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If you ever want to venture on more incredible challenges for The Sims 4, then you definitely have to try the Four Immortal Sisters Challenge! In this article, we covered everything you need to know in playing the game. Have fun reading!

four immortal sisters challenge
The Thrilling Four Immortal Sisters: Learn All About This Challenge on SnootySims!

What Is the Four Immortal Sisters Challenge?

The Four Immortal Sisters is an elaborate and exciting challenge that has been around since the days of The Sims 3. It was originally conceived by simmer tigger89 in 2010, and come 2014, simmer Scklsy then converted the challenge for The Sims 4. The most recent update for the Four Immortals Sisters Challenge came from PixelChampion, who posted new additional rules for the game last July 2022. With this handy guide we prepared, we’ll let you in on all the rules and things to remember so you can participate in playing the Four Immortal Sisters, too!


How To Play the Four Immortal Sisters Challenge

In this challenge, you are going to play with four sister sims who want to make the world a greater place by pruning out other Sims and letting their own bloodline lead the era ahead. Each of these sisters represents a certain element—one is Wind, one is Fire, one is Water, and one is Air. Apart from their main goals, these sisters aim to live forever, thus their title, “Four Immortal Sisters.”

To achieve immortality, the sisters must keep drinking milk from Cowplants in the game, making sure never to age up to the next life stage. Each of them also has to carry out a particular duty and a set of traits and skills that come with their element, which we’ll detail more below.

The Personalities and Duties of The Immortal Sisters

To represent each element, you must create four sister sims in CAS and then set their life stage to Young Adult. Then, follow the information stated in the succeeding sections to know which traits and aspirations to assign to each sister. Before finishing CAS mode, you must ensure that the four are related as siblings. Finally, each sister has a limited set of skills that they could learn.

The Fire Sister


The Fire Sister is an alluring and mysterious sim who serves as the “mother” of the Four Immortal Sisters’ bloodline!

  • Duties: Only the Fire Sister can ever leave the house whenever she wants to. What the Fire Sister does is go to cities and towns and find men to attract and later have babies with. She can develop relationships with these men, but she can never be married. Her only goal is to get pregnant with these men’s babies, as she can be the ONLY sister in the household who is permitted to conceive children. Thus, she has to keep seducing men, getting pregnant, and producing offspring. After successfully getting pregnant, she can lead the men to the Cowplant to be eaten. Each time she gives birth, the fire sister does not take any part in raising her children, as this is the duty of her other sisters. The only thing she can do with them is to mentor them in playing musical instruments when they become teens.
  • Aspiration and Traits: The Fire Sister has the Serial Romantic aspiration. For her traits, choose Non-Committal and Hates Children. She can also have one more trait from this list: Music-lover, Outgoing, and Self-Absorbed.
  • Skills She Could Learn: The Fire Sister could learn only the Mixology, Dancing, Media Production, Juice Fizzing, Mischief, Comedy, and Charisma skills. Additionally, she can learn any musical instrument skills.

The Water Sister


Gentle and nurturing, the Water Sister maintains the overall wellness of the children in the Four Immortal Sisters bloodline, and makes sure the house is spic and span!

  • Duties: The Water Sister is responsible for taking care of the needs of the young children that her Fire Sister bears. She has to make sure that each child is fed and bathed well each day. Along with these tasks, she has to change their diapers, put them to sleep, and make sure they are generally nourished and happy. The Water Sister is also responsible for taking care of the family’s home—cooking meals each day and fixing appliances that are broken. In her free time, she can help the Air Sister by teaching skills to young children.
  • Aspiration and Traits: The Water Sister’s aspiration should be Painter Extraordinaire. Her traits must include being Neat, Family-Oriented, and another one from this list: Perfectionist, Creative, and Child of the Ocean.
  • Skills She Could Learn: The Water Sister could learn only the Handiness, Cooking, Parenting, Baking, Cross-Stitching, Painting, and Knitting skills.

The Air Sister

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The Air Sister is an adventurous and determined sim who will do all it takes to make ends meet for the Four Immortal Sisters bloodline!

  • Duties: The Air Sister’s main duties are to mentor the Fire Sister’s children in terms of learning skills, to help children and teens with their homework, to mentor teen sims in learning Logic, and to become the breadwinner of the entire family. The Air Sister is permitted to apply to any day job she likes, as long as the job does not require following her to work (Get to Work careers).
  • Aspiration and Traits: The aspiration for the Air Sister must be the Best-selling Author. Assign her the traits of Genius, Bookworm, and either the Loner, Ambitious, Overachiever, or Socially Awkward trait.
  • Skills She Could Learn: The Air Sister could learn only Fabrication, Robotics, Photography, Vampire Lore, Veterinarian, Research and Debate, Writing, and Programming skills.

The Earth Sister


A nature-lover and a down-to-earth sim, the Earth Sister understands how making friends with flora and fauna can help the Four Immortal Sisters’ bloodline in their everyday needs!

  • Duties: The Earth Sister is allowed to go out of the house every day from 12 pm to 9 pm, but only to gather fruits and vegetables, and catch fish in streams and rivers. To help manage costs in the household, the Earth Sister can start her own garden or purchase farm animals that can produce eggs, milk, etc. She can then later sell these farm produce, the plants she has produced, and the fish she caught. The Earth Sister is also responsible for finding Cowplant berries and eventually growing the Cowplants in their house, as well as mentoring the teen children of the Fire Sister on Fitness.
  • Aspiration and Traits: Freelance Botanist is the aspiration of the Earth Sister. The traits you must ascribe to her are Active, Loves the Outdoors, and either the Self-assured, Vegetarian, Animal Enthusiast or Green Fiend trait.
  • Skills She Could Learn: The Earth Sister could learn only Flower Arranging, Skiing, Gardening, Fitness, Fishing, Herbalism, and Wellness skills.

The Cowplant System

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After the Earth Sister has succeeded in having Cowplant Berries and planting these, each of the Four Sisters must now own their personal Cowplant. These exotic plants will be able to support the goal of extending the immortality of the Four Sisters, so these Cowplants must regularly be fed! To do this, keep sacrificing the fathers of the Fire Sister’s children or neighborhood sims, so it can produce the Essence of Life that grants extra lifespan for the Four Sisters.

Other Rules of Playing, Losing, and Winning the Four Immortal Sisters Challenge

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  1. Take note that you can use any gender for the game, as the challenge is not gender sensitive! For this particular guide though, we are using the word “sisters” and the “she/her” pronouns to refer to the original challenge sources.  
  2. Set the Lifespan to Normal.
  3. You can use cheats to buy the lot and/or the house. You may build their house in any way you want, but we recommend that each sister has her own personal place or room.
  4. Once you complete setting up the house, you are no longer allowed to use cheats. Before their lives begin officially, the Four Immortal Sisters must only have 10,000 simoleons as household money.
  5. You lose the game if one of the sisters either ages up to an adult or dies! You can also lose if one of the children gets taken by social workers.
  6. There is no real end goal. But one sign that you’ve won the game is if the four immortal sisters have succeeded in sacrificing plenty of sims to the Cowplants and raising plenty of children in the world.

Final Thoughts: Ready to Play?

Are you ready to take on the Four Immortal Sisters Challenge? This is probably one of the interesting challenges around right now, as it mixes both entertainment and diligence to deal with the circumstances of the Four Immortal Sisters. If you ever decide to play this challenge, we invite you to tag us in your game! Use the hashtags #FourImmortalSisters and #SnootySims to show us your progress in the challenge! Happy playing simmers!

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