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We have compiled the most decadent treats for The Sims 4, through this list of desserts CC. You have to get your sweet tooth ready, because, in this article, there are to-die-for cakes, cookies, donuts, cupcakes, pies, pastries, frozen goodies, and more!

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Here Are The Most Decadent Desserts CC

The Sims 4 allows our Sims to create desserts in a variety of ways. They can create cakes, pastries, pies, brownies, and cookies through the fridge and the oven. With the use of the cupcake factory, they can also craft doughnuts, tarts, muffins, scones, and other delicious sweet treats. Both of these cooking processes allow them to indulge in these lovely desserts. However, there are only about 20+ of these recipes in the game. Thus, we decided to round up some of the most delicious desserts that we’re sure your Sims would love to sink their teeth into! Check them all out below.

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Woodland Cake

Woodland Cake

If we love fairies and want to weave their presence into a mystical cake, we should get this cake recipe! This Woodland Cake mixes the elements of magic and folklore through a simple cake. The said cake can be created with milk, eggs, chocolates, and flour or sugar.

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Pumpkin Spice Swiss Roll

Pumpkin Spice Swiss Roll

This is a nice autumn dessert, called the Pumpkin Spice Swiss Roll. Your Sims can create this delicious Swiss Roll by using only three ingredients, pumpkin, milk or eggs, and flour or sugar. It comes in a party size and is vegetarian-safe.

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Hokkaido Milk Bread

Custom food 12

Expect your Sims to go crazy over this fluffy and creamy Hokkaido Milk Bread, a homestyle recipe made from flour, egg, yeast, and milk. This bread dish comes in single, medium, and large serving options.

Click here to download!

Sweet Potato Pumpkin Pie

Custom food 11

Once autumn rolls around your game, help your Sims to a serving or two of this Sweet Potato Pumpkin Pie! It’s the perfect pick-me-up treat for the cozy season. Best served when hot and with a cup of tea.

Click here to download!

Nerikiri Wagashi

Japanese Mods and CC 5

The Japanese are popular for creating divine desserts that are perfect for tea time, such as wagashi. Wagashi is a sweet treat made from red beans and glutinous rice and each piece is shaped in cute forms such as flowers and leaves. Your Sims can enjoy a bite of Nerikiri Wagashi with this recipe from Oni!

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Cooking Cookies Set

Cooking Cookies Set

This Cooking Cookies Set allows your dear Sims to create the most scrumptious cookies in the game through 7 different inclusions, such as the dough, the ingredients, the recipe book, the utensils, and so much more! They’ll surely love how fun this activity will be.

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The Pandoro is a famous star-shaped Italian dessert that is enjoyed with a hot drink such as tea during Christmas time. Now, your Sims can also enjoy this delectable treat in the game with this recipe from TianaSims!

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Candyland Cupcakes

Candyland Cupcakes

Well, this one’s a delicious and colorful treat for all your Sims during the yuletide season! Called the Candyland Cupcakes, this sweet dessert is made from chocolates, strawberries, egg, and flour or sugar. It’s a total must-have for any holiday party!

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Peppermint Cupcakes

peppermint cupcakes littlbowbub

These Peppermint Cupcakes not only look colorful, but they seem super yummy too! Littlbowbub created this recipe for the festive season and added a candy-cane-themed cardboard display to complete its holiday look. We can’t wait for your Sims to try in the game!

Click here to download!

Crescent Cookies

crescent cookies icemunmun

Prepare these moon-shaped treats in the game, called the Crescent Cookies, which boosts the abilities of Spellcasters! Cool, right? It can be made with optional ingredients of flour/sugar, vanilla, almond, and apple. It’s also vegetarian-safe.

Click here to download!

Reindeer Cake

reindeer cake icemunmun

Oh, what is a more precious Holiday cake than this Reindeer Cake from Icemunmun? This super adorbs dessert can be made by using chocolate, cranberry, vanilla extract, and flour/sugar, and the fun thing about this, is that it can be used as a birthday and wedding cake for our Sims.

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Chocolate Egg Ice Cream Recipe

chocolate egg ice cream 2 versions littlbowbub

If your Sims want to have a delightful Easter dessert, go for this Chocolate Egg Ice Cream! There are two versions available for this dessert. One can be made using the fridge, while the other can be crafted through the ice cream machine.

