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If you just can’t wait for the recently announced Sims Movie to hit theatres and you need your film fix now, there’s an unofficial movie out there that you absolutely gotta see.

Sims Movie Bella Goth Reborn

We’re all excited about the recently announced Sims Movie and the internet has been abuzz in the Sims community over all of the details. What will it be about? Which famous sims will we see? And of course, who is going to play them?

Fancasting The Sims Movie

A lot of simmers are very excited about the idea of which iconic characters we might see in the upcoming movie, and our corner of the internet has been awash with fans sharing their ideas on who should be playing these roles. We looked at TikTok, X, and Tumblr, as well as other gaming sites to see what fans are saying, and here’s the current buzz on some of the most popular fancasts:

Bella Goth

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Most fans are assuming/expecting to see the Goth household as part of the film, and as everyone’s favorite member of the family Bella is a popular one to cast. Interestingly enough there are lots of great options to play her with names like Rosario Dawson, Aubrey Plaza, Ana De Armas, Gal Gadot, and Selma Hayek all being mentioned. Casting Bella might be a little tricky though with the the whole whitewashing fiasco from The Sims 4 and we hope that the production is sensitive to that.

Mortimer Goth

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Mortimer is a little more flexible with casting because we have canon versions of him as a younger and older man, so there’s a lot of freedom there in terms of who could do the part. Overwhelmingly, fans think Oscar Issac would be perfect for the role. We also saw mention of Sam Witwer along with Robert Downey, Jr., the latter of which we recently saw in Oppenheimer playing an older character and thus could probably pull off Mort at either age.

Cassandra Goth

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Cassandra is another one that has a lot of opinions on who could be cast to play her. Many people are saying Jenna Ortega would be perfect although with the Goth family being based off the Adams family and her recent role in Wednesday, that might be hitting too close to home. Ariana Greenblatt and Melissa Barrera are both names that have also been mentioned as strong contenders.

Don Lothario

image 65

The man, the myth, the legend. There were several actors mentioned to play Mortimer who have also been suggested for Don, such as Oscar Issac and Robert Downey, Jr. but the man of the moment is definitely Pedro Pascal and with his commitment to playing a range of roles he could really bring the hammy attitude that Don needs.

Bob Pancakes

image 66

A lot of fans love Bob Pancakes, he’s another character that gets a lot of fancasting attention. O-T Fagbenle, Jamie Foxx, and Kenan Thompson are all names we’ve seen floated around to play the character.

Eliza Pancakes

image 68

Interestingly, most fancasts that we saw which included the Pancakes family all had the same pick for Eliza: Emma Stone. With her recent award winning role in Poor Things we know that she can go really outside of the box to play a character, and would no doubt give a great performance.

Judith Ward

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Last but not least, the famous Judith Ward. It seems that Helen Mirren and Meryl Streep are both popular choices for this Hollywood legend. We’re not sure if Judith would appear in a Sims movie since she’s a newer character to the franchise, but with her larger-than-life personality anything is possible!

The Free Sims Movie You Can Watch Today!

If you just can’t wait to get your Sims movie fix and want to see a film that stars all of your favorite characters, there’s a movie on YouTube that you can watch today! It’s called Bella Goth: Reborn and it’s a machinima created by Rémi Marocelli, who has been making sims machinima for nearly 15 years. Check out the trailer below:

Bella Goth: Reborn – Synopsis

This film is an alternate retelling of young Bella’s past, and how she came to be the woman we know in The Sims 4 today. It takes place in the early aughts as a teenage Mortimer sees an ad on TV for the very first The Sims game that he desperately wants, which sets off a chain reaction of magic, alternate dimensions, evil clones, aliens, and more. It all surrounds young Bella as the catalyst for both good and evil, and culminates an epic battle for the earth!

There is almost no dialogue in the movie which can make it a little tricky to follow but that also allows it to be enjoyed by fans of any language, and it’s full of action packed scenes and a variety of heart-thumping music. You will see Bella Goth from every mainline The Sims game make an appearance along with lots of other old favorites who make a cameo or two.

The movie can get pretty violent at points so it’s probably not good for younger viewers, but if you like a good fight flick that encapsulates a lot of the craziness that exists in the world of The Sims it’s definitely worth checking out. Bella Goth: Reborn is just over 90 minutes long and it’s broken up into sections if you can’t sit down and watch it all at once. There are some great effects in the movie and it’s obvious that Rémi Marocelli put a lot of heart and time into crafting this film.

Bella Through The Years Now Available For The Sims 4


Cepzid Creation, a modder behind lots of nifty CC, created the film’s costumes for Bella from different games by converting those meshes into wearable looks for The Sims 4. And you can get them, too! Original The Sims Bella has no facial expressions and the classic polygonal build, Sims 2 Bella wears her iconic green necklace, and Sims 3 Bella is still a child. Have some fun taking epic screenshots or giving your sim the winning costume for a themed party thanks to these creations, or make your own Bella machinima!

Final Thoughts

We probably won’t be seeing the official Sims Movie for a while still as it’s only just been announced. It’s fun to think about though, and maybe if enough fans make enough noise we can see some of our picks join the official cast. Until then though, we have Bella Goth: Reborn which is jam-packed with story and atmosphere, and will likely have you hooked right from the beginning.

Who would be your ideal cast for The Sims Movie? Are there any classic characters you want to see in the film? Let us know in the comments! And tell us what you think about Rémi’s amazing machinima!

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