The Sims 4 For Rent: The Best Items From The Pack!

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In this article, we’re sharing the items that we have happily handpicked from The Sims 4 For Rent expansion pack! Read below why we think these are the best items from the said EP.

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Our Favorite Items From The Sims 4 For Rent

We have spent endless hours crafting new builds in the latest world of Tomarang, after EA Games finally released The Sims 4 For Rent expansion pack last December 2023. In the said pack, we have explored the use of all-new Build Mode items like fences, windows, gates, doors, and roof trimmings, but what especially stood out to us are the new decorations, pieces of furniture, and household items included in the pack. Thus, we’ve collected the most interesting ones in this list. Come and check them out!

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The Flightless Birds of Paradise

For Rent Item 1 1

The Flightless Bird of Paradise is a decorative vase filled with a lovely arrangement of flowers. Available for 55 simoleons, you should consider adding this one to any table in the household, especially since it has such an interesting legend tied to it! Spoiler Alert: It has no happy ending.

  • Price: 55 Simoleons

Sugarcane Juice Drink Tray

For Rent Item 2

Our Sims love this Sugarcane Juice Drink Tray! Filling a tray provides 6 refreshing glasses of Sugarcane Juice, which, when drunk, gives a nice moodlet to Sims! We think that this should be the beverage of choice of any Sim household during a hot, summer day in Tomarang.

  • Price: 110 Simoleons

Jar For Marbles

For Rent Item 3

The Jar for Marbles is an actual jar that could be filled to the brim with Marbles of all colors! In Tomarang, Marbles are essential for playing new games. These little glass balls are available in 15 variants and can be purchased on the computer or in the Night Market.

  • Price: 20 Simoleons

White Lily Sink

For Rent Item 4

Ah, is there ever a more charming sink than this White Lily Sink from The Sims 4 For Rent EP? We don’t think so! This elegant porcelain basin, resting perfectly on a wooden counter, has such an invigorating effect when placed in any room. We totally won’t want our Sims to wash their dishes in this sink!

  • Price: 150 Simoleons

The Back Support Is Overrated Rattan Pouf

For Rent Item 5

This pouf seems to be serious with its name! Do our Sims really need a chair with proper back support when they can just situate themselves in this very unstable pouf? Well, looks like they do. Lol! But this Rattan Pouf, although missing that much-needed back support, still provides a tiny bit of comfort to Sims who sit on it.

  • Price: 85 Simoleons

The For Rent Sign

For Rent Item 6

We love this For Rent Sign simply because we think that it is the epitome of the entire For Rent EP. This one does not simply stand in the way of rental properties and its tenants, it actually has a proper purpose in the game. You can click on this one to bring up tenant agreements and set some rules on the said properties!

  • Price: 150 Simoleons

Streetside Stars Shade

For Rent Item 7

If you have ever visited any Southeast Asian country, the Streetside Stars Shade will be a familiar item for you! Markets and stalls in real-life Southeast Asian locations usually utilize this iconic umbrella shade as it protects both vendors and customers, from the direct heat of the sun and random daily drizzles.

  • Price: 200 Simoleons

Grace Under Pressure Cooker

For Rent Item 8

Okay, this is probably the most Asian thing that you can get from the For Rent EP! It’s very rare for any Asian household in real life to not have these appliances. These pressure cookers are convenient because they can instantly prepare rice and rice meals. But you should know that these appliances do get a lot of *steam* pressure each time they cook.

  • Price: 250 Simoleons

The Schmapple Deluxe Kettle

For Rent Item 9

We also really like this Schmapple Deluxe Kettle from the game, because it makes our kitchen gameplay super realistic! During any time of the day, we love how our Sims need to boil water first before being able to prepare hot drinks like coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.

  • Price: 240 Simoleons

Tomarang Tuk-tuk

For Rent Item 10

The Tomarang Tuk-Tuk is also another very Southeast Asian thing in the game. It’s inspired by real-life auto rickshaws found in Thailand, Cambodia, the Philippines, and Indonesia. It sucks that our Sims can’t really ride these Tuk-Tuks in the game, but it is still quite nice seeing these vehicles zoom past the roads of Tomarang.

  • Price: 1,350 Simoleons

Quick Treats Grill

For Rent Item 11

With this Quick Treats Grill, your Sims can grill food and brew home remedies while having that Tomarang Night Market vibe, right at home. Yup! If they want some grilled Tomarang goodies but cannot physically visit the bustling area, they can just cook through this!

  • Price: 950 Simoleons

Spirit House

For Rent Item 12

The Spirit House is probably one of the greatest additions from The Sims 4 For Rent EP. This item is loosely based on the real-life Asian practice of paying respects to the elderly by offering incense, fruits, and food. What we find amazing about this item is that it provides immense stress relief for our Sims!

  • Price: 250 Simoleons

Almost Natural Springs Hot Tub

For Rent Item 13

Finally, we get to acquire a new hot tub in the game for our Sims! This one called the Almost Natural Springs Hot Tub, is perfect for any Tomarang household as it blends seamlessly with the tropical vibe of the world. Just take note of the high Power Consumption and Water Consumption of the said appliance!

  • Price: 3,375 Simoleons

Traditional Tapestry

For Rent Item 14

The Traditional Tapestry is a simple wall decor that portrays the rich and colorful culture of Tomarang. We like to think of it as a beautiful cultural symbol for our Tomarani Sims. Thus, we love putting it in their living rooms!

  • Price: 185 Simoleons

Walled Weaves of Wickered Whims

For Rent Item 15

We find so much entertainment in this item because of its description! But other than that, we also like it because it captures the native, tropical vibe of Tomarang. Branded as the Walled Weaves of Wickered Whims, these wall plates are made from Rattan and they add a +1 to your Sims’ environment.

  • Price: 50 Simoleons

The Indoor and Outdoor Plastic Chair

For Rent Item 16

This plastic chair is also frequently seen in most Southeast Asian countries. In this region, these chairs are quite popular for being versatile. Since they are lightweight and portable, they can be used in any event, gathering, indoor and outdoor dining, etc. The only downside to their ruggedness is that they get easily scratched and dirty!

  • Price: 30 Simoleons

Solar Water Heater

For Rent Item 17

If you’re a fan of Off-the-Grid challenges you simply prefer having a green eco footprint in your current world, then you’d like this Solar Water Heater! The machine is a bit on the bulky side, but it allows your Sims to have a low-maintenance option for their warm water needs.

  • Price: 950 Simoleons

Take Your Dang Shoes Off Sign

For Rent Item 18

Some Sims just need a little bit of reminding when it comes to taking their shoes off in entering certain households. Well, what better way to nudge them than by putting this sign near the doorway, right? With the very menacing phrase “Take Your Dang Shoes Off“, we think that they would get the clue!

  • Price: 50 Simoleons

Wrapping It Up

The Sims 4 For Rent is filled with a charming trove of new items that are heavily inspired by Southeast Asian culture and architecture. The pack unlocks plenty of distinct items that we can use to furnish and decorate our Tomarang builds. If you have ever played the pack, you might have also discovered an interesting object or two that stood out to you. We’ll appreciate it if you share with us those items in the comments below! Also, kindly follow us on Patreon and our social media sites. We are on Google, Facebook, TwitterYouTubeInstagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and Tumblr. Happy simming, Simmers!

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