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Do you have your own business on Etsy selling arts, crafts, and handmade clothing? If you love playing Sims as a hobby, you should check out the Sims knitting Stuff Pack! Sims 4 has its very own version of Etsy where Sims creatives can sell their items. Find out how you can get started with some Sims 4 knitting below.

Sims knitting

Sims 4 Knitting: Where to get the knitting items

All of your knitting essentials are provided by The Sims 4: Nifty Knitting Stuff Pack. Your game character can knit clothing for the whole family, craft baby onesies, decorate with knitted plant hangers, rugs and toys for kids! It requires the Sims 4 base game and all updates in order to run.

Released on July 28, 2020, the Stuff Pack comes with two yarn baskets and four rocking chairs. You’ll also get access to Plopsy where you’ll be able to sell your creations and buy items from other sellers!

Once you have Nifty Knitting, go into Buy Mode and use the search bar to type in “yarn.” You should see the two yarn baskets: the Beginner’s Yarn Basket for 55 simoleons and the Super Stash Yarn Basket for 75 simoleons.

Sims Knitting

Your Sims can chill and knit anywhere but can you really resist how adorable knitting in a rocking chair is? To find the chairs use the search bar and type in “rocking chair.” You’ll see the following chairs and their prices:

  • Armless Rocking Chair by Sit’n’Stitch for 120 simoleons
  • Extra Comfy Armless Rocking Chair by Sit’n’Stitch for 130 simoleons 
  • Sit’n’Stitch Rocking Chair for 135 simoleons
  • Sit’n’Stitch Rocking Chair with Comfy Cushion for 145 simoleons
Sims Knitting
New rocking chair variants

Too cute right? Who wouldn’t want to sell cozy handmade items that they made in their rocking chair, on their bed, on the toilet – okay, maybe not on the toilet. Seriously, don’t make items you’re selling on the toilet.

This is a great side hustle for your Sim or it can be their main gig! My Sim quit her barista job to be a full-time Plopsy seller. 

Let’s get to knitting then!

Knitting Skill: How to get your Sims knitting

You’ll have to put your yarn basket into your inventory in order to start knitting. This is what enables you to knit anywhere.

Even if your Sim isn’t home because they decided to hit up the Blue Velvet nightclub, they can whip out their knitting needles and supplies and finish sewing together that sweater or socks they were working on.

I’m not going to judge your Sim for knitting clothes in the club, it’s okay. Maybe their night out has to be balanced.

Once you pick the seat you’ll use, select the chair or bed, and then pick the Knit prompt. You’ll have the option to knit clothing, rugs, decorations, plant hangers and more. As you increase your knitting knowledge, you’ll get a wider variety of clothes and items that you can make! You’ll make more money for higher quality items too!

Sims 4 Knitting 8

Selling your items

You have to pay for materials when you start your projects and you pay a fee to list them on Plopsy. 

Plopsy is the Sims online shopping creative marketplace and if you’re familiar with online stores like Etsy or Shopify then you’ll get the inspiration behind this.

If you want to save some money, get the colors of llama wool you need from the marketplace in Henford-on-Bagley – it’s across from The Gnome’s Arms bar. 

Feel free to try to successfully haggle your way to a discount for the llama wool because you’re saving even more simoleons!

After you get your materials, when you choose new projects you’ll see the production costs are reduced because you have the materials you need! 

Once you’re finished knitting, fork up the 5 simoleons to list them on Plopsy. Your item stays listed for four days before it expires, but you can always relist the item. 

Go to your inventory and take a look: it will be highlighted red when it’s not sold yet.

Sims 4 Knitting 10 1

Use Plopsy instead of just selling

You have the option to drag and sell your creations in your inventory, but don’t! You make more money selling your handmade items on Plopsy. Check out how much this perfect buyer on Plopsy is paying for one of my handmade items and compare it to how much my Sim makes if she drags and sells it.

Sims knitting

As you can see, they really tried to do me dirty! Not cool! So use Plopsy to sell your knitting creations. Because you’re so worth it.

When your item is purchased, it will be highlighted blue instead of red, it will tell you the price the customer is paying for it, and it will show the buyer’s username as shown above.

Select the item and select Ship on Plopsy. Your Sim will use the mailbox to ship the item and instantly receive their payment.

When your buyers get their creations, look out for their reviews which will appear on your screen notifications. 

Some of the comments are funny, especially when they’re a bit disappointed. Don’t worry: they don’t ask for refunds! You still get your simoleons, so take it with a grain of salt. It doesn’t negatively affect your business either, it’s just fun to read!

Sometimes it takes a while for someone to purchase your items. When I first started knitting, I created several items before I finally picked up buyers. As someone who had an Etsy store myself, I think it’s hilarious how Sims wanted to reflect that daunting process of waiting for buyers as a creative selling your services. 

What else can you do with the items you create

Your Sims can actually wear their own clothes that they make as long as you don’t already have them in Create a Sim mode.

Giving your creations away as gift to other Sims is always a good way to better your relationships.

You can also donate your creations to charity! Your Sim will receive an inspired point and will shift into an inspirational mood for two hours.

Why I like this Stuff Pack

The Sims 4: Nifty Knitting Stuff Pack is just adorable! I love how many items you can create so you don’t get easily bored with knitting.

I also appreciate the creation of Plopsy to sell your creations as an alternative to just dragging and selling them in your inventory or starting a yard sale. I often opt for yard sales because I mark everything up by 300%, so it’s saying a lot that I enjoy using Plopsy!

My only wish is that you could leave the yarn basket out of your inventory and keep it at home. I like the aesthetic of a knitting room: so if Sims could take a roll of yarn out of the yarny basket and keep that in their inventory instead, I would be 100% happy.

Try some Sims 4 knitting and let us know what you think!

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