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Solar panels are easier in the Sims 4 and aren’t as complex to setup. Funny enough, setting up these alternative power sources is a lot easier and ain’t that hard to learn. Of course, it is to make it easier for us non-techy fellas to set up our favorite clean-energy system.

Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle DLC

EA released a new DLC called Eco Lifestyle, which features a lot of new environmental-friendly themed options. There’s a lot of changes as to how the Sims view their surroundings, which can affect everyone in certain areas.

Sims often choke on dirty, industrial which you can find in certain neighborhoods that has an unclean environment. The new feature called Eco Footprint determines how clean an area is, which is noticeable by its overall air quality. Neighborhood can often have pollution smog in their areas.

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Introduction of Green Energy Sources in the Sims 4: Solar Panels, Wind Turbines, Water Generator, and many more!

The introduction of alternative power sources cuts a lot of things from electricity bills, to savings, and many more.

There are several items that are currently available for you to pick and build if you’re going green.

Green Energy Sources (Sims 4 Solar Panels, Wind Turbines, Generators, etc.)

Atmospheric Water Generator – Atmospheric Water Generator is a type of power source that’s powered by fuel. This device drastically reduces your water bills by capturing the moisture content available in the air.

Wind Turbines (Ground/Roof) – These nice fans turn kinetic energy captured from the wind into electrical energy. It’s pretty neat here in the Sims 4. It can be quite unreliable in real life, except if it is built next to the sea.

Household Generator – House generators is an alternative power source. It uses fuel to run it down and not really the best for healthy living. It generates enough energy to save you some monthly bills and you should get one if things go south.

Labpro X2/Scrapper’s Dew Collector – Traps moisture into this device and turns them into drinkable water. Cool!

Solar Panels (Ground/Roof) – One of the best electric power sources. Uses photovoltaic cells to capture light energy and transform them into electricity. The best power sources for Off-The-Grid plans.

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Helpful Traits for Off-the-Grid and Green Energy Lifestyle

If you ever feel like going green is the good thing to do. no one’s stopping you. But before you do that, make sure you have the right traits.

Eco Lot
Makes it so that your lot will move a lot faster towards eco-friendly meters compared to others.
Tapping into the natural heating energy beneath the ground, you’re able to lessen your utility bills and have a nice and warm pool to dive in.
Natural Well
Not only does it provides you with fresh and clean tap water, it also allows you to reduce your water utility bills by providing a better alternative source.
A trait that doesn’t really help you if you’re using electrical utilities, since Off-The-Grid allows you to have a better atmosphere, far from the shackles of technology such as water plumbing and electrical appliances. But you ain’t gonna be paying bills, which is pretty cool.

These are traits that you can use to provide some buffs towards eco-friendliness.

Great Soil
Any kind of gardening will do incredibly well with this trait.
Any kind of household chores and life skills are a lot easier to master with this trait, which includes Cooking, Handiness, Gardening, and Mixology.
Peace And Quiet
This trait allows for your Sims to have a wonderful time when reading, which makes it easier for them to have a grasp of whatever they’re reading. They also gain skill boosts and any kind of Tense moods are always easier to dissipate.

The Solar Panel Mods (Sims 4)

Even though there’s already the solar panel items and the rest alternative power sources, there are still modders out there who are trying to make it easier for us to do things in the Sims 4. Several additions of the mods are available online.

For example, there’s a solar wall mod that’s been made after the Eco Living DLC. There’s also a solar panel roof and another solar panel mod that’s been discontinued.

You can check these mods here.

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