The Sims 4 Age Up Cheat


Let’s face it, a lot of things in The Sims 4 are time-restricted. There are tons of interactions that your Sim can only access if she is old enough to do them. And that’s all well for regular gameplay, but what if you don’t want to wait so long? Well, you don’t have to delay yourself until your Sims reach the required age! Instead, you can use the Sims 4 Age Up Cheat!

This cheat is great for gaining full control over the lives of your Sims, especially your protagonists. With it, you can age up or age down your characters, dictate precisely how old they will be, and what they will look like at a specific age. And don’t worry, the Age Up Cheat doesn’t break any game mechanics, and it won’t mess with your simming experience. It only allows you to set your Sims’ age to whatever you wish, so you can continue to play the game however you want.

The Age Up Cheat is totally legal to use, and you won’t get in any trouble when trying it out. Also, you don’t have to download any excessive programs or mods to make it work. It’s sort of plug-and-play! So, let’s learn how to use the Age Up Cheat!

How to Use the Age Up Cheat?

Before anything else, to make any cheat work in The Sims 4, you will need to enable cheats in your game. And if you have never done that by now, it goes like this.

First up, open up the cheat command box using the SHIFT + CTRL + C combo on your keyboard. Then, in the dialogue box, you need to enter the testingcheats true command, and then hit enter. This action removes the restrictions that are usually in the game and allows you to use other cheats; however much you want.

So if you’ve enabled cheats in your game already, move onto these steps:

  1. Step 1: Open up the command box again (SHIFT + CTRL + C) and type cas.fulleditmode on. This cheat line is used to enter a full edit mode where you can refine your Sims’ looks to the smallest detail. And it is needed for the Age Up Cheat as well.
  1. Step 2: Close the dialogue box and click on your Sim while holding the SHIFT button on your keyboard. This will display an array of options, all of which are useful in specific situations. However, for aging up Sims, we’re going to need the Modify in CAS one.
  1. Step 3: After selecting Modify in CAS, you’ll be taken on the editing screen. Here, you can age up or age down your Sim by selecting the maturity categories on the left side. This works exactly like when you’re creating your Sims, so you can also modify how they look if you don’t like the initial age change.
  1. Step 4: When you’re done with editing your Sim, click Play to save your changes. Enjoy!


The Age Up Cheat is the best way to set all the aging problems right. If you’re like us and you’re aiming at the perfect simming experience, then this cheat is a necessary tool to possess. It is a simple and easy solution that saves up a lot of time!

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