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With the Garage and Storage Mod, your sims can finally enjoy the perks of owning a car!

Garage And Storage Pack

Here at SnootySims we’ve covered our fair share of older features from The Sims franchise that we miss in our current game. One of, if not the, biggest feature that most simmers miss is the ability to own and drive cars. The ability to have a car was introduced in The Sims 2 and returned in The Sims 3, but we haven’t seen it yet in The Sims 4 and it’s doubtful at this point that EA will ever bring it to the game considering the age of this game and the fact that they’re focusing on The Sims 5 (hopefully they’ll bring cars back for us in that game).

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Car Mods

The Garage And Storage Mod by MAX20

One of the newest mods by MAX20 is the Garage And Storage Pack which brings cars, garage doors, shelves, and a number of decorative and clutter items themed after a garage such as toolboxes, storage racks, a jack, and paint cans.

Semi-Functional Car Mods

Garage Storage 3

As part of the pack you get 4 Maxis-match vehicles of varying quality and cost:

  • Olympus C OW: a low-end junker type car that costs §3000
  • Olympus Electra S4: this mid-tier 4-door sedan will set your sims back §7000
  • Olympus Ambassador: a 2-door coupe made for going fast with a sticker price of §13000
  • Olympus Sport: this flashy sports car has a speedy stripe over the top and can be your sim’s for §15000

The cars aren’t animated and stay stationary, but you can click on them and select “Travel…” like you would through your sim’s cell phone menu, and be brought to the map screen.

Decorative Garage Doors And Clutter

Garage Storage 4

Players have been creatively coming up with their own garage door designs for years, between CC items and clever use of wallpapers, columns, and windows. The Garage and Storage Pack comes with 2 new garage doors in 2 sizes each; they’re decorative only but they look so much nicer & more realistic than what we can do with the vanilla game.

One of the new items, the Junk Keeper Box, works as a storage box also.

Why Doesn’t The Sims 4 Have Cars?

Garage Storage

You might be wondering to yourself why, at this point, The Sims 4 doesn’t just have cars? It’s something players have wanted for years and EA has bent to player complaints multiple times in the past. Chances are though that we’ll never see it, and here’s why.

No Open World

Unlike The Sims 3 we don’t have an open world in this game. Your sims can freely travel to multiple areas in their own neighborhoods which aren’t far enough to merit driving a car, and beyond that everything has a loading screen anyway. Your sims would be in their cars for a matter of seconds between leaving one location and loading into another.

Neighborhoods Aren’t Car-Friendly

Since the game wasn’t built with cars in mind, a lot of the map can’t accommodate them. Some worlds were created with no roads at all, and a lot of points of interest within the neighborhoods aren’t accessible by cars. Your sims would end up walking/biking/flying for a portion of the way anyway so why add the hassle of a car to the equation? The entire game would need to be updated to add roads & car routes, and EA would rather dedicate that kind of labor to developing The Sims 5.

The Game Wasn’t Meant To Be Single-Player

One of the reasons this game can seem so janky at times is because it was never intended to be a single-player game. Initially The Sims 4 was built to be a multiplayer game but EA backtracked after the launch of SimCity in 2013; it was utterly disastrous in part due to server overload, preventing many players from actually being able to play it. EA managed to scramble enough together to successfully launch The Sims 4 but it was missing many features that didn’t make sense for a multiplayer game, such as Toddlers.

Although some of those features have been added back, like Toddlers and swimming pools and hot tubs, implementing cars would be much more complex and if they were going to do it they would have done so before releasing dozens of DLC packs that would need to be reworked, too.

Closing The Garage Door

It’s a sad fact that cars are almost guaranteed to never be officially implemented in The Sims 4, but mods and custom content can help fill that void somewhat. The Garage and Storage Mod by MAX20 gives us cars that are more than just decorative objects, plus lots of other goodies to create garages for them. Use garages to store your vehicles, stash your sim’s holiday decorations, or turn them into an extra apartment or workshop. If you could have any car from a prior game added to The Sims 4, what would it be? Let us know in the comments, and happy simming!

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