Sims 4 on Chromebook – Can You Play it? (2022)

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Can You Play Sims 4 on a Chromebook?

Chromebook is one of the newer devices that Google has come with to serve the world. And although Chromebook’s initial and current point is for users to finish the work-related tasks faster and easier, some people use Chromebook for gaming. But which games can you play on it, really? And can you play Sims 4 on a Chromebook?

You can’t play Sims 4 on a Chromebook. The Sims 4 isn’t available for Google Chromebook and there isn’t an available version for it. However, you can game on Chromebook if you use Chrome Remote Desktop to connect it to your Windows PC. The two devices must share the same internet connection.

Unfortunately, we can’t just play Sims 4 on a Chromebook the regular way. The device isn’t meant to run heavy games such as Sims 4, especially if you own or buy a bunch of expansion and game packs. And thus, we have to find other ways to do so.

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How to Play Sims 4 on a Chromebook?

Like I mentioned above, it’s theoretically possible to play The Sims 4 on Chromebook if you use the CRD technique. Chrome Remote Desktop can connect the two devices together and thus let you share the screen. This way you can access The Sims 4 while using your Chromebook.

This is really a neat solution for all of us who’d like to just sit back, relax, and play some Sims on our Chromebooks. So here’s how to do it!

  • 1 Step: Download and install the Chrome Remote Desktop app from the Google Store on both your Windows PC and Chromebook.
  • 2 Step: Pair your Windows PC and your Chromebook through the Chrome Remote Desktop app.
  • 3 Step: Connect both of your devices on the same internet connection. 
  • 4 Step: Start a remote session between these two devices with the Windows PC being the host.
  • 5 Step: Launch The Sims 4 and play via your Chromebook.

As you can see, you only need to connect your two devices to the same internet to do this. And the only requirement is to have a stable internet connection for both devices.

In this situation, your Windows PC acts as a host and does all the work for you – processing the game. On the other hand, you command the game through your Chromebook, which is just a screen on which you’re seeing the game. 

So, you’re still playing The Sims 4 on your PC, but you’re also technically playing it on a Chromebook too.

And that’s the only way to play Sims 4 on a Chromebook!

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Which Sims Games Can You Play on Chromebook?

There are two Sims games available on the Chromebook – The Sims FreePlay and The Sims Mobile. These are just two versions of the Sims games adapted for mobile devices. However, they offer nice experiences, especially to people that are just now entering the world of Sims.

One benefit that you have with the Chromebook is that it’s touch-supported. This means that you can play both of these games while using a touch screen. This way you can build much better and enjoy the games even more.

Maybe in the future EA will publish more games for the Chrome OS.

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And there you go! If you want to play Sims 4 on a Chromebook, you have to have another device that could actually run the game. The best is, of course, a powerful Windows PC. And if you only have a Chromebook, you can only play The Sims FreePlay and The Sims Mobile. Those are all of your options for simming on a Google Chromebook!

Happy simming!

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