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About Schools in Sims 4

We all know that the schools in Sims 4 aren’t the most brilliant feature ever, right? I mean, sending your Sim child or teen to school and watching them disappear for a few hours isn’t that fun or engaging. In the real world, school is like any other job, and it requires attention, time, effort, energy, and dedication. So if you’re looking for ways to improve the school experience in Sims 4, I want to introduce you to the Sims 4 Better School mod!

Why should you play with the Better School mod?

For starters, the Better School mod gives you more things to do at school. It adds new interactions, which make the whole school experience pretty realistic. I especially like the fact that every interaction reminds me of my own personal real-life experiences in school since the interactions are inspired by the real world.

Even though that should be enough of a reason for everyone to try this tool, let’s jump into greater detail of what’s inside the Sims 4 Better School mod!

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Sims 4 Better School Mod: an Overview

If you didn’t know, the Sims 4 Better School mod is a creation of kawaiistacie. And if you don’t know her, she’s one of the best (if not the best) mod creators for the game. She’s been around for so many years, and she’s the creator of many popular mods that you probably love. If you’re interested in other mods by her, visit her Tumblr blog.

And you can click here to download the Sims 4 Better School mod.

What Does this Mod Do?

The Sims 4 Better School mod improves the school system by adding new interactions and allowing your Sims to build skills while in school. Now your children and teen Sims can work towards their skills but also have fun when they are at school.

How does this work?

Well, each interaction has a positive and a negative effect. In other words, with whatever you do at school, you’ll gain skills or needs in something but lose in something else.

For example, if you fall asleep during class, your energy will get increased. But your performance, manners, and responsibilities will decrease as well. So, choose carefully which interactions you perform when.

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Here’s a list of the new interactions in the Better School mod:

  • Sleep in class

Increases: Energy

Decreases: Performance, Manners, Responsibility

  • Play games on phone

Increases: Fun, Video gaming skill

Decreases: Performance, Manners, Responsibility

  • Pay attention

Increases: All skills and character values

Decreases: Fun

  • Don’t listen to teacher / Slack off

Increases: Fun

Decreases: Character values, stops learning

  • Do Homework in class

Increases: Homework completion percentage

Decreases: Responsibility, stops learning

  • Flirt with classmates

Increases: Romantic Relationships, Social

Decreases: Responsibility

  • Make enemies

Increases: Mischief, Bad relationships, Social

Decreases: Empathy, Emotional Control, Manners, School performance

  • Play with toys / Scroll Simstagram

Increases: Fun

Decreases: Character values, stops learning

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The Sims 4 Better School mod by kawaiistacie is compatible with most other mods, especially her other school mods. You can use it in combination with them to get the best school experience in The Sims 4.


As you can see, the Better School mod can make school pretty realistic in Sims 4. Not all interactions lead you to become a good student, but also, not all interactions will make you a bad student. You can choose which interactions you do and the results you’re going to get.

I hope I convinced you to give this mod a try in your own gameplay!

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