RoBurky: Getting to Know this Magnificent Mod Master!

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It’s time to feature another incredible member of the Sims 4 modding community! Let us introduce you to roBurky and their famous mod creations!

Sims 4 Modder: RoBurky – Getting to Know this Magnificent Mod Master!

Starting in 2017, roBurky became part of the Sims 4 modding community. Initially they released a variety of different mods but over time grouped a majority of them into a single one that you’re probably familiar with: Meaningful Stories. Because of how complex it is we wanted to touch on each of the individual elements that have been rolled into it, in addition to covering roBurky’s other active mod Fitness Controls.

The Origins of Meaningful Stories

As I mentioned, roBurky originally released several individual mods that eventually became Meaningful Stories. We’re going to go over each module to give you a full overview of how it all works.

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True Happiness

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True Happiness is one of the better-known aspects of roBurky’s creations, as it brings a much more realistic experience to gameplay. In the vanilla game sims are always Happy by default (how I wish it was like this IRL!) and happiness doesn’t really hold much weight as you don’t have to do a lot to keep your sims content. With the True Happiness modification sims will instead default to feeling Fine, with happiness-causing occurrences holding much more significance. A real happiness-inducing event will give sims a boost in ways that have an effect on their behavior, such as an increase in job performance or a push in skills, not to mention that Satisfaction Points will passively increase as well!

Variable Emotional Traits

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This simple tweak will cause emotional buffs to randomly boost +1 to +3 points instead of the default +1 in vanilla. What this means is that when a sim is feeling an emotion the intensity can vary, so it can be a minor buff that’s easily overridden by other buffs or a strong feeling that overcomes everything else. It adds a little bit of randomness to how your sims feel!

Uncomfortable Overhaul

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roBurky changed the way the Uncomfortable feeling works, allowing it to boost other negative emotions. So much like in real life, if your sim is feeling lousy and something uncomfortable happens, they’ll start to feel even worse. Not that we want our sims to be unhappy, but they flip feelings so easily that some realism is appreciated.

Emotional Inertia

In vanilla gameplay Sims moods change like you’re shaking a magic 8 ball. One minute they’re happy, the next minute they’re bored, suddenly they’re embarrassed and then enraged! It’s a miracle they don’t all keel over from the stress of shifting feelings so often. roBurky changed most emotions (except for Happy and Uncomfortable) to last and fade more realistically.

For example, your sim might experience an event that makes them Very Sad. Without the mod, once that feeling’s timer runs out the sim will completely change how they feel based on their current buffs so they can easily flip from Very Sad to Happy or whatever else. With the tweaks applied, instead your Very Sad sim will hold onto that sadness for a while, and once the Very Sad buff expires they will get a weaker feeling of being Sad instead. Just like real life, feelings will lessen but still hang around and hold more weight.

No Happy Environment Moodlets

As roBurky explained in their original post when this was still a standalone mod, the value of Environment Score has lost its significance over time across the different Sims sequels. In the early games it made a huge difference, but now it takes so little to boost the Environment Score and it has such a strong effect that all you need is a nicely-furnished room to do away with any negative mood your sim might be in. This tweak stops sims from getting moodlets based on their furnishings, but doesn’t affect the items with Emotional Aura effects because they can already be enabled/disabled in-game.

Fitness Controls

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Fitness Controls is a separate mod that has not been incorporated into Meaningful Stories, but it doesn’t affect emotions so that makes sense. What this mod does is allow you to modify the way individual sims lose or gain weight/muscle for a more nuanced and realistic experience. There are multiple benefits to this:

  • The default fitness gain in the Sims is very fast which is great for those who want instant gratification, but it can be very boring for players using longer lifespans when their sims reach fitness goals in such a short amount of time. This mod will allow you to adjust the speed at which those gains are achieved to better suit your gameplay style.
  • Body extremes have been expanded for leaner or more muscular or fatter sims, and can be manipulated with the sliders in CAS as well. This gives players more options for body varieties in their characters.
  • In vanilla, teen sims often end up underweight because there’s a modifier that affects their ability to gain it. This mod fixes that issue.
  • NPCs and played sims that aren’t in the Active Household will continue living their lives outside of your control, which includes eating food and exercising. You may be surprised to find in your vanilla game that your sim has had noticeable body changes since the last time you actively played them, which can be frustrating. The mod disables this occurrence so only you control when they lose or gain weight or muscle.
  • If you find the High Metabolism trait too OP, you can shut off the effects with this mod installed.
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The best thing about the Fitness Controls mod is that each feature can be enabled or disabled to your liking, so you’re not stuck with settings you don’t care for. It’s totally customizable and can be tailored even further to your needs with a little bit of knowledge.

In Closing

While on the surface it seems like roBurky hasn’t done much, that’s only because they have created so many mods that integrate together so seamlessly to the point that most of said mods have since been combined. Thanks to Meaningful Stories sims have realistic emotions that last realistic amounts of time and shift in realistic ways. With Fitness Controls sims will lose and gain body mass in a more lifelike fashion and you won’t be caught off-guard when you revisit a household full of bodies that suddenly look completely different. Combined, these mods will completely change the way sims live their lives for more realism!

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