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Apple Crisp Recipe

apple crisp icemunmun

Imagine your Sims biting into crispy apple pieces bathing in a creamy mixture of vanilla and cinammon. Sounds super yummy, right? That is what your Sims would get with this Apple Crisp recipe. They would need to have level 8 cooking skill to prepare this awesome fruity treat.

Click here to download!

Unicorn Cake Food Recipe

unicorn cake 1 littlbowbub

This Unicorn Cake was requested by a certain fan of Littlbowbub on Discord, and the result was oh-so-delightful! When sliced, the cake comes in 5 shades of purple and pink. We can’t help but also love the Unicorn topping!

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Sweet Holiday Bread Recipe

tsoureki sweet holiday bread littlbowbub

The Tsoureki is a traditional sweet bread from the Greeks, served during Easter time. It’s a very popular bread often seen in European hotels and bakeries. Your Sims can now also enjoy Tsoureki through this downloadable recipe!

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Mascarpone Kitty Mousse Recipe

mascarpone kitty mousse icemunmun

Add this super adorable dessert to your game, and watch as these little treats wiggle their way to the hearts of your Sims. Called the Mascarpone Kitty Mouse, this cute treat is made from flour, eggs, cream cheese, and vanilla essence.

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Lavender Garden Cake Recipe

lavender garden cake littlbowbub

This wonderful recipe, made from flour, eggs, and jam, is known as Lavender Garden Cake. Sims can create this cool-looking cake using level 5 of their cooking skill. It’s especially entertaining to notice the cute mushroom and flower toppings of this cake!

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Love Heart Shortbread Recipe

love heart shortbread littlbowbub

A great way to spend the day of love is by eating love-themed desserts, such as this one, called the Love Heart Shortbread. It’s a lactose-free dessert that’s available in restaurants, and it could also be prepared at home with level 3 cooking skill.

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Banana Split Ice Cream

banana split icecream icemunmun

Banana Split is a fundamental dessert in every home because it’s super easy to prepare! Hence, add it to The Sims 4 too! Your Sims would simply need a banana, whipped cream, milk, cherries, and chocolates, and they are good to go.

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Raspberry Millefeuille Recipe

raspberry millefeuille littlbowbub

Another Love Day-themed dessert coming your way! This romantic-looking  Raspberry Millefeuille is a heart-shaped treat filled with cream, raspberries, and puff pastry. Serve it on your Sims’ tables to create a sweet moment!

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Chocolate and Caramel Strawberries

1908 chocolate and caramel strawberries icemunmun

Imagine the delightful feeling that your Sims would have while eating these Chocolate and Caramel Strawberries! These are available as a Custom Snack Menu and also appear in the Dessert Menu in restaurants. Just remember to install the required Custom Food interaction mod.

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Pink Macaron

1906 pink macaron icemunmun

Macarons by themselves already look endearing, but have you seen pink, heart-shaped macarons? They’re the bomb! This homestyle dessert recipe, the Pink Macaron, is made from almonds, strawberry powder, white buttercream, and eggs. Sims can cook it using level 3 cooking skill.

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Berry Honey Toast

1871 berry honey toast icemunmun

In the game, your Sims would need honey, bread, milk, and berries to whip up a batch of the Berry Honey Toast. This is available as a Breakfast, Brunch, or Dessert dish. Yep, it’s pretty versatile, and certainly looks delicious, too!

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Fig and Honey Tartlet

1828 fig and honey tartlet icemunmun

A dessert we’d love to try in real life is the Fig and Honey Tartlet. These are little tarts served with a honey and cream cheese dip. In the game, this recipe is made by combining flour/sugar, figs, and Mascarpone cheese. The tartlets come in single, medium, and large serving options.

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Bento Cakes Recipe

Screenshot 2023 07 25 114221

Our sims are bound to be happier and more satisfied after indulging in this delightful dessert, the amazing bento cake recipe. All in all, there are 8 types of bento cakes available. Our favorite is the pink cat one!

Screenshot 2023 07 25 114244

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That’s a (Yummy) Wrap!

The fun thing about incorporating these desserts CC into our game is that we can keep adding more and more of these sweet and succulent treats if we want to. There are no limits (well, except for your computer’s storage of course)! Thus, with this list of downloadables, we hope that your Sims can delight in these delicious desserts in The Sims 4. If you have any thoughts or suggestions for us, please don’t forget to leave a comment on this post. If you want to connect with SNOOTYSIMS and stay updated about all our latest articles and custom content, please follow us on our social media accounts below. Happy simming, dear Simmers!

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