Sims 4 Puberty Mod – How to Include Puberty?

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Get the Best Puberty Mod for The Sims 4!

Coming of age is a big part of everyone’s life. It’s the period that marks us as individuals and sets us on the path we’ll follow later in life. However, TS4 hasn’t done the best job of allowing us to play our teen years as they really are. Luckily, there is a puberty mod for The Sims 4 that we want to talk about here!

First of all, puberty is a touchy subject. Every teen has a unique personality and not everyone acts the same. The physical changes in our bodies sometimes govern our thoughts and we can’t always act 100% rational. And because of this, no mod can completely capture the time of puberty.

On the other hand, we have the problem of periods. Should they be present or not? We can cut some slack to the Sims 4 developers for not including them in the base game. Maybe they want the game to remain 100% child-friendly and that’s completely okay. 

But if you want to take The Sims 4 to another level, then you have to check this puberty mod!

Sims 4 Puberty Mod: An Overview

The Sims 4 puberty mod that we’re showcasing here is a part of a bigger mod done by NateTheL0ser. His extension can be considered an update to the Wicked Whims mod. And it’s also fully compatible with SOL’s period systems. So if you’re using those mods and want to include better puberty features, then simply add this one!

To download the Sims 4 puberty mod, visit this Patreon page. Scroll down to the end of the original post and look for these files: Milestones Mod and Milestones Mod – Separate

Now let’s see what you can expect from it!

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Toddlers aren’t excluded from this mod. Even though they don’t technically go through puberty, the Sims 4 puberty mod lets us witness some pretty important changes that toddlers go through. This is a very interesting feature and adds more depth to toddlers in general. Here’s what happens!

  • Toddlers start teething
  • Moodlets like angry or sad are more common
  • Increased chances of getting a fever
  • Stronger moodlets for vampire toddlers


Children are in that sweet phase before puberty. And this mod gives them a quality-of-life change by introducing Cliques! Cliques are groups or societies that offer interesting and valuable activities. Through them, your children can build skills and have a better development stage. 

  • 6 available cliques – Athletes, Artsies, Troublemakers, Goody Goodies, Fashionistas, and Weeaboos.
  • Each clique is unique.
  • You can only be in one clique at a time, but you can change your choice later.

That’s the child puberty in a nutshell in this Sims 4 mod!


And finally, puberty! Sims in this stage are especially vulnerable to shaming and awkwardness, so you have to make sure you’re taking all the right steps. One thing that really adds immersion to the gameplay is these teen mods and CC. Putting body hair on a male teen, for example, can really make the whole experience immersive and improve the storytelling. Physical changes are vital to this period of life, so we’re recommending you these body mods!

Okay, so what does the Sims 4 puberty mod brings us?

  • Sims in puberty can be very awkward
  • Female Sims may feel insecure about their bodies
  • Parents can talk to their teens about puberty
  • You can decide how your teen Sim will feel about puberty
  • You can combine this mod with Wicked Whims to experience periods, sex, and teen pregnancy

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The Sims 4 puberty mod brings a couple of other features that might be interesting to you. For example, the menopause and the mid-life crisis periods are also included. Sims in menopause get hot flashes and are easily irritable while Sims with mid-life crises engage in love affairs and look for new jobs!

All in all, the mod is very entertaining and we enjoy playing the game with it! If you like mods that don’t completely change the way you play the game, then this one is for you. And if you want the hardcore experience, you can get Wicked Whims as well and run with it! 

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