The Most Refreshing Pool CCs For The Sims 4

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Throwing a nice summer party in The Sims 4? We can make everything a blast by including these refreshing pool CCs in our builds!

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Pool Time All the Time For Our Sims

Pools have been around ever since the first Sims games. We can all admit that these water-filled structures are such a source of entertainment for us Simmers, especially when most of us have been known for mischievously letting our Sims swim in ladder-less pools. LOL! On a serious note though, most of the time, we just want to create the perfect pool for our Sims, but the options available in Build Mode just feel super dull. Good thing there are plenty of refreshing CCs available for our pools, which we collected in this list! This includes a treasure chest of cool pool shapes, vibrant pool decorations, and even fancy pool furniture! Browse the entire collection that we prepared below.

More on SNOOTYSIMS: During summer, it’s important to don our Sims in gorgeous swimwear that can help them feel fabulous all day long! Hence, we have rounded up all our favorite swimsuit CC sets ready for download.

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Our Most-Loved Pool CCs For The Sims 4

With these Pool CC downloadables below, we can design aquatic masterpieces in The Sims 4 that are that are truly wow. These builds can then make our Sims’ swimming sessions and summer dips totally unforgettable.

Parasol Lounge

Pool 1

Well, what more can we say about this Parasol Lounge, except that we love it so much! It functions as a lounge chair and an umbrella for our Sims, so they can protect themselves from the harsh heat of the sun while they stay in the poolside. Awesome!

Click here to download!

Contemporary Summer Set

Pool 2

Hey, what have we got here? This is creator Ruby Red Sims’ Contemporary Summer Set! Our Sims can be amused with the variety of summer-themed items available, like the umbrella table, candle lamp, lounge chairs, and more.

Click here to download!

Paradise Beach Part II

Pool 3

The Paradise Beach Part II, is the second installment of the Paradise Beach series from LeoSims. This time, the creator included a parasol, some popsicles, beach hats, flip flops, a lounge chair, and a beach table!

Click here to download!

Paradise Beach

Pool 4

This is Paradise Beach, a cool creation from prolific creator LeoSims. We can use this as trimmings for our Sims’ poolsides or beach houses. There are beach chairs, coolers, functional showers, and a shell sippy cup that they can take pleasure in.

Click here to download!

Mango Music Bar & Pool

Pool 5

Oh just look at this Mango Music Bar & Pool, a 40 x 30 lot for our Sims that just screams total summer delight! It includes a BBQ shack, an open air bar, and also has a refreshing pool.

Click here to download!

Summer Party Mini Set

Summer Party Mini Set

In The Sims 4, the pools of our Sims would look extra stunning with the items from this Summer Party Mini Set. It boasts 7 summer party-themed items that have muted and colorful hues. Thanks to creator Littledica for this!

Click here to download!

Midsummer Eve

Pool 7

Myshunosun’s Midsummer Eve collection will be the ideal companion for our Sims’ pool lounging events. It includes 13 patio items such as fruit bowls, garden lanterns, potted citrus trees, stools, plus others.

Click here to download!

Pocket’s Party Pool

Pool 8

Another marvelous thing about Community Pools is their versatility. They can be used as venues for multiple occasions, like birthdays, weddings, and other celebrations. To add another useful Community Pool in the game, download this Pocket’s Party Pool!

Click here to download!

Pool Float – Child

Pool 9

Check out these Pool Floats Conversion for children! Our little Sims can dip on the big pools if they have these floaties on their arms, which will let them prop themselves above the water.

Click here to download!

Pool Prank – Pool Day Colab

Pool 10

Created through a collab among 4 simmers, this Pool Prank pose pack includes 6 cool and sweet couple poses for our Sims. You can find the other collab creations in the details of the post.

Click here to download!

Poolside Splash Slides

Pool 11

Our Sims’ poolside outfits must also include proper footwear that will help prevent slippery accidents! We can let them wear these Poolside Splash Slides which are perfect for their pool getups.

Click here to download!

Poolside Splash Jelly Head Glasses

Pool 12

A trip to the swimming pool would become extra if our Sims could wear these Poolside Splash Jelly Head Glasses! Please remember that this CC requires the Poolside Splash Kit to work in the game.

Click here to download!

