The Sims 4 Hot Tubs: Improve Your Sims’ Backyards!

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Learn more about improving your backyards with The Sims 4 hot tubs! Upgrade your place, and make even other Sims jealous!

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Hot Tubs in The Sims 4

There are many ways to improve the outdoor areas of your Sims households. You can add different elements like landscape decorations, seats, tables, and other cool stuff. When The Sims 4: Perfect Patio Stuff was launched in 2015, the pack incorporated a lot of patio and backyard objects that our Sims can enjoy, but most importantly, it reintroduced the use of Hot Tubs. Hot Tubs are water-filled objects that your Sims can relish to replenish their hygiene and social needs (when used with other Sims).

What Can Sims Do In Hot Tubs?

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In the game, hot tubs are bigger than regular bathtubs, and a total of 8 Sims can use it at the same time. Children cannot use hot tubs in the previous Sims games, but in the Sims 4, they can now enjoy them. There are a lot of interactions that our Sims can do using the hot tub, such as the following:

  • Chat – The hot tub is one of the best places where your Sims can fill their social needs. What’s better than a hot and relaxing soak in bubbly water and some great chatter with amazing Sims, right?
  • WooHoo or Try for Baby – It’s also a place where Sims can WooHoo and Try for Baby with other Sims. If you can remember the Heart-shaped hot tub in The Sims, you know exactly why the hot tub is a place where Sims can get frisky. Just imagine being caught by other Sims in the backyard!
  • Skinny Dip – Your Sims can also enter the hot tub without any clothes on if that’s the way they want to. Just be considerate if there are any little Sims around!

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Available Hot Tubs In the Game

There are a total of four hot tubs available in The Sims 4. Read about them below to know which one is the best pick for you!

Birthday Hot Tub

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The Birthday Hot Tub was added to the base game of The Sims 4 after the game’s Patch 92 update in February 2020. It’s called the Birthday Hot Tub, because it was The Sims’ 20th birthday gift to us, Simmers. This tub looks a bit fancy and might be the perfect hot tub for your Sims who love a little bit of glam for their backyards. The tub has a built-in roof, making it perfect for sunny or rainy days. We’re sure that it will make your Sims smile and feel better immediately.

  • Price: 3,000 simoleons
  • Effects: Hygiene – 3, Fun – 3

Pringo’s Heater Hot Tub

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For 1.5k simoleons, you can get the Pringo’s Heater Hot Tub, which has an interesting back story regarding Mr. Prometheus and how he spent millions of cash just to create this interesting and affordable tub. This hot tub adds only 1 to Hygiene, but it will look great in your Sims’ gardens since it is quite simple and light.

  • Price: 1,500 simoleons
  • Effects: Hygiene – 1

Left of the Center Hot Tub

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If you’re looking for something darker and more elegant for your Sims, get them this Left of Center Hot Tub, which is a better choice for the environment! It’s perfect for Sims who are looking for a bit of modern engineering while wanting to have a greener eco footprint. If you ask us, this is also our favorite choice among the hot tubs in the game.

  • Price: 3,575 simoleons
  • Effects: Hygiene – 3, Environment – 4

Almost Natural Springs Hot Tub

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We love the objects that came with The Sims 4: For Rent, and one of the Build Mode stuff that we found really interesting is the Almost Natural Springs Hot Tub! It’s quite expensive compared to the rest of the tubs on the roster, but dipping in this little sanctuary of a tub would let your Sims feel as if they are on the middle of a peaceful forest.

  • Price: 3,575 simoleons
  • Effects: Hygiene – 3, Fun – 3, Environment – 4

Upgrading The Hot Tubs

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The handiness skill can be used to upgrade hot tubs in the game. By purchasing upgrade parts using the computer and having high enough skills, your Sims can do the following upgrades:

  • H20 Siphoner – At level 2, your Sims can install the H20 Siphoners to make the tub independent from the grid!
  • Water Recycler – Also at level 2, your Sims can incorporate the Water Recycler upgrade which will let the household save water consumption.
  • Aromatherapy Filter– Your Sims can do an aromatherapy upgrade to hot tubs through their level 3 handiness skill, allowing the water to be filled with invigorating fragrances.
  • Stereo – With level 5 handiness skill, they can also upgrade the hot tub to have a built-in stereo. Wooh! Now they can have some great tunes while dipping in the tub.
  • Unbreakable – Hot tubs can break down in The Sims 4. When it does, your Sims will witness that the water will bubble and turn brown, and smoke will come out of the machine. To prevent this, Sims can upgrade the appliance to unbreakable, using level 8 handiness skill.

Other Ways to Improve Your Sims’ Patio

While you’re adding some luxurious hot tubs in the lots of your Sims, you might also consider improving the garden and the patio by adding some decorative touches or other valuable objects that they could enjoy. There are so many things to keep in mind, so let’s look at the basics.

Keep in Mind the Essentials

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If you’re upgrading, don’t forget to add a nice bench or some comfy chairs, a small outdoor kitchen or a grill, and of course, a pool which your Sims will love! In this way, your Sims will want to spend so much time outside with their backyard furnishings and amenities. Just be careful, because their neighbors might become jealous!

Build A Place For Kids

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If your Sims have kids, give them a nice playground area along with the hot tub! Add some swings, toys, and a few additional items to keep them occupied. That will definitely improve the weekends for your Sims! Remember to create a place that your Sims, both adults, and kids, will truly love and enjoy spending time in. The possibilities are endless, so spend some time upgrading the backyard to a kid-friendly place. Once you’re done, you can even add it to the Gallery to inspire other players too! Don’t forget that sharing is caring!

Screenshot 2024 02 07 170152

So many items from The Sims 4 can help you make the lot look better: a beautiful patio, lanterns, etc. Through the gallery, you can dive deeper into all the best ways to improve your Sims’ gardens and patios and make them look as awesome as possible. This place has plenty of creations that your Sims can use for inspiration and ideas!


Hot tubs in The Sims 4 are vital for nourishing the physical and emotional needs of our Sims. They keep Sims clean, offer a playful alternative to showers (especially fun for kids!), and come in a variety of styles that can fit any backyard. In short, these relaxing tubs are such a gem!

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