Sims 4 Jail Mod – How to Build a Realistic Jail?

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Learn How to Create the Best Jail in The Sims 4!

Since the dawn of time, Sims has meddled in the concepts of police and prisons one way or another. In the past games, we had different systems and it’s hard to argue which version was the best. However, we can all agree that the prison in the TS4 police station isn’t exactly what we want, right? And instead, what we need is a proper jail that resembles real-world examples – tiny, cold, and inescapable cells. Well, meet this Sims 4 jail mod!

What is great about this mod is that it’s very familiar. Once you see the bed, the bars, and the security doors, you’ll immediately think of TV shows such as Prison Break. The set simply gives you the right vibe and we heavily advise you to give it a try. It’s the perfect confinement for murderers and other criminal-minded Sims. This Sims 4 jail mod is perfect for everybody!

But let’s check what’s inside this Sims 4 jail mod and what can you expect!

Sims 4 Jail Mod: An Overview

This Sims 4 jail mod is the ultimate prison set for the game. If you want simple and realistic cells, then it’s definitely for you. It doesn’t add much, but it makes the existing items in TS4 work as they should. The mod has reworked nearly all prison-associated items and the results are amazing.

To check and download the Sims 4 jail mod, click here!

The Basics

Okay, so items like “The Impenetrable”, which is unlocked through the detective career, are now buyable from the start. This means that you can go into the build mode and purchase it whenever you want, regardless of your career choice. And the items such as “Be Prepared Security Door” now work properly. In this example, you can use this as your main cell door, along with “The Impenetrable” walls, and it will open and close like a regular door.

This whole Sims 4 jail mod is a pack of quality-of-life changes. If you want to build a prison without too much CC, then we heavily recommend it. Here are all the items that you can use:

  • Working Cell Door – Costs $275. Location: Doors – All.
  • Be Prepared Security Door – Costs $275. Location: Doors – All.
  • The Impenetrable – Costs $250. Location: Activities and Skills – Misc.
  • The Solitary Sleeper – Costs $270. Location: Comfort – Bed.
  • Serve and Protect Sign – Costs $545. Location: Decorations – All.
  • Cold Steel Toilet – Costs $485. Location: Plumbing – Toilets.

If you aren’t creative enough or you don’t want to build a prison set yourself, check out the jail mods and CC for Sims 4 below!

Jail Mods and CC for The Sims 4

INTERPOL – Police Station

The first creation we wanted to talk about is this INTERPOL building. The reason why we’ve picked it is that it’s one of the best all-in-ones police stations out there. It has everything from parking and back yard, to offices and jail cells. The whole thing is akin to American crime TV shows, so it’s very good for storytelling. Check it here!

Sims 4 Prison Clothes Mod

If you like to change things a bit have a new prison outfit in The Sims 4, then we recommend this one. It swaps the mundane orange suits with the recognizable black-and-white strip suits. This can be a very interesting addition to the game, especially if you have a prison station with a similar tone. We have found that it works great with the Sims 4 jail mod set we showcased above!

Sim Quentin Prison

And finally, the ultimate prison! Sim_Plistic is the one who did this brilliant creation which you can download it here. It absolutely everything! Massive walls and watchtowers, corridors and cells, and even cafeterias! It brings brand new items in The Sims 4, such as prison doors and walls. And if you’ve ever dreamed of running a jail, then totally get this mod and enjoy your brand new Sims 4 experience!


Prisons are pretty easy to build. If you get the working items from the Sims 4 jail mod, you can create one right away. You can always copy the prison in the base game, or simply adjust it to work properly. But you can also build a brand new jail system and put all the burglars in there! Use the mentioned CC as a base of your operations! Happy simming!

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