Sims 4 Free Build Cheats | How To Enable The Free Build In Sims 4?

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What is the Free Build Mode in Sims 4?

If you ask an experienced simmer what they hate about the building part in Sims 4, they’ll probably mention all the annoying restrictions. And believe me, there are many of them in the game! For example, you can never ever change the size of a given lot to make it bigger or smaller. Those things are set in stone and nothing can bypass them. But what about the free build in Sims 4 if enabled? What does it solve?

The free build is a mode that allows you to freely edit all properties and lots (without the size) in Sims 4. Some places, like the University dorms, for example, can’t be altered without the free build cheat. But with it, you can change their looks and customize it however you like.

Even if you don’t plan on changing the looks of your University dorms, this cheat can still be used for any other similar buildings. Generally, all “special” lots in Sims 4 can be edited with the free build cheat, which also means all vacation lots and secret lots.

Moreover, with the free build mode, you can also edit the looks of your career buildings. So, if your Sim is a detective, you can activate this cheat and change the way the police station looks in Sims 4. And if you have a good amount of custom content to add, you can make the place look much more realistic than before.

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That said, let’s talk about how you can activate the free build mode in Sims 4 and all the cheats you need!

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How to Enable the Free Build Mode in Sims 4?

Activating the free build mode in TS4 is actually pretty easy. Follow these instructional steps if this is your first time using this cheat!

  1. Enable cheats in your game.

Before using any cheat in Sims 4, you have to make sure that cheats are enabled in your game first. To do this, simply press your SHIFT + CTRL + C buttons on your keyboard. On a Mac, the CTRL button should be Command. And on a controller, the 4 back triggers should do the trick.

Once the command console pops up (in the top right corner of your screen), type the following cheatline “testingcheats true”. After typing, hit Enter. And you should receive this message “Cheats are enabled”

  1. Insert the free build cheat.

Once cheats are enabled, proceed by adding another cheat in the command console box. The free build mode cheatline is “bb.enablefreebuild”. And when you hit Enter to activate it, you’ll receive this message “Free build mode is enabled”. 

  1. Use the free build mode.

While the free build cheat is active, you can use this mode to change the looks of many lots in the game. Like I mentioned above, these are the University dorms, but also the places like the Magic Headquarters in Realm of Magic and others.

  1. Disable the free build mode.

When you finish editing your lot with the free build cheat, it’s always advised to turn the mode off. To do that, open the command console again by pressing SHIFT + CTRL + C. Then, type “testingcheats off” or “testingcheats false” in the dialogue bar and hit Enter. You’ll see that cheats are now disabled in your game.

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As you can see, enabling the free build in Sims 4 is actually pretty easy. All you need to do is enable cheats in your game and then add the “bb.enablefreebuild” cheatline. And even though the free build mode isn’t the best solution for really “free building” in the game, it’s still a good tool that most simmers use. 

Good luck!

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