Sims 4 Full Parent Mode – How To Activate It?

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Help your sim become a supermom/dad/parent by unlocking Full Parent Mode!

Full Parent Mode

The Sims 4 Parenthood Game Pack is a pack designed to focus more on parental relationships between Sims and their children and gives them unique opportunities to help shape & change who their kids are as they grow. The new Parenting skill allows your Sims to develop their effectiveness as parents and decide what kind they want to be: a disciplinarian, a mentor, a nurturer, etc. Depending on how your sim parents, their children can unlock new values like responsibility, conflict resolution, empathy, manners, and emotional control. Each of these values has a Good and Bad personality trait that might be unlocked as they age, depending on whether these values were nurtured or neglected.

That sure is a lot of pressure for a parent! It’s easy to neglect your own needs when you’re focusing on your children and sims are no exception. However, there’s a secret that good parents know which makes the whole thing a lot easier, and it’s called Full Parent Mode.

Going Full Parent Mode!

If your sim has reached level 10 of the Parenting skill they have a chance of activating Full Parent Mode, which gives them a 2-hour buff where their needs decay at 25% the usual rate. If your sim has multiple children, especially young ones who are extra needy, Full Parent Mode can be an absolute boon in keeping the household in order while juggling your children’s needs.

Activating Full Parent Mode

The trick with Full Parent Mode is that it’s not something that always triggers, and there isn’t a single set way to activate it. Much like life itself activating it is completely random, but we’ve got tips to help.

As previously mentioned, your sim must be at Parenting Level 10 for them to even attempt to trigger this buff. It’s easy to level up the Parenting skill by interacting with your kids and studying Parenting books, but if you want to skip all that you can cheat it. Activate Testing Cheats and then while your parent sim is selected, type or paste the cheat stats.set_skill_level major_Parenting 10 and hit Enter. Ta-dah! Your sim is ready to be a super parent.

To activate Full Parent Mode, guides say that your sim needs to do 5 Parenting interactions in a row. Many players have reported that they have to do more than 5 for it to trigger and suggest filling your sim’s queue with Parenting interactions to essentially spam them until it goes active. If you have multiple children, doing interactions with all of them might increase the chances, and others say it might only activate if your parent sim’s needs are already low.

A few ways we’ve seen suggested to trigger Full Parent Mode include:

  • Teach your young sim new manners like saying “please” and “thank you” and then praise them for doing it; rinse and repeat with other good manners
  • Have your child sim start their homework and then use the “encourage recent behavior” social, praise them for doing homework and for having good grades
  • Repeatedly have your young sim Make a Mess and then have the parent discipline them for it; this works better with multiple children you can cycle through so the relationship between parent and one singular child isn’t damaged too much
  • Tuck them in multiple times in a row

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If You Can’t Beat It, Cheat It

If you want to complete the Super Parent Aspiration your sim has to get into Full Parent Mode at least once. However, if you don’t care about the Aspiration or you just want to give your poor sim a break, you can make things easier on them with Testing Cheats. When Testing Cheats is active you can Shift+click on your sim and select “Cheat Needs” at which point you have the option to “Make Happy” which fills all needs and, more importantly, “Disable Need Decay.” This means your sim will suffer no decrease in any of their needs bars and they can fully focus on supporting their children.

Shift+clicking the mailbox gives you options to make everyone in the household and even the world happy, which admittedly takes away some of the dynamics and challenges of the game but it’s a good way to get a bit of a break when you want your sims to focus on other things (disabling need decay is also a good one to use when you’re posing your sims for photos). It’s a quick way to make things easier on yourself if you have several sims who are feeling cranky and uncooperative.

In Conclusion

Parenting is never easy regardless of whether you’re in the real world or the digital one, and good parents from both worlds are always willing to go without if it means providing more for their children. Lots of humans go into our version of Full Parent Mode every day, and it’s a helpful tool to have for your sims when they need a little help to get through the day too. When their kids grow up to be the kind of people they admire, your sim will know they did parenting right!

Have you been able to activate Full Parent Mode? If so, do you have any tips? Let us know in the comments!

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