Premade Sim Relationships Fix: Making Sims 4 Lore Actually Matter

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Have you ever wondered why sims don’t feel the way about others that they should based on their backstories? The Premade Sim Relationships Fix mod will finally solve the problem!

Premade Sims Relationships Fix

The Sims 4 has a surprising amount of lore if you know where to look for it. Catalog descriptions, NPC commentary, and other text tidbits throughout the game give you an insight into the history of the characters you’re playing with and add weight to the world around you. Friendships, betrayals, family feuds, and heartbreak are just some of the tales that have been spun in The Sims 4, but there’s one major element missing from all of it: relationships that reflect these stories.

There are NPCs all over Smilandia with history, but for some reason their relationships have never properly reflected that. For example, Vlad and Caleb Vatore have no bad blood despite their centuries-long feud, and the Vatores don’t recognize Lily Zhu who is their pre-vampiric cousin.

The Premade Sim Relationships Fix Mod

The Premade Sim Relationships Fix mod by Szemoka helps alleviate this issue by tweaking the game so that in new saves or with an installation of new DLC that adds the affected sims, The Sims 4 will start with relationships already in place. Generally this will mean that sims are Acquaintances but there are few instances where preexisting sims will straight-up hate each other!

As of the time of writing, this mod affects sim relationships from the following DLCs:

  • Cats & Dogs
  • Island Living
  • Discover University
  • Cottage Living
  • High School Years
  • Growing Together
  • Horse Ranch
  • Vampires
  • Realm Of Magic
  • Werewolves
  • My Wedding Stories
  • StrangerVille
  • Journey To Batuu

Those changes even include cross-pack relationships, like with Agnes Crumplebottom (Cottage Living) and her ex-husband Roberto Crinkletop (Horse Ranch) now being divorcees who Despise each other.

How To Use The Mod

To use this mod, simply install it into your Mods folder and either create a new Save, or install a new piece of DLC that adds the affected sims into your world. For example, if you don’t have Werewolves installed and then you add it after downloading the mod, all saves should properly show Lily Zhu’s relationship with the Vatores since the mod was installed before she was added to the world. Uninstalling the mod is just a matter of deleting it; the fixed relationships should remain intact.

What About Sims This Mod Has Missed?

There are a few relationships out there that the Premade Sim Relationships Fix mod doesn’t cover. Most obviously the mod missed the Landgrabb Family and Johnny Zest, who has always been suggested as a disowned member of that elite family. You might also be interested in older The Sims lore and want to add a relationship between Bella Goth and Don Lothario, for example. Either way, this can be done with relationship cheats.

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More on SNOOTY: Learn all about Relationship Cheats in our deciated post and find out how to use them to fix missing game lore relationships, or add your own!

Relationship Cheats Full Guide

Known Conflicts

Szemoka has stated that this mod will conflict with LittleMsSam’s NPC Relationship Autonomy Fix. If you want to be able to use that mod instead, you can change missing premade relationships manually by using the Relationship Cheat as mentioned above.


Although the Premade Sim Relationships Fix mod seems like a small thing, if you’re big into game lore it will make a huge difference. Finally, those stories you’ve read make sense, neighbors are no longer strangers, and grudges hold firm. It’s a helpful way to inject a little drama into the game in a canon, lore-friendly way, and all you have to do to get it working is start with a fresh save. Once you have it you won’t know how you got by without it!

What’s your favorite piece of in-game lore that others might now know about? Let us know in the comments. Happy simming!

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