The Education System Bundle – A Better School Mod For Sims 4

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If the in-game education system just isn’t doing it for you and your sim-students, they may benefit from installing a better school mod!

Better School Mod

The education in The Sims 4 is okay, more so if you have the High School Years expansion. However, if you’re not taking an Active role in your sim’s schooling experience then they’re not really getting much out of it. Your sim heads off for a few hours during the weekday, their needs fill, then they come home with homework and/or a school project and that’s pretty much it. You can change the “away” option to have them work harder or meet new sims or what-have-you, which can change things up a little, but overall sending sims to school isn’t much beyond a break for you while playing with other members of the household.

Schools in real life are so much more, though! You learn life skills, form meaningful relationships, have unique experiences by way of field trips, guests speakers, etc., and oftentimes school is where you discover the things that interest you to the point of wanting to peruse them into adulthood by way of University and/or a career. Young people will typically spend more time in school than anywhere else, making it a very important part of their lives.

Enhance Your Young Sim’s Lives With The Better School Mod

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Allow us to introduce you to the Education System Bundle, which includes the Better School mod, brought to us by modder KawaiiStacie. Stacie is a well known modder in The Sims 4 community, having a suite of tuning and improvement mods that make the game much better to play. With the Better School mod bundle, young sims will get so much more out of their typical school day!

The mod bundle has a range of features that all work in tandem to transform the schooling experience into a much more enriching one for Children and Teens, making them much more well-rounded as they age.

School Day Enhancements

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Sims now have more options of what they’ll do while away at school, and each option has its benefits and drawbacks. For example, sims can play on their phone to grow their Fun need at a cost to their Character Values, or they can Pay Attention for a boost to learning and Skill gains in exchange for a rapidly draining Fun need. Teens can choose to Flirt with classmates instead of paying attention to grow their relationship and shrink their Responsibility.

Smarter Homework

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Doing Homework will grant your sims Skill gains, making it actually beneficial to do it and not just another needless time suck! The point of homework is to continue the learning outside of school, after all.

Online Schooling

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Sims can opt to stay home for the day and do Online Schooling instead, at which point they’ll be expected to join a digital lecture for the day. Lectures will grow your sim’s Skills and school performance, and there’s even a chance their grades will go up the next time they physically attend school. They can study various subjects to gain Skills, do Homework, and if they know enough Classmates they can even do their Homework together for an additional relationship bonus. Don’t know any Classmates? Your sims can meet and interact with them right from the Online Schooling portal!

Other Add-Ons – The Preschool Mod

Education System Bundle by KAWAIISTACIE 2

KawaiiStacie has also created a Preschool Mod for use with Toddlers but as of the time of this writing, it’s only working for certain players. There are comments as recent as a few weeks ago indicating a possible conflict with a Moodlet/Buff bug from EA that is currently trying to be figured out. You can keep an eye on the progress of this mod here.

More on SNOOTYSIMS: Are you looking for ways to take care of your kid’s grades fast? School cheats are the way to go!

school cheats sims 4

Final Period

Sending sims off to school is a nice reprieve for the player, allowing them to focus on other sims in the household while the young ones are away, but it’s not really beneficial to the sims themselves. With the Better School mod bundle, sims have a much more beneficial experience whether they’re away at school, doing it online, or breezing through their homework. Do you prefer the vanilla school system, High School Years system, the Better School mod, or something completely different? Let us know in the comments, and happy simming!

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