes your game. With this ghost mod, the number of ghosts your Sims 4 lots can have is increased from 3 to 5. Plus, they are less annoying as they won’t always scare your sims from now on! But, when they do, the angrier the ghost is, the more it will affect your sim. If you can’t bring their mood up again, try the Sims 4 Needs Cheat!

If your Sims 4 game doesn’t have any mods, you’ll see that an angry ghost always turns on TVs and stereos. Now, sims that have died from electrocution will always turn electronics on. Lightning ghosts now also have a small chance to throw a lightning bolt on your sims. The same goes for fire ghosts and fires, so be sure to avoid them if you don’t want a burnt sim!

If a ghost’s cause of death is on a lot, that will cause them to get very angry. For example, if a sim died of hunger, their ghost will always be angry if they’re on a lot without a fridge. So, be sure to download plenty of fridges to always have one inside your house! Also, if a wishing well ghost is near a wishing well, they’ll get really angry as well. And the angrier a ghost is, the more damage it will cause to your sims and their lots! We kept the best change for last. Now, all ghosts have a different color code!


We hope that you liked today’s mod. It truly is a great addition to your mod arsenal, even if you don’t really plan to use it. With it, ghosts won’t cause trouble for no reason at all. Instead, all of their actions have a bit of thought behind them. And this will help you prevent any accidents from interacting with them. Be sure to let us know how the mod worked for your game down in the comments!

Happy Simming!

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