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Learn How to Protect Your Sims From the Monster Under the Bed in The Sims 4!

When it first got released, the Sims 4 “monster under bed” was a very funny and interesting feature. However, the community quickly got over it. And in time, it became one of the most annoying additions to the game. Simmers generally hate it, and only the experienced ones know how to ward the monster off and shut it down.

So, how do you protect your kid Sims at night? And how do you shut down the constant appearing of the monster under the bed in The Sims 4?

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The Monster Under the Bed in The Sims 4

What is the Monster Under the Bed in The Sims 4?

To know how to properly ward off the monster under the bed in The Sims 4, we must first understand what it is.

Well in short, in 2016 The Sims 4 received an update where the monster was introduced. At first, it received some positive feedback since it made our childish fancies a real thing in the game. The monster itself is a mysterious creature and we can only see its tentacles from under the bedsheets. It was quite funny watching your kid Sims freak out at night and run to their parents. However, we quickly noticed why this feature isn’t all that good.

The main problem here is that the monster appears almost every night. We’ve recorded in a couple of situations and can safely say that it occurs every other night with regular gameplay. So, you can imagine the length the player has to go through to keep the bed monster-free every other night. It simply takes too much time and it stops being fun after a while since it feels like work and not like enjoyment. 

And if you’re feeling the same way, this is what you can do to stop the monster under the bed in The Sims 4 from spawning!

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Use the Monster Repellent Spray

Yep, you can use the Monster Repellent Spray in the game to get rid of the monster under the bed. And there are two ways to do so. But, you must use your teen or adult Sims for this job, since they’re not susceptible to being scared by a monster.

First, you can spray the bed before your kid Sim goes to bed. This will prevent the monster under the bed from spawning and ensure they have a good night’s sleep. It only works for one night, so the next day you’ll have to repeat the process again.

And second, you can spray the monster while it is in the room. Doing this will scare off the monster and it will leave immediately. However, it will still come back the next day, so it’s not a permanent solution.

Use the Defender Night Lights

A very interesting tactic that the community has come up with against the monster under the bed in The Sims 4 is to use the Defender night lights. These are lamps that you can put in the room and they will prevent the monster from spawning as well.

If you aren’t quite sure how to find them, just look for the Defender Coolala Light, for example. And remember to put on its light every night if you want to permanently stop this feature from happening.

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Befriend the Monster

If you didn’t know, it’s totally possible for your child Sim to befriend the monster as well. This may not happen on the first attempt, make sure to try until you do. Because befriending the monster may also permanently solve your problem since the monster will be a friendly face in the room and not an enemy.

So, what do you get if you befriend the monster under the bed? Well, you unlock a couple of new interactions, among which the most important one is Ask Monster Under Bed to Leave. Your kid Sim will be able to ask the monster to leave, without any help from their parents, which is exactly what we want.

Other than that, your child Sim can Play with Monster or Ask About Living Under the Bed. They can also become best of friends and Tell Secrets to each other. And although it doesn’t remove the monster from the game precisely, it’s still an interesting option we recommend.


To summarize, you can either use the Monster Repellent Spray or the Defender Night Lights (also the stuffed guardian toys) to ward off the monster. Also, you can befriend it if you want your kids to have additional things to do at night. And if you don’t take any of these actions, the monster under the bed will keep appearing in The Sims 4. We suggest trying all methods and find out what works best for you!

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