Time For Some Emotional Mayhem – The Sims 4 Angry Cheat!

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If for whatever twisted reason you want to make your Sims extremely upset, the quickest way to do it is with the Angry cheat.

Angry Cheat

When The Sims 4 was first advertised, one of the newest features they were really hyping up at the time was that Sims now felt emotions. Instead of just having a timed moodlet, Sims had feelings that hung around and could affect how they interacted with the world, even to the point of changing (or ending) their lives forever. There was even a whole ad spot about it:

And sure, we generally want our Sims to be feeling good especially if there are tasks we’re trying to get them to complete, as an unhappy sim is a non-compliant sim. But what if you want to make your sim mad? Like, really really mad?

Get Them Fuming With The Angry Cheat

If you want to make your Sims Angry instantly, the easiest way to do it is with a cheat. Unfortunately, the cheats used to make Sims upset stopped working after Patch 69, which ironically made a lot of players angry instead.

You can get back access to the Angry Cheat along with a variety of others but will need a mod for it. The AllCheats mod by TwistedMexi was created specifically in response to the deactivation of many of our favorite cheat codes, and it’s essential if you want to use emotion cheats.

Let’s Get Mad

Once you’ve got the needed mod installed, you’re ready to start messing with your Sims’ emotions. We’ve actually found 5 different angry cheats you can use on your Sims which will grant them separate negative buffs, allowing you to stack them and get your Sims really ticked off. First, activate TestingCheats, then enter any of the following:

  • sims.add_buff emotion_angry_high – this cheat will put your Sims in an angry mood, which on its own can easily be overridden by other emotional moodlets
  • sims.add_buff e_buff_angry – normally Sims will gain this buff from drinking Cowplant Essence collected from an angry sim (lasts 12 hours)
  • sims.add_buff food_emotion_angry_high – Sims who eat an enragingly spicy dish usually get this buff (lasts 3 hours)
  • sims.add_buff object_drink_boilerroom_angry_high – as the cheat suggests, this buff results from drinking a Boiler Room cocktail (lasts 4 hours)
  • sims.add_buff social_angry – Sims get this buff after having an angering conversation with an unpleasant sim (lasts 9 hours)

Why Make Sims Angry?

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Guess what Kit I was testing when I made this sim…

Now that you know how to make your Sims really Angry, the next question is: why? Well for starters, it’s fun seeing your Sims grumpily stomp around and take their emotions out on the world around them. Watch them kick over trashcans, Provoke other Sims, take Angry poops, and more. They will have Wants to be rude and mean to other people which is perfect if you’re trying to mix things up in the neighborhood, and Angry Sims can even duke it out with others by starting a full-fledged fight!

If your sim is Angry for too long or they have too many Angry buffs all stacked together, their rage will push the sim’s heart to explode, killing them! This only happens to adult Sims (excluding Celebrities with the “Emotion-Bomb” perk), and if they come back as a Ghost their pulsating rage stays with them, making nearby Sims Angry too!

Fun fact: Vampires and Werewolves are immune to death by Cardiac Explosion. I guess the secret is that they’re always Angry…

More on SNOOTYSIMS: Say goodbye to boring emotions and hello to a world of feelings! Let your Sims feel happy, sad, and everything else in between with this Mood Pack Mod. Read all its features below!

Mood Pack Mod Featured Image

Final Thoughts

If you’re all about emotionally manipulating your Sims, who says you have to stick to pleasant feelings? Add some chaos to the game and make your Sims Angry, let them mess with others, and maybe send one or two to the afterlife. You can tell endless stories with your Sims, and the Angry Cheat is just one way to flavor those stories. Have you ever had a sim so Angry their heart exploded? Tell us about it in the comments, and happy angry simming!

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