Become The Master Of Time With These Simple Sims 4 Time Cheats And Hacks

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Have you ever wished you could just skip boring parts of the day in Sims 4? Well, with time cheats, that’s more than possible! Read on to discover what these helpful cheats can do and how to use them in your gameplay!

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Become The Master Of Time With These Simple Sims 4 Time Cheats And Hacks!

How time works in Sims?

If you are already familiar with how Sims 4 works, you have likely noticed that, besides the pause button, there are three time speeds in the game: normal, fast, and ultra-speed. You can use them almost any time to control how fast or slow the time passes by.

If we could translate Sims minutes to our minutes, 1 minute of real time equals 1 second of Sims 4 gameplay. So, if you play at normal speed, one day in Sims 4 will last 24 minutes, and whole Sims week can pass for 2.8 hours of your gameplay. Seasons last 7 days, which means one Sims 4 year typically lasts 28 Sims days.

And while you are free to play with time speed buttons, there isn’t much you can do to slow down your game, make days last longer, instantly skip times of the day, or speed up the game even more. This is where time cheats and mods can come to the rescue! Let’s see how they can help you and how to activate them.

Sims 4 Time Cheat: The Easy Way to Control Time in Your Game

With those three time speeds, we have full control of how fast we want the time to pass by in Sims 4. After all, it would be a real waste of time watching a Sim from one-Sim household sleep or read a book, right?

But, we can all agree that it would be even cooler if we could simply change hours on our Sims 4 clock with precision or play in slow mode. While there is no way we can achieve this organically in the game, there is a roundabout way to become the master of time and control clocks in our favorite game – using time cheats and mods. Let’s see how you can become the most time-efficient Simmer ever. But first, let’s enable cheats.

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How to enable cheats in Sims 4?

To enjoy the benefits of using cheats in Sims 4, we first need to enable them in our game. Cheats can be activated only when you are in the game and playing a household. Once you start playing, press CTRL+SHIFT+C at the same time, and this will open a cheat bar in the upper left corner of your screen. Type testingcheats true (or, testingcheats on) and press Enter. You will be notified that cheats are successfully enabled, which means you can now start using all Sims 4 cheats, including the time cheat!

To open a cheat bar on Mac, press COMMAND+SHIFT+C, and if you play on PlayStation or Xbox, just simultaneously hit all bumpers and the cheat bar will pop up immediately.

Now, let’s see how the time cheat works and how to activate it!

How to slow down time with cheats?

If you’d like to slow down time using time cheats, the cheat you’ll want to try out is clock. _set_milliseconds_per_sim_second XX. The XX stands for a numerical value that allows you to determine how slow you want your game to progress.

Try with smaller values, from 30 to 50, and monitor the clock to see how the code works for you. Some simmers suggest using the clock. _set_milliseconds_per_sim_second 1000 cheat to make Sim day match in real-time, but this is a risky move, as it may make your game crash or cause gameplay issues.

How to use the time cheat in Sims 4 to skip hours?

There is also a time cheat designed to help you skip hours. This one doesn’t affect time speeds, and won’t speed up your game the way it’s usually done by using speed I, II, or III. Instad, it helps you swiftly shift from one time of the day to another, just by entering the exact hour and minute you want to time-travel to. Here is what you need to do to make this work for you:

  • Open the cheat bar as described above
  • Type clock.advance_game_time X in the cheat bar. The ‘’X’’ in the cheat stands for hours and minutes and needs to be replaced with the exact time. For instance, if you’d like to skip from 6 AM to 11 AM, just type clock.advance_game_time 5 00. Hit Enter to confirm and the clock in your game should now show 11 AM. This time cheat should change what your clock is showing.

Can you go back in time or skip entire days?

If you want to travel back in time, just type clock.advance_game_time -X. Like with traveling to the future, replace the -X in the time cheat with a negative numerical value representing hours and minutes. So, if you want to travel 4 and 50 back into the past, just type clock.advance_game_time -4 50, and the time should immediately change, and so may your Sim’s needs and mood.

You can also use it to skip entire days. For instance, if you want to skip 4 days, you can do so by typing clock.advance_game_time 96, and the game will instantly take you into the future. Using this method, you can skip entire days of the week. 

How will time cheats impact gameplay?

Time cheats, especially those that skip hours, are a controversial topic in the Sims 4 community, and while some report they cause issues, many other simmers can’t use them at all. There are also some who report such cheat work, but may freeze the Sim or cause havoc in their gameplay.

The time cheat won’t just reset your clock. Simmers have reported that the reset will impact not only your Sim and their needs but also everyone else in the game. Their task time will also remain the same, so they risk skipping their job or school. Life in the game will continue as ordinary, and autonomous events will happen in the time frame you’ve skipped using the time cheat. If you have elders or old pets, they may die, and unforeseen events may occur that will impact your gameplay going forward. This can even cause trouble with loading the game later.

The best you can do is try them out and use small numerical values to see how and if they work. If not, we have prepared some trusted time-control alternatives – mods.

Cheats are not working? Check out possible reasons why here.

how to reverse time on your Sims without drastic gameplay changes?

If your sole goal for using the time cheat is to age up or reverse aging on your Sims, there is another, much better way to do it. Simply type cas.fulleditmode in the cheat bar, and hit Enter. Then, press SHIFT+click on your Sim, choose Modify in CAS, and change your Sim’s age in the age panel in CAS. You can use this method to make them as young or as old as you like. This won’t trigger unwanted events, and your game will remain pretty much intact. The only thing that will change is your Sim’s age. This cheat works every time.

Change time with these Handy mods!

If you don’t want to use time cheats and risk having unforeseen events mess up your game, or would like to gain more control over how fast or slow time passes, you can try out time mods. In fact, there are a few mods that tweak time or help you better control it. Here are some:

MCCC by Deaderpool


This is probably the most trusted way to manipulate time in Sims 4. If you feel like time flies too fast in Sims 4 and you just wish a day would last longer, you can make it last longer by using MCCC mod. It will slow down time beyond game limits, so that you can fully cherish every day playing your favorite households.

You’ll find the time cheat option under Change World Time in MCCC cheats, where you can change days or hours by typing numerical values. For instance, to skip from 1 AM to 6 AM, just type 5 in the Hours Offset bar and confirm with OK button. Or, to change days, just type any number from 0 to 6, and you’ll time travel immediately.

This is an extensive mod, so you’ll get so much more than just time control. To download it, go here! Learn more about how it works here.


  • SuperSpeed Mod by SrslySims – Unlike its older brother, The Sims 3, Sims 4 doesn’t feature the fourth gameplay time speed. This mod will make the fastest speed in the game even more efficient, as it modifies the ultra speed in the game. It allows you to use it as usual, or, if you click twice on the 3rd speed icon, to speed up time passing even more. You can download it here.
  • Control Menu Mod by ColonolNutty – Among other things, such as setting carers or friendships for your Sims, this mod also allows you to control time and change time speed, so you can have your game run in slow motion or super fast. To get it, go here!


So, this was how you travel through time using cheats and mods. Use them mindfully or get as hectic as you like, because time travel can come with some consequences. The best way to benefit from them is to stick to changing small time frames to avoid unpleasant surprises in the future. Try it out for yourself and see if it works, and happy simming!


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