Everything You Need To Know About Sims 4 CC Folder!

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About the CC Folders

The Sims 4 has a ton of Mods and CC available, and the whole thing only grows in scale and popularity with each year. As the developers run low on unique ideas to implement in the game via expansion, game, and stuff packs, it’s up to modders and custom content creators to bring freshness to Sims 4. And so, the CC folder for Sims 4 is in high demand too!

But CC folders can be very compelling. And frankly, they can drive you nuts!

However, I’m here to tell you everything you need to know about CC folders in Sims 4! Let’s begin!

What is a CC Folder in Sims 4?

A CC folder is a collection of mods and CC that a Sims 4 player has compiled together and uploaded on the internet. You can find CC folders everywhere, and anyone can download one. 

All the mods and CC in the CC folder are usually compatible with each other and will work perfectly in your game too.

Simply put – a CC folder is literally someone’s entire folder of custom content and mods. It is a big deal because it’s one large compiled folder instead of a hundred small ones. And it makes it very easy for everyone else to have it, simply by downloading it copying in their own folders. 

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Where is the CC Folder in Sims 4 Located?

The CC folder in Sims 4 is located in the game’s folders. For most people, this will be: This PC > Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods. The “Mods” is actually where all the mods and CC will be placed. So, your “Mods” folder is actually the CC folder.

If this isn’t where your “Mods” folder is located, try to find where you have your Sims 4 game installed. You can right-click the game’s icon on your desktop and then click “Open file location.” This will lead you to your installation destination, and you’ll quickly find your CC folder.

How Do You Make a CC Folder in sims 4?

To make a CC folder for The Sims 4, you simply need a collection of mods and CC. If your Mods folder has many mods and CC that work well together, you need to simply zip them all together and upload them on the internet. You can use 7zip or Win.rar to zip your contents together.

Zipping your mods and CC together isn’t actually a necessity, but it does help. When you normally download a mod, it’s always packed as a zip file. That’s because zip files take less space than raw files. For example, a mod of 5 MB will only be around 2.5 MB once it’s zipped. So, zipping helps you upload your CC folder quicker.

Why Should You Use CC Folders?

The best reason for downloading and using a CC folder is that you get all of the mods and CC you want in one go. You don’t have to collect all the different chairs, hairstyles, and eyeliners yourself. Instead, you can have them all together. A CC folder makes it easy for you to get much CC faster.

So, using a CC folder in Sims 4 is very convenient. I’d definitely recommend it for simmer who are either too lazy or don’t have enough experience with the game to know which mods and CC to download individually. A CC may solve all of your problems if you’re in that situation.

Why You Shouldn’t Use CC Folders!

There are two reasons why you shouldn’t use CC folders in Sims 4. First, CC folders are often neglected and not updated regularly. This means that the mods and CC you love will stop working eventually. And second, CC folders often come with viruses harmful to your PC.

And so, I have two important pieces of advice for you. First, make sure that you download a CC folder from a reliable person, someone you either know pretty well or has a good reputation among the Sims 4 community. And second, please install a virus protection software (anti-virus) on your PC before downloading any CC folder!

People usually download CC folders from trusted or famous simmers, like YouTubers or Twitch Streamers. However, since anyone can upload their CC folder on the internet, you can download anything you find. 

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If the last part sounded too scary, don’t worry! Using a CC folder isn’t bad or ill-advised. You simply need to be careful about who you are downloading it from and what’s inside it. Sometimes you won’t need everything contained in a CC folder, so you’ll be better off downloading the individual mods manually.

Good luck!

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