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Do you love the new Sims 4 scenarios as much as we do? Well, then it might be time you try out some custom scenario mods! Some talented mod creators have put together a few unique, and fun scenarios – which we have no doubt you will love. So, if you wanna know more about these custom scenarios, you have come to the right place. Just keep on reading!

Sims 4 Scenario Mods

Sims 4 Scenario Mods: Therapy, Rivalry & More!

Since the Sims 4 scenarios are a relatively new addition to the game, our beloved custom content creators have not had much time to develop their own scenario mods. So, there are not really that many Sims 4 scenario mods out there, but we still managed to find a few.

However, the few we did find – we are in love with. Not only are these scenarios different from what Electronic Arts (EA) offers in-game, but they are also incredibly fun and unique. We certainly have had a wonderful time learning about them, and we are certain you will too. So, let us check them out!

1. Therapeutic tenderness – DALERUNE

Sims 4 Scenario Mods
Sims 4 Scenario Mods

Calling all wellness buffs – this is the scenario mod for you! Have your troubled young adult, or older sim work to wash away their troubles by visual, aural, meditative, and physical means! This scenario offers art therapy, music therapy, wellness therapy, dance therapy, and dream therapy!

To complete this scenario your Sim has to complete several tasks related to the different therapies, within a certain timeframe. In Art Therapy, they will have to get 3 creative skills to level 5, get their painting skill to level 10, and paint a masterpiece! Give this scenario a try, download it here!

2. Sibling Rivalry – DALERUNE

Sims 4 Scenario Mods

A sibling rivalry scenario sounds like fun, right? Well, this mod, with an intermediate difficulty level, focuses on just that! To get started, you need at least 2 toddler Sims, and 2 young adult or older Sims. Then you have to complete the different tasks within the timeframe.

To earn the overachiever title, one child has to reach level 5 in 3 toddler skills, get an A in grade school, and become a Llamacorn scout. To get an overview of the possible outcomes of this scenario, see the photo above. Install this scenario mod now by clicking here.

3. Not So Berry – DALERUNE

Screenshot 2022 06 09 at 18.05.42

The Not So Berry challenge was created by Simmer and Youtuber Lilsimsie a while back. And since then it has become wildly popular. Which explains why it is now a scenario mod. The rules are the exact same as they have always been, only now it’s much easier to follow since it is organized in a scenario mod!

As you may know, this challenge is split into 10 generations. All, with their statement color. Therefore, each generation works in its own scenario. The mint generation as seen above is the first one. You can download all 10 download scenarios here.

4. Greek Gods: Apollo To Ares – Sims 4 Scenario Mods

Screenshot 2022 06 09 at 18.13.56

The Greek Gods scenario by DALERUNE might be our favorite mod ever! Playing through all of these Greek gods might have been the most fun thing we have done in the game in ages. Similar to the Not So Berry Challenge, this mod also features different generations you will have to play through.

Each of the 5 scenarios comes with its very own God, and themes – so you will have plenty to play through. Our favorite generation is Aphrodite/Venus, what do you think yours will be? You can download all 5 scenarios mods here!

5. Video Game House – KAWAIISTACIEMODS

Screenshot 2022 06 09 at 18.27.43

This is the perfect scenario mod for Twitch fans! To begin, you will need the Sims 4: Get Famous, in addition to the Switch Streaming mod by KAWAIISTACIEMODS. Then, you need 2 teens or older Sims who are not related.

The goal of this scenario is to save §500,000 and pay off your loans, by turning your Sims into successful video game streamers! During the scenario, you are not allowed to keep a job, and the goal is to reach fame level 4. Now, get your hands on this scenario mod here!

6. High School Sweethearts – Sims 4 Scenario Mods

Screenshot 2022 06 09 at 18.43.09

The Highschool Sweetheart mod is yet another scenario created by KAWAIISTACIEMODS, and we are in love with it! To start, you need 2 Sims who are young adults or older, which are not related to each other. They have grown up together as high school sweethearts, but start the scenario having recently broken up together… So, now it is up to you to choose one of the goals as shown in the photo above.

Whatever you choose to do, know that it will impact your relationship with your high school sweetheart. To install this mod, head on over here.

The vast community of the Sims fandom is bringing new variations of CC packs into existence. Here’s a list of the best custom content to add to your mods folder!


To sum it up, since the Sims 4 scenarios are a relatively new thing, there aren´t that many scenario mods available yet. However, we suggest you keep an eye out because this might change! As more mod creators learn how to create scenarios, we are certain the internet will light up with tons of different Sims 4 scenario mods. But in the meantime, we are more than happy with the few we have.

Anyway, let us know which of the 7 scenario mods is your favorite. And, comment down below what type of scenario mod you would like to see in the future. We would love to know! Happy Simming!

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