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Is your sim lonely? In need of a boosted Social bar? Desperate for someone to play foosball with them? Sounds like they could use some friends. If your sim is a loner or socially awkward or just too busy to befriend others on their own, friendship cheats can help!

Sims 4 Friendship Cheats
Besties for life!

One thing that many long-term sims players surely don’t miss from the older games is the requirement to have [X] number of friends to get promoted in a job. It makes sense for certain careers, or perhaps if you befriend certain sims (like your boss), but for the most part it served more as a barrier to quick promotions than anything else. While we no longer have to deal with that hassle, it’s still nice to have friends! They make many activities more fun and sometimes it’s nice to just have someone to hang out and chat with.

Use Friendship Cheats to find your next bestie!

There are 3 different cheats we’ll go over that will make it easier for you to befriend other sims, with varying degrees of involvement. Whether you just want to type a single cheat and get going or precisely tailor each relationship, you can do it with friendship cheats. Don’t forget to turn on testingcheats first!

Introduce To All Others

Introduce 2
That’s a lot of sims!

This friendship cheat doesn’t do much by way of making new friends, but it does allow your sim to get to know every single other sim in the world. It’s handy if you want to choose who they befriend but haven’t run into the specific sim you’ve been looking for yet to establish an acquaintanceship. Open the cheat console and enter:


And then we wait. If you have an older computer or a lot of sims in your save file it’ll probably take a few moments before the game finishes loading them all in but eventually your sims’ relationship panel will burst forth with row after row of new acquaintances. From here you can continue building relationships with the desired sims the old-fashioned way, or use other friendship cheats to increase your relationship.

Create Friends Cheat

This is by far the easiest cheat to use, because most of the work is already done for you. Entering this cheat will cause your sims to befriend a random adult sim who will immediately show up on your lot to hang out with an existing friendly relationship status. While you don’t get to control who exactly shows up, it’s a very convenient cheat for sims that want to get right to friendin’ it up:


The main downside to this cheat is that it’s limited to generating adult sims so if you’re playing with a child or teen that you’re looking to give some age-appropriate friends to, your work isn’t over just yet. The easiest workaround for this is that, after you’ve generated some new friends for your sim, go to Manage Households and use the ageing cheat to change your sim’s new friends to the appropriate age. Just bear in mind that child sims will need a guardian and special NPCs will be replaced.


The text entered in the image above: modifyrelationship Nicole Sims Rhiannon Wright 100 LTR_Friendship_main

If you want to set the precise level of friendship between two sims down to the exact point, the LTR Friendship cheat is going to be your best bet. This cheat allows you to set the long-term relationship (LTR) between two sims from best buddies to total enemies. In the text box below, [SIM 1] and [SIM 2] would be filled in with the full names of each sim involved, and the [RELATIONSHIP LEVEL] is a number from -100 to +100.


If one of the sims you’re working with lacks a surname, entering only their first name should work. This cheat also works with pets; just replace “LTR_Friendship_main” with “LTR_SimtoPet_Friendship_Main” in the cheat code.

There is a version of this cheat available for romantic relationships as well.

Troubleshooting Relationship Cheats

If you’re finding that you can’t get these cheats to function correctly, check the following:

  • Make sure you enabled testingcheats before getting started. A notification should pop up to tell you that it’s been enabled when you enter it.
  • When using the LTR cheat there should be a space between first & last names, and a space between the names of the two sims being modified.
    • If you’re still running into issues with this open the sim in CAS and check that there aren’t any special characters or hidden spaces in their name.
  • Sometimes the game just needs a moment before it registers what you’ve asked it. I found in my own testing that when generating new friends there was a bit of a delay before anything happened.

Final Thoughts

It’s amazing what kind of things you can do in the Sims 4 with a few cheat codes. Making friends easily can be challenging for players with very busy sims or those looking to create more “Townie” families that already have some backstory and relationships. No matter the reason why, using these friendship cheats will make things a bit easier for you. Now get out there and start making some new friends!

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