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Are all these high schoolers broken or something? Nope, they’re participating in the T-pose challenge!

T-Pose Challenge

If you spend a lot of time on social media, you’ve probably seen posts like this:

For those unaware, when a character is stored in a videogame outside of where they’re needed, there are typically 1 or 2 poses you can find them standing in. There’s the A-pose, where a character stands straight up with their arms slightly outward so they make kind of an A shape (if you’ve ever sent a sim to the hospital in Get Together to give birth, the doctor usually ends up A-posing during the surgery animation), and there’s the T-pose, where the character stands up with their arms completely outstretched like a T shape. In the past, you would only see characters in these poses if you encountered an error during gameplay or somehow broke outside the bounds of the game area to explore hidden content, but in recent years it’s become its own meme.

If you’ve ever had to reset a sim or had some bad CC in your game you’ve likely seen your sims T-pose. Sometimes gaming studios will put jokes in their games about previous work, other games, or even missteps they’ve made in the past. The Sims 4‘s catalog is full of easter eggs, for example. So when it came time to pick what silly trend would be all the rage in Copperdale, EA chose something quite appropriate.

T-Pose Challenge: Why?

Why would your teenage sims care about standing around looking like a broken video game character? For the social clout, of course!

A big part of The Sims 4: High School Years focuses on the social lives of teens both in and out of school. Social Bunny, the social media platform of choice in the world of sims, declares that the T-pose challenge is all the rage so of course your sim will want to participate!

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If your teen has the Admired Icon Aspiration, participating in the T-pose Challenge is one of the activities needed to ascend milestones. And it makes you look super cool!

T-Pose Challenge: How?

Your teen just HAS to get in on this trend! So how do you do it?

You will have to follow your teen to High School and wait for another student to start doing the T-pose, at which point you’ll have a few options by clicking on the T-posing teen. If your sim is the more timid type they can merely stand there and watch. Your sim can also ask them about it at which point they’ll be enthusiastically informed that it’s the latest thing, and that you have to try it. The last option is, of course, to join the challenge. Don’t forget to have your sim post on Social Bunny about it afterward!

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Perhaps your sim can’t be bothered to follow the trends. Perhaps they’re too antisocial to participate in a group activity. Perhaps your students are being rebellious and you can’t find anybody doing the pose and you don’t want to wait. Or perhaps you just don’t want to follow your teen to school all day because you’d rather focus on other members of the household. There are cheats for that!

The first cheat will give your sim the T-pose challenge accomplishment without having to participate. After activating TestingCheats, make sure your desired sim is actively selected, and enter:


If you’d like your sim to experience the moodlet that comes with learning the challenge there’s a cheat for that too, however it’s not active for players to use without outside help. You will need the AllCheats mod by TwistedMexi installed to use this cheat:


With a few simple cheats (and one mod) you can give your teen the full experience without them actually having to do anything. Score!

Closing Thoughts

The Sims series has always served as an interesting time capsule of trends based on when each game & pack was released. Fashion, music, and even celebrities of the time have made their way into the games, and the T-pose challenge is yet another example of pop culture being immortalized there. Get your teens in on the memes by making sure they participate to earn all the social clout and aspirational accolades they can—just don’t be late for class!

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