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Do you want to become the best robot maker in the Sims and want to become one fast? Mastering the skill the natural way takes time, which is why robotics skill cheat can help you save time, and reach your goals much faster. Keep reading to learn how to use cheats to master the robotics skill!

sims 4 robotics skill cheat

robotics skill in the sims 4

Robotics skill was introduced to the Sims 4 community with the Discover University pack. With this interesting novelty came the ability to make awesome bots, that can make your Sims less lonely, and even help with household chores, such as tidying up or tending to their garden.

how to improve robotics skill

However, to be able to make such robots, your Sims need to improve their robotics skill, with Level 10 being the end goal. They can learn it by experimenting with Dr. F’s Robotics Workstation, or from books. This takes time, which is why robotics skill cheat is here to back you up! Here is what you need to know.

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Why are robotics skill cheats so useful?

The more expertise your Sims have, the more complex robots they will be able to make. For instance, they can craft Servo, the most advanced robot, only when they reach Level 8. If you are curious how to improve robotics skill, cheats can help you not only to start learning money from it, but also save you time if you want bot unlocks available fast.

Leveling up the robotics is also handy if your Sims is trying to level up the Engineering career, as this requires them to max it out eventually. Besides all the learning they’ll need to do to level up, they will need to keep making and getting crafting supplies, which can take time. Robotics skill cheats can help you with that!

activating cheats

To enable robotics skill cheat, you’ll need to activate cheats first. To do that on PC, press CRTL+SHIFT+C. Type testingcheats true in the cheat console, and press ENTER. 

For Playstation, press and hold R1 + R2 + L1 + L2, and for Xbox press and hold both bumpers (LT + LT + LB + RB) to open the dialogue box. If you are a Mac user, press CMD + SHIFT + C to open up the dialogue box. Type testingcheats true, press Enter, and you are ready to go! 

Once it’s done successfully, you will see a notification drop below the dialogue box, saying that ”Cheats are Enabled”. To close the dialogue box, simply press ESC, and reopen it with CTRL+SHIFT+click when you want to type robotics skill cheats again.

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The cheat for maxing out the robotics skill

How do you cheat on Sims 4 for skills?

If you want to max out the robotics skill, open the dialogue box by clicking CRTL+SHIFT+C, type in stats.set_skill_level major_robotics X cheat code and press Enter. The ”X” is the level you want to reach, so instead of it, you can type any number from 1-10.

For instance, if you want to reach level 8 you can finally make Servo, type stats.set_skill_level major_robotics 8. If you want to max it out completely, instead of 8, just type 10, and voila, you have mastered the robotics skill! 

If in any case, you change your mind, and want to downgrade their progress, you can still use the same robotics skill cheat to downgrade their knowledge to a lover level by typing in a lover number instead of ”X”.

Getting crafting materials with cheats

Is there a cheat to max all skills in Sims 4?

Now, if you are wondering how to improve robotics skill in a more organic way, but you have trouble accumulating crafting materials necessary for tinkering and building bots, there is a robotics skill cheat that helps you collect supplies for crafting. 

Once the teastingcheats true is activated, just hold SHIFT+click on your Robotics Work Station (Dr. F’s Robotics Workstation). You will see three options show up, and you’ll need to click on Spawn Crafting Supplies. This will automatically enable you a bunch of supplies, 50 for each type of supply. This will allow you to craft every robot, from Party-Bots to Servo. 

If you ever decide to unload and get rid of all these materials and clutter, just SHIFT+click, and select Destroy Crafting Materials. Once it’s activated, you’ll be back to square one in terms of collecting clutter. 


Robotics skill unlocks many fun perks, and is worth learning, especially if you are looking forward to having useful robots helping you around the house. However, if you don’t have the time to collect the crafting clutter or to level up, robotics skill cheats are always a way to go!

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