The Sims 4 New Roadmap for 2024 is Here!

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EA finally released the first roadmap for the first 3 months of 2024 and it’s giving us the Bejeweled Era of The Sims! Here’s what we to expect!

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The sims 4 “Cause a Sensation” Roadmap

The Sims Team has just announced the awaited roadmap of the first of the year. We can anticipate 4 fascinating kits which we already know the 2 kits), 1 SDX Drop, and 1 Stuff Pack, spanning the months of January through April! Let’s take a look and discover what awaits us!

Given the teaser’s first focus, we already know what kits are being told in this instance. The Castle Estate Kit (which was leaked yesterday) and the unnamed Goth Fashion Kit. We can also see one Celebratory Build Kit, one Co-created Style Kit, one Sparkling Stuff Pack and one Beautiful SDX Drop. We still don’t know much about the details but a lot of speculations have been buzzing around the Sims community already.

The Sims 4 – Sensationally You

We’re also bringing you EA’s post about the new roadmap. You can read it here or read down below.

The Sims 4 – Sensationally You

2 Highly Anticipated Kits, 1 Beautiful SDX Drop, 1 Sparkling Stuff Pack, 1 Celebratory Kit, and 1 Co-created Style Kit

Cause a Sensation Roadmap

From your Sim’s first accidental (or intentional) drowning to the bittersweet taste of a Cowplant’s cake, you’ve experienced some truly sensational stories. It’s in the flavor of a good ol’ burnt grilled cheese sandwich, the townie’s chaotic fashion choices, and the firefighter’s celebratory dance after extinguishing your kitchen fire. Every story you tell, and every build you make shines within The Sims, so cause a sensation this season, embrace the unexpected, and be sensationally you in The Sims 4

EA, The Sims Team


There’s a lot of speculations already circulating regarding with the kits and pack. Will we see balloons and disco balls? Perhaps crafting our own jewelry and setting up a business to sell them? We’re also curious about potential collaborations with talented cc creator for the upcoming kit. While there are many unanswered questions and speculations, we are willing to wait for the upcoming announcements. What are your thoughts about the roadmap?

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