The Sims 4: A Chronological Time Table of All 67 DLCs

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Did you know that The Sims 4 turns 9 years old this September? Let’s look back at the Sims 4 time table and see how far we’ve come to get to this point.

sims 4 time table

Ever since the original game was released in 2000, The Sims franchise has taken the world by storm. With many ways to play and even more ways to mod it the series has appealed to a huge range of players regardless of gender, age, location, and general interest in video games. The newest iteration of the mainline games, The Sims 4, launched in late 2014 and is preparing to release their fourteenth Expansion Pack next month. In addition to expansions the series has also released a number of Game Packs, Stuff Packs, and Kits, rounding out the current lineup at 67 different pieces of DLC. That’s a lot to keep track of!

We’ve assembled a timeline of all the existing content that’s been released for The Sims 4 to date. With The Sims 5 likely not launching for at least another two years, you can expect that this list will keep growing as EA works to keep The Sims 4 fresh while players wait for the release of its successor.

A chronological time table of all Sims 4 DLC

The following chart lists all content released for the game in chronological order, based on the original PC launch dates.


🟦 Expansion Pack🔵 Game Pack🔷 Stuff Pack 💙 Kit
Launch DateDLC TitleNotes
2 September 2014The Sims 4 Base GameOriginally the base game lacked toddlers and swimming pools
16 December 2014🔷Holiday Celebration PackThis content was released for free as part of a game update
13 January 2015🔵 Outdoor RetreatIntroduced Rental Lots
31 March 2015🟦 Get To WorkIntroduced Active Careers and the ability to own businesses as well as Aliens, the first occult of the game
19 May 2015🔷 Luxury Party StuffIntroduced buffet tables
16 June 2015🔷 Perfect Patio StuffIntroduced hot tubs
14 July 2015🔵 Spa DayFirst pack to receive a pack refresh, adding painted fingernails and toenails to the series for the first time
11 August 2015🔷 Cool Kitchen StuffIntroduced ice cream makers
29 September 2015🔷 Spooky StuffAdded costume parties
8 December 2015🟦 Get TogetherIntroduced Clubs
12 January 2016🔷 Movie Hangout StuffIntroduced popcorn makers and projector TVs
9 February 2016🔷 Romantic Garden StuffIntroduced the Wishing Well
7 June 2016🔵 Dine OutIntroduced restaurants which can be visited as a customer or owned as a business
28 June 2016🔷 Kids Room StuffIntroduced Void Critter trading card game and puppet shows
19 July 2016🔷 Backyard StuffReleased before Seasons though it’s focused on summer activities
1 November 2016🟦 City LivingIntroduced apartments
6 December 2016🔷 Vintage Glamour StuffAdded the ability to hire a personal butler who will live in your sims’ homes and do chores for them
24 January 2017🔵 VampiresOnly the second occult introduced to the game and the first occult in nearly 2 years
29 March 2017🔷 Bowling Night StuffIntroduced bowling lanes
30 May 2017🔵 ParenthoodAdded character traits that affect young sims and help inform who they are as adults
20 June 2017🔷 Fitness StuffAdded climbing walls, earbuds, and fitness TV
24 August 2017🔷 Toddler StuffIntroduced Play Dates
10 November 2017🟦 Cats and DogsIntroduced Vet Clinic lots
16 January 2018🔷 Laundry Day StuffAdded a laundry system to the game
27 February 2018🔵 Jungle AdventureIntroduced the Archeology skill
13 March 2018🔷 My First Pet StuffA controversial DLC due to the requirement of owning Cats and Dogs in order to fully utilize all new Stuff Pack content
22 June 2018🟦 SeasonsAdded weather and holidays
9 October 2018🟦 Get FamousAdded celebrities and fame system
26 February 2019🔵 StrangervilleThe first (and as of now, only) goal-oriented DLC where there is an achievable “win” state
21 June 2019🟦 Island LivingIntroduced mermaids and beachfront lots
13 August 2019🔷 Moschino StuffAdded expanded tools and options for photography
10 September 2019🔵 Realm of MagicAdded a magic system to the game
15 November 2019🟦 Discover UniversityAdded college and Servos
21 January 2020🔷 Tiny Living StuffGrants benefits to households that live on small lots and introduced multifunctional objects
5 June 2020🟦 Eco LifestyleIntroduced Neighborhood Action Plans (NAPs) and upcycling
28 July 2020🔷 Nifty Knitting StuffIntroduced rocking chairs in addition to the new Knitting skill
8 September 2020🔵 Star Wars: Journey to BatuuTie-in with another big EA game property, Star Wars, and featured iconic characters from the film franchise
13 November 2020🟦 Snowy EscapeAdded several new winter sports
26 January 2021🔷 Paranormal StuffIntroduced Haunted House lots
2 March 2021💙Throwback Fit KitCAS content only
2 March 2021💙Country Kitchen KitBuy/Build content only
2 March 2021💙Bust The Dust KitBuy/Build content only; expanded the lot cleanliness system
18 May 2021💙Courtyard Oasis KitBuy/Build content only
1 June 2021🔵 Dream Home DecoratorBrought sectional couches to the game
22 July 2021🟦 Cottage LivingIntroduced farm animals and expanded produce growing options
26 August 2021💙Industrial Loft KitBuy/Build content only
5 October 2021💙Fashion Street KitCAS content only
5 October 2021💙Incheon Arrivals KitCAS content only
9 November 2021💙Blooming Rooms KitBuy/Build content only
2 December 2021💙Modern Menswear KitCAS content only
3 February 2022💙Carnival Streetwear KitCAS content only
23 February 2022🔵 My Wedding StoriesCompletely overhauled the wedding system
21 March 2022💙Decor To The Max KitBuy/Build content only
26 May 2022💙Moonlight Chic KitCAS content only
26 May 2022💙Little Campers KitBuy/Build content only
16 June 2022🔵 WerewolvesAdded werewolves and expanded lore that connects to Vampires and Spellcasters
28 July 2022🟦 High School YearsIntroduced the option to follow teenage sims to school
1 September 2022💙First Fits KitCAS content only
14 September 2022💙Desert Luxe KitBuy/Build content only; was given away free through 18 October 2022 prior to The Sims 4 base game going free-to-play
10 November 2022💙Everyday Clutter KitBuy/Build content only
10 November 2022💙Pastel Pop KitCreated in collaboration with simmer Plumbella
19 January 2023💙Simtimates KitCAS content only
19 January 2023💙Bathroom Clutter KitBuy/Build content only
16 March 2023🟦 Growing TogetherPreceded by the release of the Infant life stage; expanded relationship dynamics between sims as well as increased family ties
20 April 2023💙Greenhouse Haven KitBuy/Build content only
20 April 2023💙Basement Treasures KitBuy/Build content only
1 June 2023💙Grunge Revival KitCAS content only
1 June 2023💙Book Nook KitBuy/Build content only
20 July 2023🟦 Horse RanchAdded horses and additional farm animals as well as Dance Hall lots

What’s Coming Next?

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The release of Horse Ranch is part of the Summer 2023 roadmap, but with the upcoming Behind the Sims livestream we may learn about even more DLC coming to us later this year. With The Sims 5 still a ways away, we’re curious to see what EA can come up with keep players engaged in the meantime. Hopefully we find out soon!

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