Bloodline Challenge For The Sims 4: Outlive Your Heirs

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The Bloodline Challenge is a totally fun challenge for all of you who like to play with monarchs and rulers in The Sims 4.

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What is The Bloodline Challenge?

If you’re into some royal fun, like playing with kings and queens in The Sims 4, you will like this Bloodline Challenge. It is pretty straightforward: Your main Sim, the ruling monarch, has to be super protective of their crown. Yet to be able to do this, the monarch has to commit to making the next potential heir mysteriously “disappear” so that they can rule again. Uh-oh!

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What Are The Rules Of The Challenge?

The rules of the Bloodline Challenge are pretty easy. The first generation is the ruling monarch. You then just have to make sure that this ruling monarch will be able to outlive the next nine (9) generations of successors to their throne. In each of these generations, the successors must either be an adoptive relative or a blood relative.

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The successor of the current generation must fulfill specific requirements before they reach adulthood, which is marked by the birth or adoption of their own child (who will be the next successor). Once the current successor comes of age, the original monarch (first-generation Sim) must then either eliminate or relocate them, depending on your preference.

What To Remember In Playing?

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The only allowed cheats are those that are death-related (cow plant, etc.) If the first-generation monarch cannot kill successors, they must simply send them away. Additionally, the use of Youth Potions to extend the lifespan of the monarch is restricted to the day before their birthday. Remember, the main goal of the Bloodline Challenge is to ensure that the monarch’s lineage survives for all consecutive generations.

Full Details of The Original Challenge

If you want to know more about the Bloodline Challenge and learn all the nitty-gritty of its rules, such as each generation’s requirements, the scoring system, the penalties, and more, we suggest that you visit the original source. TayeSimmer was the creator of this challenge, having posted it on Tumblr as early as 2015. Later on, it was posted on The Sims Forum by WorldsFinest13. You can check the full post and details of the Bloodline Challenge here.

Final Thoughts: GO and Try The Bloodline Challenge!

We hope that you enjoy playing with the Bloodline Challenge. Tag us using the hashtag #Snootysims to let us know how your game goes! We are on  Google, Facebook, TwitterYouTubeInstagram, TikTok, and Tumblr where you can follow and message us! Or, you can leave us a comment on this post! Happy simming, Simmers!

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