Master the Craft of Mediumship With Medium Skill Cheat!

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Would you like to become the best at handling paranormal stuff? Sims who have mastered the medium skill that does it the best. Luckily, medium skill cheats can help you become one of them in no time and deal with ghosts and shenanigans in your home with ease. Continue reading to discover how to use cheats to become the master of ghosts.

medium skill cheat
Medium Skill Cheat

mediumship skill in Sims 4

Medium skill was a novelty for us when Sims 4: Paranormal Stuff pack was released. Unlike most other skills, it has only five levels, but unlocking them can bring many fun interactions. For instance, as you level up, you can learn to summon ghosts, commune with departed, perform rituals or create seance circles. While you can learn it faster than other skills per se, it is always useful to know a shortcut if you need to and opt for a medium skill cheat.

what’s the benefit of using mediums skill cheats?

Mediumship skill is a key skill for Sims who dream of making money by being Paranormal Investigators, and a helpful one, if your Sims live in a haunted house. These Sims will need a Paranormal Investigator License to become true investigators, which requires leveling up the mediumship skill. So, if you want to act fast, need to deal with ghosts, or are ambitious to work in the paranormal field, medium skill cheat will come in more than handy!

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activating cheats

For a medium skill cheat to work, cheating needs to be activated, first. To do that, you will have to type testingcheats true in the dialog box and hit Enter.

  • To open the dialog box on PC, press CTRL+SHIFT+C. On Playstation, press R1 + R2 + L1 + L2 , and select the cheat box with the ”X” button to start typing. If you use Xbox, press and hold LT + LT + LB + RB and use ”A” button to select the box. If you use Mac, press CMD + SHIFT + C.

Once the cheats are activated, you will use the same method to open the dialogue box for typing in all other cheats. You will be notified below the dialog box that cheats are enabled.

maxing out the mediumship skill with cheats

Mediumship skill cheat is here to help you max out your medium abilities and help your Sims truly open that Third Eye! To max medium skill, open a dialog box, and type stats.set_skill_level Minor_Medium 5 and press ENTER to activate it. 

However, this medium skill cheat is a flexible one. In other words, instead of 5, you can type in any number from 1-5, depending on which level you want them to reach. You can also downgrade their expertise by lowering their existing level with the same cheat. Medium skill cheat will unlock the ability to summon Bonehilda, Guidry, and perform more actions using the seance table.

If you want to become a Paranormal Investigator, learn more about it here!

getting the paranormal license with cheats

Mastering the Mediumship skill isn’t only useful for summoning and dealing with ghosts. One of the preconditions for becoming a Paranormal Investigator is to get a license and talk to Guidry, whom you can summon only if you level up the medium skill.

Luckily, there is a medium skill cheat for that, too. Open the cheat box and type in
traits.equip_trait trait_Freelancer_Career_ParanormalInvestigator_License. Press Enter, and will automatically give your Sims the license.


Medium skill chats are a fast way to master the skill and deal with ghosts. While mastering it is” as time-consuming as learning other skills, cheating can be useful if you need career advances fast, or need to deal with ghosts in your home. How and when you will use them is totally on you. Happy Simming!

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