San Sequoia Spa

Pool 14

We can grab this San Sequioia Spa for the game to give our Sims a total pool paradise experience! It’s available as a 50×40 lot for 445 simoleons in San Sequoia and Robles Point.

Click here to download!

My World Set

Pool 15

Fancy getting a beach table, chair, ice box, floaties, beach ball, and a kiddie pool in the poolside of our Sims? Download this My World set! We really like how the creator placed those bottles of chilled beer in the ice box!

Click here to download!

Bathe De Rill

Pool 16

This Bathe de Rill is a 40 x 30 public pool lounge that is inspired by French Roman architecture. Creator Sweetbea recommends that you install LittleMsSam’s Auto Employees mod to enjoy this public pool lounge.

Click here to download!

Functional Kiddie Pool CC

Pool 17

Little Sims (toddlers) sometimes cannot enjoy big pools if they’re still too little. Luckily, we do have a Functional Kiddie Pool CC that they could splash in and play! We could place this one near the real pool so our Sims could watch their little ones as they swim themselves.

Click here to download!

Cool Pools CC Kit

Pool 18

It would be such an awesome idea to add this Cool Pools CC Kit to our roster of downloads for The Sims 4! The said kit includes 5 original pool models, 5 new water styles, and 2 decorative items that will make our Sims’ swimming sessions extra fun!

Click here to download!

Standalone Inflatable Pool

Pool 19

Oh my golly, just look at this ultra cool standalone inflatable pool from creator A Winged Llama! Functioning like a regular hot tub, this was done in response to an anonymous fan’s request.

Click here to download!

Casa Caipira – Barbecue Area

Pool 20

The pool area would become just a little merrier if our Sims had a nice barbecue area, like this one called Casa Caipira! It features 10 items such as the wood-burning stove, the oven, the built-in grills, and others.

Click here to download!

Verano Set

Pool 21

We can allow our Sims to have endless pool fun in the game with this Verano Set, an 11-item set that includes lounger chairs, beach umbrellas, beach chairs, cocktail glasses, coffee tables, slippers, sun hats, and so much more!

Click here to download!

GBW’s Fabulous Floats

Pool 22

Sometimes, we really just want to create super fabulous pools filled with super fabulous floats for our Sims. Well, with Glimmer Brook Witch’s creations, we can achieve this! The creator’s creations are not only fabulous, but they’re fully functional too.

Click here to download!

Wood Pool Trim

Pool 23

Creator Psychachu came up with this Wood Pool Trim for our Sims, a set that includes 6 wonderful shades. Our favorite one is the wooden brown, which makes our Sims’ pools look a little bit cozier.

Click here to download!

Gravity Rolls

Pool 24

A community pool in the game is always a bright idea. These lots not only provide a refreshing escape from the bustle of the city but also serve as a hub where our Sims can socialize and bond. So go and get this Gravity Falls-inspired community pool from creator Frootjice!

Click here to download!

Windenburg Natural Pool

Pool 25

Our Sims can relish in the breathtaking environment of Windenburg through this Windenburg Natural Pool! It’s a 64×64 lot that features a pond-like swimming pool filled with natural stones, gorgeous trees, and floaties.

Click here to download!

Pool Party

Pool 26

We can let our Sims have the greatest pool party ever in the game by letting them utilize this Pool Party Pose Pack from ParisSimmer! The included poses look pretty authentic and give that oh-so-fun impression. Just make sure to install the required CC.

Click here to download!

July Poolside

Pool 27

Of course, the poolside matters greatly if we wish to create the best pool area for our Sims. To spice things up a bit, we can add these functional and decorative objects from creator PsychicPeanutKitty. We totally like the lounge chairs with the parasol.

Click here to download!

Caliente Pool Deck

Pool 28

Look at this gorgeous Caliente Pool Deck by creator K8edid! It’s part of their house renovation for the Caliente Family in the game. We can place the said pool deck using the Rooms function in Build Mode.

Click here to download!

Ball Pool Float

Pool 29

This Ball Pool Float will keep the swimming pools of our Sims company! By putting this in the pool, this will just move and float around, making the waters extra welcoming for any pool-hungry Sims.

Click here to download!

Flamingo Pool Tires

Pool 30

More cute pool stuff coming our way! With this set, called the Flamingo Pool Tires by creator Herasims4, our Sims delight in these donut-shaped decorations, which they can place in the poolside or in the beach strips of Sulani.

