How To Stand Still In CAS In The Sims 4?

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How Do You Make Sims Stand Still in CAS?

One of the things that Sims 4 players hate the most is not being able to stand still in the CAS window. 

Normally, this wouldn’t be such a problem if the creating/editing of Sims was a perfect system. But since it’s not that smooth of a sail after all, sometimes we really need to stop our Sims from moving. Getting a closer look at all the features of your Sim without being annoyed by their random movements is the goal for many simmers.

So how do we do it? How to make your Sims stand still in CAS in Sims 4?

Well, we use mods! And in this post, we’ll talk about the best extension you can use to do this!

How will this tool help you?

I will solve the age-old problem – it will stop your Sims from performing all the random movements when you’re editing them or creating them in CAS. By doing this, you’ll be able to get a more accurate look at your Sims. And you’ll be able to see whether you need to increase or decrease their weight, change their clothes, or something else!

So, let’s begin!

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The Mod That Makes Your Sims Stand Still in CAS in Sims 4!

The best mod that makes your Sims stand still in CAS in Sims 4 that we’ve ever used is created by MizoreYukii. This amazing creator has originally published their Stand Still in CAS (Shimrod101 & Shooksims) mod back in 2019 on ModTheSims. And since then, it has gained a massive follower base. In fact, it’s downloaded over 160,000 times already!

And if you want to get it for yourself, click here to download the latest version of the Stand Still in CAS mod for The Sims 4!

So how does this mod works exactly?

Well, MizoreYukii actually gives you two similar mods – Shimrod and Shooksims. These are two versions that work a bit differently. But both Shimrod and Shooksims stop your Sims from moving in CAS successfully. And you’ll need to choose only one version when installing the mod!

So let’s talk about what Shimrod and Shooksims do differently!

Shimrod vs. Shooksims

These are the min differences between the Shimrod and the Shooksims versions of the stand still in CAS mod for The Sims 4!

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  1. Shimrod

The Shimrod version disables all the unnecessary movements that your Sims do while in CAS. This means you’ll no longer see all the random animations such as weight shift, rolling to the side, or slight jumps. Instead, your Sims will stand still while customizing.

However, they won’t be total statues either. In fact, the Shimrod version allows your Sims to do their animations when choosing walk styles or character traits. In other words – it only plays the animations when you need them and when they make sense!

You also have the choice to disable all the animations that occult Sims do in CAS, such as the vampire ones.

  1. Shooksims

Shooksims works in a very similar way to Shimrod. It also stops all the unnecessary animations that your Sims do in CAS, but it adds custom poses as well! Additionally, they will react when you choose a Styled Look for them or their Fit or Fat settings. The walk style animations are included, too, just like in the Shimrod version.

In our experience, Shooksims is a little better than Shimrod. We simply love the custom poses. And in our opinion, they make the whole experience complete!

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And that’s all you need to know about the stand still in CAS mod for The Sims 4! In summary – you have two versions of the same mod. Both of them disable the CAS animations, but one of them adds custom poses as well.

Now, is it possible to stop your Sims from moving in CAS without a mod? Is there a cheat for it?

We’ve heard from a bunch of simmers that the casclockspeed 0 cheat does this successfully. It holds your Sims still, so you might want to give it a try!

Happy simming!

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