What Are Platforms In Sims 4 & How To Use Them?

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What Are Platforms in Sims 4?

Back in 2020, the developers at Sims 4 released a free patch that added platforms to the game. They weren’t really announced, but everyone ended up liking the change. Now, building in TS4 has always had its flaws. And there are numerous reasons why you’d want to use buildings mods and CC. However, the new platforms in Sims 4 are definitely an improvement worth noting.

What are platforms in Sims 4?

Platforms in Sims 4 are basically floor heights. And instead of having one fixed floor height, you can use the platform tool to create multiple. So, you can have different foundation heights on the same floor.

What do I mean by this?

Well, let’s say that you’re building a house on three floors. And let’s also say that you want an area on your first floor that’s a bit elevated from the rest (the bedroom, the kitchen, the study…). In this case, you can use the platform tool to add a different height to the floor. And instead of having it all leveled, this area will be elevated and your Sims could reach it via stairs.

How are platforms any different than floor foundations?

I’ll give you an example.

If you create two different floor foundations on a lot in Sims 4, you can’t connect them. On the other hand, the platform tool allows you to create multiple floor heights and connect them. Moreover, you can build a platform on top of a platform and make a staircase-like floor. And yes, Sims are able to walk over these made-up stairs, so it’s a great innovative tool in the game.

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How to Use Platforms in Sims 4?

Before we talk about the different uses of platforms in TS4, let’s see how you can actually find the tool in the game.

Platforms are located in the “Walls and Empty Rooms” part of the build. So, you can either click the little brown porch in the bottom left corner of your screen. Or you can press the “B” button on your keyboard. Then, select the “Platform Tool” which is in the 4th place, counting from left.

Down the line, you can see additional platform tools, such as the “Square Platform”, “Octagonal Platform”, “Triangle Platform”, and others.

Now, there’s no one best way to use the platforms in Sims 4. It all depends on what you’re looking for, what you’re able to do, and your overall idea about the house.

Like I mentioned above, I often use the platform tool to elevate parts of my house or to create an artificial staircase. When I want my kitchen to be at a different height from the rest of my house, I use multiple platform heights to create stairs up the kitchen. This allows me to “disconnect” my kitchen from the rest of the floor and make it a “special” area.

Moreover, when you elevate an area with platforms, you can make it in a different aesthetic style. You can choose to arrange with plants or other unique decorations.

And lastly, you can also use the platforms in Sims 4 to create porches in front of your house. I’d say that porches are one of the best uses for this tool, simply because of how natural you can make it look. You can put two or three different platform heights in front of your door and your Sims will be able to walk in freely.

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Those are the basics when it comes to using platforms in Sims 4. Obviously, you can find numerous different uses which all depend on your current build. Some houses will look natural with different floor heights and some won’t. But it’s up to your creativity for making the most out of the platform tool. 

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