Conservationist Career Cheats – How To Become a Professional Environmentalist Fast

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How cool would it be if you could just skip the beginner levels of a conservationist career? If this sounds appealing, then conservationist career cheats are the way to go! Read on to discover how to use them.

conservationist career cheat
Conservationist Career Cheats – How To Become a Professional Environmentalist Fast!

what is The Sims 4 conservationist career?

In 2019 The Sims 4: Island Living expansion pack opened the doors to a wonderful new career track – The Conservationist Career. Sims who care about their environment and marine life can turn this passion into a career and choose one of the two branches: The Environmental Manger branch or the Marine Biologist Branch.

Advancing in their career of choice takes time, but also nailing some key skills, such as logic skills, charisma, and fitness. All of this takes time and dedication, and unless patiently ranking up is a part of your storyline, you may want to skip it all and use Conservationist career cheats to save time!

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Why do you need conservationist career cheats?


Regardless if your Sim aspires to become the Chief Sustainability Officer or the Master of Marine Affairs, Conservationist career cheats can help them skyrocket in their career branch of choice in no time. The great thing is, you can use cheats not only to help them get promoted (or even demoted if that’s part of your plan) but also to help them learn the key skills faster while letting them rank up more gradually. Now, let’s see how to properly use cheats to achieve your Sims 4 goals!

how to activate cheats?

To start using Conservationist career cheats, you first, have to enable them in your game! This is what you need to do depending on whether you play on PC, Mac, Xbox, or PlayStation:

  • If you are playing on a PC or Mac, open the cheat box bar by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+C, type testingcheats true and press Enter to confirm. To close the cheat bar, press ESC.
  • If you are playing on a console, you can open the cheat dialogue box by simultaneously pressing all bumpers. Type in the same cheat code and confirm your action.

Once the cheats are activated all you’ll need to do to start using Conservationist career cheats is to open the dialogue box using the method explained (without re-typing the testingcheats true), and type one of the cheat codes highlighted in the text below. Now, onto the cheats!

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conservationist career cheat

How to use cheats to promote sims?

It’s time for a speedy promotion! To get your Sims promoted, open the cheat box bar, and type careers.promote conservationist and hit Enter. You’ll get a notification that confirms they have been successfully promoted right away! 

The cheat will work regardless of what level your Sim is currently at. The only requirement for it to work is to have your Sim employed as a Conservationist.

However, this cheat won’t take your Sims to the top of the career ladder right away. To reach level 10 in any of the two branches, you will need to use the cheat multiple times. For instance, if your Sim is at level 2 in the Conservationist career, and you want them to get to level 6, you will need to use this cheat 4 times to reach level 6. Or, to go from level 1 to level 10 you’ll need to re-type the cheat code 9 times.

can you use cheats to demote your sims?


The answer is yes, absolutely! Demotion cheats are a great strategy if you think you’ve gone overboard with promotion cheats or simply would like to make your Sim regress in their career for whatever reason. 

To get them demoted, open the cheat box bar, and type careers.demote conservationist, and confirm the action. You should get a notification that says your Sim has unfortunately been demoted. This cheat works just like the promotion cheat, and you’ll need to use it a few times if you want a more drastic regression. The lowest point your Sims can hit with this cheat is Level 1. 

how to use cheats to improve the key skills needed for promotions?

If cheating career progress seems too drastic, you can still use cheats to learn skills faster, so that Sims can only focus on other daily promotion tasks. These are the 

Sims who are in the Marine Biologist field will need to master logic and fitness skills, while Sims in the Environmental Manager branch will need to master logic and charisma skills. These are the cheats for the three skills:

  • To make them improve logic skills – stats.set_skill_level Major_Logic #
  • To make them improve charisma skills – stats.set_skill_level Major_Charisma #
  • To make them improve fitness skills – stats.set_skill_level Skill_Fitness #

Replace the ”#” symbol at the end of the cheat with any number from 1-10. For instance, if you want your Sim to progress to level 7 of logic skill type stats.set_skill_level Major_Logic 7. The same method applies to the other three cheats. Or, to max out the skill just type stats.set_skill_level Major_Logic 10. Easy!

table of cheats

testingcheats trueenable cheats
careers.promote conservationistget Sim promoted (one career rank at a time)
careers.demote conservationistget Sim demoted (one career rank at a time)
stats.set_skill_level Major_Logic #level up logic skills
stats.set_skill_level Major_Charisma #level up charisma skills
stats.set_skill_level Skill_Fitness #level up fitness skills

Conservationist career cheats are not working? If you have trouble activating any of these cheats, check out this guide to find out what may be causing trouble.

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