Sims 4 Full Parent Mode – How To Activate It?


Learn How to Use the Full Parent Mode in The Sims 4!

Being a parent is tough. And this is also true in TS4, where toddlers, children, and even teens need constant attention. Homeworks, anxieties, fevers – you just have to deal with them all! And this wouldn’t be too much of a problem if your own needs didn’t decay. But, of course, that’s not the case. So when things like the full parent mode are possible in The Sims 4, we need to take advantage of them!

You’ve never heard of the full parent mode?

Don’t worry. This thing isn’t very popular and frankly speaking, no one can tell you exactly how it works. We’ve been fortunate enough to encounter it a couple of times in our experience, so we’ll do our best to help you out.

Here are the basics.

What is The Full Parent Mode in The Sims 4?

The full parent mode is a moodlet in The Sims 4 that slows down the decaying of needs by 75%. This may not sound like much, but if you’ve ever had more than one child in TS4, then you know the struggle. So having the option to delay your needs by 75% is honestly a God-sent buff and you need to learn how to use it.

Along with that, the full parent mode helps you finish your tasks as a parent quickly and more efficiently. It is also connected with the Super Parent Aspiration, which should be your goal here. The aspiration rewards you with the Role Model trait, so it’s a good thing to chase.

The full parent mode comes from The Sims 4: Parenthood game pack.

How to Enter The Full Parent Mode in The Sims 4?

All right, so how do I get into full parent mode?

Well, there are two requirements for this:

  • You must own The Sims 4: Parenthood game pack.
  • You must have your parenting skill on level 10.

It goes without saying, but the first thing is to have Parenthood included in your Sims 4. This game pack also introduced the parenting skill which you’ll have to level up by yourself. If in case you’re having trouble with that, check this guide.

To enter full parent mode in The Sims 4 you must perform many parenting interactions. These are the interactions that solve problems for your children or help them out in some way. It doesn’t matter which interactions you’re doing, as long as you’re doing them. Once you enter the full parent mode, your Sim will receive a +2 Happy moodlet (lasts 2 hours). And this will give them the benefits we mentioned above.

Here is a YouTube video that might be helpful to you!

Why is This so Problematic?

One thing that Sims 4 players hate about the full parent mode is that there is no sure way of triggering it. And the truth is that it’s all random. There is a chance that it might pop the first time you’re doing something after you reach level 10 in parenting. But there is also a chance that it might appear after days and days of trying. We don’t know exactly what the percentage here is, so you’ll just have to try. It’s as simple as that!

We’ve received messages from players that have tried hundred different interactions and some that have never even seen the moodlet. We, on our part, have been able to trigger the full parent mode multiple times with multiple different interactions. Also, we aren’t sure why the developers haven’t fixed this issue. Our guess is that they consider it a pretty powerful buff that should remain uncommon.


Okay, so to enter the full parent mode in The Sims 4 you must do parenting interactions when your Sim’s parenting skill is at level 10. It’s all based on RNG, but when they receive the +2 Happy moodlet, their needs will decay slower. This will let them do more parenting tasks and also finish them sooner. 

We hope we helped you understand more about the full parent mode! Tell us in the comments how long it took before you entered it! We’re curious to know!

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