Solar Panels and Other Energy Sources in The Sims 4

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Did you know that solar panels, innovative devices that transform sunlight into electricity, are available in The Sims 4? These, along with many other energy sources, make the lives of our Sims so much easier and even allow them to live off-the-grid! Read all about these essential devices below.

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Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle Expansion Pack

When EA dropped a new DLC for The Sims 4 called Eco Lifestyle, plenty of us got thrilled! This new EP allowed our Sims to create eco-friendly worlds, and it’s packed with new features that let their lives become greener and more sustainable. Plus, what we especially adored about this pack was the option to opt for the new energy sources. Sims can now build their own solar panels and wind turbines to power their home or even collect dew from the air to use as water. We’ll talk about all these cool devices in this article!


Introduction of Water and Energy Sources in the Sims 4

In The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle, it has become possible for Sims can purchase different energy sources, such as solar panels, wind turbines, a variety of generators, and more. There are also water sources available. The introduction of these alternative sources makes it much easier for them to save some Simoleons from their electricity bills, and it also allows them to control the eco-footprint in the world that they live in. Well, let’s know more about each of these gizmos!

Power Sources

Wind Turbines (Ground/Roof)

classic wind

These nice fans turn kinetic energy captured from the wind into electrical energy. This provides your Sims with a renewable and sustainable source of power. Yep. No more relying on fossil fuels or the unpredictable grid!

  • Eco Footprint Green: 3-5
  • Power Production Rating: 3
  • Environment: 1
  • Functional Off-the-Grid? Yes.

Household Generator


House generators are an alternative power source. They may not be a greener option, but they are a great emergency backup plan for your Sims, as they will ensure that the lights stay on, the fridge keeps humming, and they can continue enjoying their modern conveniences even when the grid goes down.

  • Eco Footprint Industrial: 7
  • Power Production Rating: 5
  • Reliability: 5
  • Functional Off-the-Grid? Yes.

Solar Panels (Ground/Roof)

solar panel

One of the best electric power sources in The Sims 4, is a solar panel. It uses photovoltaic cells to capture light energy and transform it into electricity. With solar panels, Sims will be living a life powered by the sun, and they will never have to worry about running out of juice, again. Well, except for really dark winters of course.

  • Eco Footprint Green: 3-5
  • Power Production Rating: 2
  • Functional Off-the-Grid? Yes.

Water Sources

Scrapper’s/Lab-Pro X-2 Dew Collector

lab pro

These water collectors trap dew in funnel-like devices and turn these into drinkable water. So cool, right? It’s definitely perfect for those who want to live off-the-grid or simply reduce their eco-footprint. The Scrapper version is available for 560 simoleons, while the Lab-Pro is priced at 1,260.

  • Eco Footprint Green: 3
  • Water Production Rating: 2-3
  • Reliability: 5-8
  • Functional Off-the-Grid? Yes.

Atmospheric Water Generator


The Atmospheric Water Generator is another type of water source. This one though, is entirely powered by fuel, so it may not exactly be environmentally-friendly for your Sims. This device drastically reduces their water bills by capturing the moisture content available in the air.

  • Eco Footprint Industrial: 7
  • Water Production Rating: 5
  • Reliability: 5
  • Functional Off-the-Grid? Yes.

Helpful Lot Traits For a Greener Lifestyle

If you ever feel like a greener neighborhood would be a great thing for your Sims, you have our full support! To help you, we recommend that you assign these traits to the homes of your Sims:

  • Eco Lot – This trait makes it so that your Sim’s lot will move a lot faster toward eco-friendly meters compared to others.
  • Geothermal – Tapping into the natural heating energy beneath the ground, this trait will be able to lessen your Sim’s utility bills and let them have a nice and warm pool to dive in (if they have one).
  • Natural Well – Not only does this provide your Sims with fresh and clean tap water, but it also allows them to reduce water utility bills by providing a better alternative source.
  • Off-the-Grid – Off-The-Grid allows your Sims to have a better atmosphere, far from the shackles of technology such as water plumbing and electrical appliances.

These are traits that you can use to provide some buffs for your Sims towards eco-friendliness:

  • Great Soil – Any kind of gardening will do incredibly well with this trait.
  • Homey – Any kind of household chores and life skills are a lot easier to master with this trait, which includes Cooking, Handiness, Gardening, and Mixology.
  • Peace And Quiet – This trait allows your Sims to have a wonderful time when reading. They also gain skill boosts and any kind of Tense moods are always easier to dissipate.

How To Check For Eco Footprint

eco foot

The new Eco Footprint system in The Sims 4 allows you to track how environmentally friendly your Sims are with their current efforts. You can check this by clicking the foot symbol in the lower middle part of the game. If your Sims are doing their part to reduce their carbon footprint, the neighborhood will become cleaner and healthier, making it possible to see northern lights at night, or sun rays in the morning. But if they’re polluting the environment, the neighborhood will start to look and feel dirty, filling places with smog and haze.

Redditor u/Frogsandcranberries1 created a really useful Eco Footprint Items Spreadsheet that can help you know if certain Build/Buy Mode items in the game add to the green-ness or industrial-ness of the world’s eco footprint. You can refer to the said guide when creating your builds!

More on SNOOTYSIMS: In case you have never seen the majestic Northern Lights appear in your game, then refer to our helpful guide below to help you!

Northern Lights Sun Rays Featured Image


We hope that this guide about solar panels, and other energy and water sources, can help your Sims have better lives and more sustainable environments in The Sims 4. Please let us know in the comments what you think about this article, and kindly follow us on Patreon and our social media sites. We are on Google, Facebook, TwitterYouTubeInstagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and Tumblr. Happy simming, Simmers!

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