All You Need to Know About The Sims 4 PC Cheats


Why You Should Use The Sims 4 PC Cheats

Whether you’re a big fan or a beginner who is just trying to understand The Sims 4 PC Cheats work, this is your chance to learn more!

Some players choose to use the cheats because it makes the gaming experience better. For others, it’s a great way to speed up the process if you want to achieve more in the game. Whichever side you’re on, now is your opportunity to go through our PC cheats guide and stay informed!

How to Use The Sims 4 Cheats on PC

Before getting deeper into the PC cheats, you’ll need to take a few easy steps to enable them. Keep this in mind especially if you’re new to the world of The Sims 4!

First things first, open the game and make sure to hit SHIFT + CTRL + C on the keyboard. Further, once the cheat box is opened, type “testingcheats true” in the bar. That’s how you will enable all the cheats you want to use.

If you’d like to learn more about enabling cheats, check out our guide!

The Sims 4 PC cheats

It’s no surprise that sometimes you just need a little bit of help with the basics. If you’ve looking for a way to learn more about simple cheats for the game, now is your chance.

P.S If you’re looking for a way to access all the cheats, take a look at this article!

Money Cheats for The Sims 4

If you’re looking for a way to increase the amount of money your Sim has, this is the way! Take a look below:

Money # – That’s how you set your Sim household’s Simoleons to a wanted amount

Motherlode – add 50,000 Simoleons to your account

kaching – add 1,000 Simoleons to your account

PC Life Cheats

Death.toggle – Disables Death

fullscreen – Toggles full screen on/off

households.autopay_bills – Pays bills automatically

Skills Cheats

To change the level of your skills, , enter stats.set_skill_level Major_Skill X to set your skill level on Major Some skill and then write the level you’d like to reach. For example:

  • Major_RocketScience
  • Major_Painting
  • Major_Piano
  • Major_Logic
  • Major_Handiness
  • Major_HomestyleCooking
  • Major_Bartending
  • Major_Dj

If you’d like your Sims to learn more about logic, you can use stats.set_skill_level Major_Logic 5.

Career Cheats

  • careers.demote[name of career] – Earn a demotion in chosen career
  • careers.promote[name of career] – Earn a promotion in chosen career
  • careers.remove_career[name of career] – Abandon career

Of course, sometimes you might need more specific PC cheats for the Sims 4. For example, you can check out various pregnancy cheats, cheats for pets, and even cheats for specific worlds, for example, StrangerVille cheats.

Take this as an opportunity to start enjoying the game even more than you already do. Cheats are a great way to make many aspects easier. It’s completely up to you to make the process faster if you’d like to experience more in the game!

Have fun!

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