Click here to download!

Functional Flamingo Pool Float

Pool 31

We all wish our Sims could have real pink flamingos in their backyards. However, this seems pretty difficult to attain! Nonetheless, we could just let them have these Functional Flamingo Pool Float for their aquatic spaces at home! It feels almost like the same thing, to be honest.

Click here to download!

Watermelon Pool Float

Pool 32

Ever since the launch of The Sims 4: Island Living, we just couldn’t get enough of pool floats! These amazing swimming buddies can keep any pool looking fabulous and can help our Sims relax on the pool after a long, exhausting day at work. Try this Watermelon Pool Float for your Sims!

Click here to download!

Functional Rubber Pool

Pool 33

This Functional Rubber Pool is perfect for our Sims who want to have a simple cool dip whenever they want to. Placing this rubber tub near the real pool would make any backyard look super fun and inviting, especially during the summer. The said rubber tub also has its own stereo and custom lights.

Click here to download!

Cool Pools – Pool Water Styles

Pool 34

In The Sims 4, we could really use some new water styles for our pools as the default ones look so…blah. Good thing we have these Cool Pools Water Styles, which provides 5 new water animations and colors for an improved pool experience!

Click here to download!

Outdoor Kiddie Pool [MM]

Outdoor Kiddie Pool

Click here to download!

Sun Dazed Collection

sun dazed, a collection

The Sun Dazed Collection is an enjoyable set, especially because it’s filled with many amazing pieces for summertime and pool time! The large collection consists of bikinis, face paints, tubes, shorts, heels, belly piercings, and even poses! Thus, we definitely have to get this set.

Click here to download!

Jac Set

Jac Set

Meet the Jac Set, a fun collection of swimwear and bucket hats for our Sims! The Jacquemus Bucket Hat can be enjoyed in 9 variants, while the Bikini can be flaunted in 9 swatches.

Click here to download!

Swimsuit Collection


Our jaws have totally dropped with this gorgeous CC set crafted by Cool_Content_Star! These pool-friendly fabrics will make our Sims look fabulous for the summer. All in all, there are 5 swim pieces in this set.

Click here to download!

Little Modify Bikini with Shirt

Little Modify Bikini with Shirt

The EA swimsuit with the wrapped-up polo is already mesmerizing, yet creator Dari made the piece even more good-looking by modifying it! Now, there are 25 new swatches to choose from, for our pool-loving Sims.

Click here to download!

Versace Beach Wear Set

Versace Beach Wear Set

OurSims can now wear Versace to their pool hangouts or summer beach trips with this Versace Beach Wear Set from creator Rimings! There are swimsuits, short dresses, and long dresses in the set, each with 18 swatches.

Click here to download!

Average Citizen’s Essential Collection

Average Citizen’s Essential Collection

Look at this sizzlin’ drop from creator Decvyed, which is right in time for pool parties! This is the first of their three-part series on iconic staple pieces for our Sims. With this pack, we can get the following sets:

  • Bad F*g Earring
  • Gemini Mesh Swim Bottom
  • Playa Necklace Set
  • Saint Cross Belt

Click here to download!

Attention Swimsuit Set

Attention Swimsuit Set

Swimsuits do not always have to be revealing to look attractive. Sometimes, simple pieces also do the trick! Get this Attention Swimsuit Set as our Sims’ pool outfits, which come in a top and bottom, both with 12 swatches.

Click here to download!

Pool Time Lounge CC by SNOOTYSIMS

snootysims pool time sims 4 cc

Doesn’t summer beg for those lounge chairs? Each lounger comes in 5 swatches. The set is now available on our Patreon as early access. Follow the link below to download – and have some fun pool time with your Sims!

Click here to download!

Outdoor Pool Lounge Set [MM]

mahe lounge set madlen

The Outdoor Pool Lounge Set has usable furniture, including lounge chairs, accent tables, and ottomans, as well as decorative objects. These are a must-have for all your pool parties!

Click here to download!

Conclusion: Enjoy Your Sims’ Pool Dips!

Having a pool in The Sims 4, no matter how big or small, simple or fancy, is such a great privilege for our Sims. So let’s go and build them one, which they’ll surely appreciate, especially during the summer season. With this great list of pool CCs that we have handpicked, we can all surely create a refreshing area where they can swim and hang out as much as they want.

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