How To Safely Remove The Floor In The Sims 4?


About Removing Unwanted Floors

Is there a way to remove an unwanted floor in The Sims 4?

Safely removing a floor is one of the most common building problems in The Sims 4. It most commonly appears when we’re designing two different floor layouts. And when you’re shifting between them, you can notice that you have the floor/ceiling where you never intended there to be one! In other words, the game automatically puts a floor, even when you don’t want it! 

For example, you might be building a house that has an open space area on the first floor, something like an indoor garden. And you want to leave this space open on the second floor too. But the game automatically puts a ceiling over the open space area and hides the garden beneath the second floor. This is obviously a problem for any similar idea.

But the real issue comes up when we’re trying to solve the problem. You see, if you simply select your sledgehammer tool and hit the floor you want to delete, it will actually delete the entire floor and not just the intended area. And although it seems impossible to resolve this, there are a few things you can do.

Let’s see the actions you can take to safely remove the floor in Sims 4!

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How To Remove The Floor In Sims 4?

Even though this whole situation is kind of confusing and difficult to explain, you can still fix it.

First, let’s suppose we have this problem. We’re building a home that has an open area in the middle of the house. And we want this open area to be visible from the second floor. But if we simply put a fence (on the second floor) around it, the game will treat it as a room. And thus automatically put flooring over that area. So what do we do?

Here we need to simply double click in the middle of this area. If the game treats this section as a room indeed, it will display the lines of its walls. But all you need to do is left-click on the floor. A single option will pop up that says “Remove Floor.” And by clicking it, the only flooring over this area should get deleted.

In our example, this will leave the fence, the walls, and the regular flooring exactly likes previously, but it will remove the ceiling over our open area. And that’s our goal!

Keep in mind that you can’t use your sledgehammer tool to fix this problem!

However, this method should also work if you want to remove a floor above stars or a basement in The Sims 4!

Take a look at this helpful YouTube video that addresses this same problem!


Unfortunately, some of the features of the build mode in The Sims 4 are tough to understand. Players have complained in the past that a lot of building tools are simply counter-intuitive, but the developers haven’t done anything about it.

Likewise, the problem of removing a floor in Sims 4 it’s only a problem because the game doesn’t make it clear to people how they can do the action that they want to do! 

Hopefully, our post helped you solve the “remove floor in Sims 4” problem!

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